Cool & Warm Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier | UC5501
Cool & Warm Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier | UC5501
  • 6L capacity for a large room: with a large 6L tank and 360°adjustable dual nozzles, the humidifier evenly humidifies your space up to 750 sq.ft!
  • Perfect for ladies, babies, and even plants: this pro ultrasonic humidifier helps you to breathe much more easily and achieve moister, tenderer skin.
  • Intelligent humidity sensor: the built-in humidity sensor quickly knows the secret of your room
  • Ultrasonic cool & warm mist.
  • Enhanced with sleep mode.
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Product Dimensions:11.6 x 7.7 x 11 inchesItem model number:UC5501 (Black)
Refill Type:Bottom FilledCapacity:6L / 1.58Gallon
Applicable Area:322 - 528ft²Mist Type:Cool & Warm Mist
Timer:1 - 12hoursEssential oil Compatible:Essential Oil Tray
Sleep Mode:YesChild Lock:NO
Max Humidity:550ml/hHumidity Monitor:Yes
Item Weight:5.07 poundsVolume: 6 liters
Fill Material:PlasticWarranty:18-month from the date of purchase

  • Recommended
    Tracy K. Wilson Reviewed in the United States on
    I wish the product had just come with the filter so we didnt have to make a second, separate purchase but otherwise the product has proven to be quiet, reliable, and easy to use.
    • Works like a charm
      Daniel S. Markus Reviewed in the United States on
      Smooth as silk.
      • Super quiet
        Eric Customer Reviewed in the United States on
        For a while now since we moved into a new house, our eyes have been becoming more and more dry, and our skin was itching for no reason. I have been looking at a few different humidifiers to help alleviate our problems, and came across this one. I just bought it less than a week ago, and i can already feel the difference it is making in our house. We have it placed in our bedroom, and leave the door open, so it covers a large portion of the house. Just for the fact that it was able to get rid of dry eyes and itchy skin, i would recommend this device. It has a large tank for water which last a really long time before having to refill.
        • Great for Nursery room. Quiet noise
          Jay Reviewed in the United States on
          This is a great humidifier. worth the price and very quiet operation.
          • Sleep mode was very nice
            THOMAS Reviewed in the United States on
            I wanted a reliable humidifier that actually work. it has been working perfect so far. The Sleep Mode is really great.
            When you turn on the Sleep mode, the LED light will turn off and voice became really quiet. Very pleased. Leave it by the foot rest and it does an amazing job of pushing the mist though over the room.
            • I didn’t know this brand when I bought it, now I think everyone should know it!
              Audrey In FL Reviewed in the United States on
              I use it in cool mode most of the time but it has both. I run it while i am sleeping and it is quiet. The remote was an added bonus given the length of my bedroom I dont have to get up to change the settings. Overall, I would buy it again.
              • Best humidifier I ever had. Great features.
                Chris Page Reviewed in the United States on
                Tired of small humidifiers, upgraded to this one.
                Things that I liked :
                1. Looks big in pictures but actually it's not.
                2. To store 6L of water and last for 40 hours, I thought it's going to be one big machine. But it's not. It's slightly bigger than any regular table top humidifier. I would still place it on a table top.
                3. Water tank capacity is high and can last for days depending on usage. I had 3 days of continuous use at nights before refilling.
                4. Touch controls are superb. Remote control is included which made my job easier at nights to adjust the settings..
                5. Humidity meter. There is humidity sensor built in with large display. I could contol the mist output based on the reading. Rare to find in table top humidifiers.
                6. Noise control: There is a sleep mode which is quite effective and rings down the noise of humidifier to very low DB so I slept undisturbed.
                7. Cool and Hot mist: Perfectly abalnced mist spreads across the room. But hot and cold mist output function well.
                8. Aroma therapy, we can even enable aroma therapy function with included pads. Helped me relax as needed.
                Overall, it's easily the best humidifier I have ever had.
                • My Houseplants Love It!
                  Denise Brown Reviewed in the United States on
                  I am so satisfied with my new Humidifier. I love the Black sleek design which looks so great in my living room. It has a remote control which comes very handy specially on those lazy Sundays. Set up was beyond easy basically fill in water plug it into the power outlet and press On. It has many settings like warm mist and auto function. It makes absolutely no noise and the led screen can be switched off while keeping the Humidifier running so it will work in the bedroom and not disturb. Shipping was super fast which I love cause I am impatient. It comes with some extras like a little cleaning brush and pads. I use it for my plants and they love it so I love it. I only use it for my Plants so I haven’t used the oil diffuser.
                  • Works great!
                    Julie Ringle Reviewed in the United States on
                    Works beautifully and runs very quietly!
                    • Worth every $$$
                      Elly Reviewed in the United States on
                      I have bought humidifiers before but I recently started fostering a dog and she has kennel cough so I needed a good humidifier and I’ve only had this for 24hrs and haven’t heard her clearing her throat once there is mist and it’s designed gorgeous and I definitely will buy as gift and or will replace in the future when newer design comes out
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