BPA Free 600W Electric Baby Bottle Sterilizer
BPA Free 600W Electric Baby Bottle Sterilizer
  • Keep your baby healthy: Elechomes bottle sterilizer can handle sterilizing and drying baby bottles, clean pacifiers, baby toys, and breast pump accessories.
  • Large capacity container: which fit up to 10 standard baby bottles.
  • Easy operation: the touch screen LED control panel easy to operate.
  • Safe to use: made of BPA-free PP material, this bottle sterilizer can be used to warm milk and heat food without health concerns.
  • Cleans in seconds: detach the sterilizer and dryer for easy-peasy cleaning.
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Product Dimensions11.8 x 11.4 x 13.6 inchesTouch/ Press SwitchTouch
Item Weight3.96 poundsTimmerYes
Main Application

Sterilizing and drying baby bottles

CapacityFor 10 standard baby bottles or 7 wide-caliber ones
Safety ProtectionDry-run protectionLED DisplayYes
Batteries requiredNo
Easy CleanupYes
CertificationFCC FDA BPA FreeYes
AccessoriesMeasuring CupCare instructionsDry Clean Only
Keep in a Dry Place
Clean after Use

  • Excellent product
    Ren Reviewed in the United States on
    We did our research on all branded sterilizers before buying Elechomes and we are very happy with the product. We have been using this product for sterilizing baby bottles for over 3 months. We really like that the sterilize and drying can be done using a single product as it saves lot of manual effort to dry it separately. We are able to sterilize up to 6 8-oz bottles and so we need to operate it only once per day. It is also simple to operate and easier to maintain. The seller is also very responsive to any questions about the product.
    • Works Well - Holds A Lot
      Christina Carlson Reviewed in the United States on
      This is easy to use and easy to clean. The capacity is great. The drying works great and I love not having to worry about drying off all of the plastic parts and pieces of the bottles and pump parts!
      • Perfect sterilizer
        Amazon Customer Reviewed in the United States on
        Fits 10 - 8oz dr brown bottles plus other items on top tray. Quiet! Easy and functional! Drys well. Automatic shut off. Water residue particles may remain on heating element after use, even with using filtered water but can be removed with a little baking soda and lemon juice. I’d like if it came in different colors other than just baby blue-like gray. I still give it 2 thumbs up!
        • Great!
          penny Reviewed in the United States on
          It's a good helper for mom, it's very convenient
          • Love it
            Heidi Reviewed in the United States on
            Love this product! We had the philips one before and it was a headache. The bottle would be wet. Having to wait for bottles to fully dry was a headache. I recommend this product because it sterilizes and dries! I love it! Very easy to set up and use. The big dr brown bottles fit perfect in here.
            • Great product, highly recommended
              Tuo Peter Li Reviewed in the United States on
              This is the best bottle sterilizer and dryer with a very large capacity that can hold a lot of tall bottles. I usually put 4 bottles (8oz) and 6 pump shields altogether. After 72 mins everything will be ready to use. Quiet and convenient. Highly recommended.
              • Versatile. Easy to clean.
                NeoPhile Reviewed in the United States on
                Handles a good volume of items (bottles, pacies, etc). Open design allows you to arrange whatever you want inside. I use vinegar once a week to de-scale the hot-plate. Works great. Love it.
                • Simple and functional
                  cindy Reviewed in the United States on
                  Worth it. Fits a lot of bottles and parts. Compatible with all brand bottles- I have Tommy tippie , dr brown , Phillips and motif breast pump parts. Sterilized and dried in 45 minutes. No need to put the sterilized bottles on the mat to dry unlike some other sterilizer I bought earlier. Does take up space but looks better than the rectangular design. I use it everyday and am happy with the purchase. If only these units could wash the bottles as well.
                  • Good product
                    Amazon Customer Reviewed in the United States on
                    for starters id like to say their customer service was great. I bought a sterilizer and it worked for one day and when I got a chance I contacted elechomes and let them know what was going on. They replied in a timely manner. And sent me a replacement sterilizer. Theres always a dud in every product you buy. So i wasn't to worried about it not working. Second sterilizer has been working just fine as it should be. Finishes on the product are nice. Its easy to use. And I like the fact that its a sterilizer and a drier all in one. I was not paid for a review I was simply asked to leave a review and well here I am. Id give product 5 stars due to customer service and product itself.
                    • Really like it
                      Rebecca Reviewed in the United States on
                      I really like it and Dr Brown bottles fit perfectly in it. My only downside is I wish the drying fan blew harder and hotter air because a lot of times I have to run the stuff on the top rack a second time on the drying stage.
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                      • The Baby Bottle Sterilizer doesn’t work.
                        ① The device is not plugged in. Plug the device into the outlet.
                        ② Buttons haven’t been pressed. Press the button to choose your desired function.
                      • The device stops disinfecting before the countdown finishing?
                        Fill the water tray with too little water. Use the measuring cup (K) to fill the water tray with 130ml of water.
                      • Unable to select function and the device beeps 5 times?
                        Overheating protection is activated. Wait 10mins to let the device cool down; then use it again.
                      • There are small dots and crusty lime-scale on the water tray?
                        There is a small amount lime-scale on the water tray. The device can be used normally.
                      • The lime-scale in the water tray becomes yellow and black, emitting a burning smell?
                        There is too much lime-scale on the water tray. Descaling according to the section of “Maintenance---Descaling”
                      • There is water coming out from the base?
                        ① Fill the water tray with too much water. Use the measuring cup to fill the water tray with 
                        ② 130ml of water.
                        ③ The device is placed on a slanting surface. Place the device on a flat surface.
                        ④ The device is moved when there is water in the water tray. Do not move the 
                        ⑤ Devices while working or when there is water in the water tray.
                      • There is steam coming out from the side of the main body during sterilization?
                        ① Some parts have not been assembled in place. Please assemble every part in place.
                        ② The top cover (C) or the upper steam rack (D) are jacked up. Reduce the items or slant the items that are too long.
                      • Incomplete drying?
                        ① Items are stacked too tightly. Reduce the items.
                        ② Items with cavities have not been put downwards. Put those items downwards.
                        ③ High humidity levels are present. Choose longer drying time or dry the items twice.