Elechomes Air Purifier EPI081
Elechomes Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter
Elechomes Air Purifier EPI081
Elechomes Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter
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Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 6.3 x 9.3 inches

Item Weight: 6.39 pounds

Shipping Weight: 4.4 pounds

  • Very good air purifier. Worthy purchase.
    HV September 16, 2019
     I bought this air purifier for my bedroom around 150 square feet since my bedroom is next to the kitchen, and sometime i still can smell the cooking lingering in my bedroom. At first, i love the size of this air purifier since it is portable, compact, and it is easy to fit on my desk. Yet, at the same time i am afraid it is not strong enough to purify air for my whole bedroom but it does prove its efficiency and competency. I no longer smell the cooking and i sleep better with the fresh air every night. I also love its feature that allows me to add some essential oil for aeromatherapy. I am nightshift worker, so it is good thing to have the sleeping timer and quite mode with this air purifier. So far, i am satisfied with this purchase. The price is affordable with my budget compare to similar products that may cost more than a hundred buck.
    • Easy to use and very effective
      Yan su October 11, 2019
      The air purifier was very simple and easy to use. It is very effective even when placed in a larger room such as a living room or a master bedroom. My daughter has two cats and the litter box sits in the living room. The air purifier was very effective when it came to getting rid of the odor. I also really like the quiet mode that it provides, my husband loves this mode for when he takes his afternoon nap or even just sleeping at night. Would refer this to my family and friends, great product!
      • Works Well
        Lisa December 2, 2019
        What I really like about this air purifier is how easy it is to use. Plug it in and you barely have to touch the buttons to turn it on or up (it has 4 different power settings including one to turn on while you are sleeping). When the air purifier is turned up all of the way, it can be slightly noisy with a little bit of rattling here and there which only happened when I placed it on carpet. It also has a timer which can be set for an hour, 2 hours, 4 hours or 8 hours.
        When the filter reaches the end of its life cycle, the device will begin flashing every 3 minutes to remind you to change the filter. Essential oils can also be dispensed into the device and dispersed throughout the room. Ive noticed with other similar devices, the better quality the oils, the quicker and easier the clean-up tends to be.
        • Effective, compact air purifier
          RKB December 2, 2019
           This is a great compact air purifier to include in my living room to help with my air quality that includes pets and a wood burning fire place. The buttons sense your touch, so just a light surface touch will do. There are three fan speeds as well as a sleep mode. You can also use the timer to have it running for a fixed period of time. Fan mode 3 is definitely the loudest and the highest speed but the sound level is manageable for me and won’t be notice with the TV on or normal conversation. The filter is easy to replace when needed. Installation was a breeze and took less than 30 seconds. It’s a great size and can fit pretty much anywhere in the house with an electrical outlet nearby.
          • Recommended!!!
            Amazon Customer January 3, 2020
            I really love this product! It is super easy to use and the noise level is minimal. This is my first air purifier but I love it!
            • Great air purifier
              TM January 8, 2020
              This air purifier is great. Extremely quiet and works efficiently. Great buy very happy with this product
              • Excelente inversión!
                Gina Rodriguez January 10, 2020
                Me encanta!! Totalmente recomendable!
                • Quite and small
                  Wanling Wang January 11, 2020
                  I had one for my bedroom and decided to get another for the living room. This one is ver quite and works great!
                  • Works
                    Saf3ty1st January 16, 2020
                    Does just what it supposed to do works great
                    • Nice looking and perfect product
                      Henry Gao January 17, 2020
                      I use this product to purify the air in my room. It is so good after the first hour. It has a big filter that can cover a big space. Before spring come, I need to get all the bad air out and feel fresh again. I think it does it’s job and also you can add some smell to the air. I kept it on 24/7. The dust is reduced and my nose getting better. Breathing fresh. Thank you:)