A3B Pro WIFI Control H13 Medical Grade Air Purifier (Out Of Stock Now)
A3B Pro WIFI Control H13 Medical Grade Air Purifier (Out Of Stock Now)
  • True HEPA H13 filter with advanced 4-stage filtration system: especially add antibacterial cloth, 4-stage filtration system captures 99.97% of common Airborne.
  • Spacious coverage: coverage up to 325sq.ft / 30m² with a CADR rated 230m³/h.
  • Smart air quality sensor: built with smart air quality sensing system and app control.
  • User-friendly sleep & timer settings: the sound is relatively quiet, below 22dB (Min).
  • Passed UL, FCC, CARB certification.
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Smart Sensor Air Purifier with WIFI Control & Stay Healthy at Virus Season


Smart WIFI Control

Use your smartphone to control air purifiers from anywhere, always breathe fresh air when arriving at home; control your air purifier to set a schedule, monitor the air quality, set a timer, change the mode, turn off the LED display, and so on.


Smart Sensor, Auto Adjust Fan Speed

With a built-in smart air quality sensor, it can detect air quality in real-time, automatically change colors, and adjust fan speeds based on the air quality it senses.


Spacious Coverage

Elechomes smart air purifier covers your living room, office, or other large room up to 325sq.ft / 30m² with a CADR rated 230m³/h. It is designed for your satisfaction.


High Efficient Air Purifying

UL, FCC, and CARB certified, and true HEPA H13 filter with the advanced 4-stage filtration system. Especially add antibacterial cloth, a 4-stage filtration system captures 99,97% of common Airborne.


User-Friendly Sleep & Timer Settings

Sensitive sleepers? No problem. Set the device to sleep mode, then it’ll function under 22dB (Min)so that won’t disturb you at all. 


Why Do You Need An Air Purifier?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) now lists indoor air pollution among the top five environmental health risks that the U.S population currently faces, and warns that your indoor air is, on average, 2 to 5x more polluted than outdoor air. Since you and your family spend up to 90% of your time indoors, removing particles like dust, chemical, and mold particles with an air purifier can relieve your body of major stress.


Your Life Saver During The Virus Season

4 ways to defend yourself from flu and virus season!


Product Dimensions13.9 x 8 x 23 inchesItem model numberA3B
Item Weight11 pounds Volume2557.6 cubic inches
Applicable Area325sq.ft / 30m²CADR230m3/H
Wind Speed3Min Noise22dB
Filter Change IndicatorsYesSleep ModeYes
ApplicationHome/ Office/ TravelFeatureTrue HEPA Air Purifier
OperationTouchChild LockYes
Sensor TypeDust SensorTimerYes
Green LabelsCARB Certified, and FCC Certified, EOWarrantyOne-year from the date of purchase

  • Clean quality air
    I love that it purifiers my air in my home.
    • Works better than I thought.
      Mike R.
      I had no idea how well this thing was working until I moved into a new apartment during the wild fires. The air quality was terrible outside, even inside my neighbors apartment, this thing did a great job keeping the air clean. I only wish I had 2 so I didn’t have to move it from living room to apartment at night.
      • Happy
        Jerilynn Boling
        Just what I needed. It is quiet and does what it is supposed to do. No complaints from me.
        • Clean Design. Pure Air.
          Rosalinda Mercado
          From the beginning, I knew this air purifier was a perfect fit for our kitchen. It's design makes it easy to place wherever is practical. Further, you will experience clean air within minutes adding to its effectiveness.
          • Great Product!
            Amazon Customer
            Great Purchase! I always read review before purchasing items. The positive reviews are 100% true. I have several air purifiers, but this one is wonderful. Highly recommended and exactly as advertised.
            • Nice
              Great product. I can’t get the wireless hooks up with my phone. But it works just as well without it
              • Quietly output clean air to remove harmful pollutants!!
                Jeoeo Je
                I very like it provides the clean air for my family, The design that quickly removes all harmful suspended particles in indoor air has won many favorites. Equipped with Wi-Fi connection function, I can control the mobile phone remotely anytime and anywhere. After establishing a Wi-Fi connection, I can remotely turn the air purifier on or off to increase the wind speed. Filtration technology can purify almost harmful suspended particles in the air, and effectively filter harmful substances as small as micrometers. The innovative combination of advanced filter materials and closed negative ion charging chamber, the colorful design keeps high performance, pleasing to the eye
                • Life Changing Air Purifier
                  J Steph
                  I finally got an air purifier and it has changed the entire quality of life in my apartment. Within 10 minutes of running it the air quality completely improved and my regular sneezing stopped. I love the automatic feature because it runs seamlessly and is surprisingly quite. I was not able to sync it up with the app but I don’t mind turning it on or off manually. I’m probably going to get another one of these air purifiers for my bedroom. This product is worth every penny.
                  • Great 👍
                    John M.
                    Functioned as advertised
                    • Amazing Air purifier!
                      Works Great. Easy to set up. The noise is unnoticeable to me. Filters are easy to replace as well.
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                      • Can't turn on or press button no response?
                        ① Is the power cord plug plugged in? Plugin the power cord. 
                        ② Is the front cover of the purifier covered? Cover the front cover of the purifier.
                      • Button no response?
                        ① Is the filter dirty? Clean the filter. 
                        ② Is the filter not replaced for a long time? Replace the filter with a new one.
                      • The smell of the air outlet makes people feel uncomfortable?
                        ① Is the plastic bag on the filter screen removed by the purifier? Remove the plastic bag from the filter before using it for the first time. 
                        ② Is the order of the purifier filter incorrectly installed? Please refer to the instructions for the installation sequence and precautions.
                      • The purifier runs for a long time but the air quality is not significantly improved?
                        The filter alarm light is on: it indicates that the filter timing change timer has reached the set value. At this time, after changing the filter screen, press and hold the sleep to reset.