WIFI Control H13 Medical Grade Air Purifier
WIFI Control H13 Medical Grade Air Purifier
  • True HEPA H13 filter with advanced 4-stage filtration system: especially add antibacterial cloth, 4-stage filtration system captures 99.97% of common Airborne.
  • Spacious coverage: coverage up to 325sq.ft / 30m² with a CADR rated 230m³/h.
  • Smart air quality sensor: built with smart air quality sensing system and app control.
  • User-friendly sleep & timer settings: the sound is relatively quiet, below 22dB (Min).
  • Passed UL, FCC, CARB certification.
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Product Dimensions13.9 x 8 x 23 inchesItem model numberA3B
Item Weight11 pounds Volume2557.6 cubic inches
Applicable Area325sq.ft / 30m²CADR230m3/H
Wind Speed3Min Noise22dB
Filter Change IndicatorsYesSleep ModeYes
ApplicationHome/ Office/ TravelFeatureTrue HEPA Air Purifier
OperationTouchChild LockYes
Sensor TypeDust SensorTimerYes
Green LabelsCARB Certified, and FCC Certified, EOWarrantyOne-year from the date of purchase

  • Amazing Air purifier!
    Moni Reviewed in the United States on
    Works Great. Easy to set up. The noise is unnoticeable to me. Filters are easy to replace as well.
    • Really, really works!
      AZDad Reviewed in the United States on
      I have been super happy with this product. After running this for a week I can attest that it is really helping my allergies. It's doing such a great job that I find myself moving it from room-to-room to help me throughout the day - I need to buy another one. Running this at night the sleep mode works awesome, as the does auto setting. I am waking up without itchy eyes and a clear nose - fantastic! During the day I move it to my office and get the same affect. The read out on it is perfect and it gives me faith that it is doing its job. I'm already noticing the filter getting dirty and it's large and easy to change.

      Light weight
      Quiet - super quiet with the fan on low
      Very easy to change the filter
      Good display

      Wifi can be a little hard to setup

      As noted by others the WIFI can be a challenge, but this is not the devices fault. It is an Android issue. Certain models of the OS do not like to stay connected to networks without an Internet connection. A quick Google search will tell you how to resolve this. When you do connect it the software will integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The Alexa integration is really the icing on the cake for me.

      Great product all around. I could not ask for more. Worth every dollar!
      • Easy moving around and quiet at night.
        Fusionwok i. Reviewed in the United States on
        I got this purifier around a week ago and I'm using this every day. The instruction is easy to read, download the app I was able to quickly connect the WiFi and pair the device to my phone start to control over the app. It was quiet and don’t make any noise at all, extremely easy to move around to use anywhere around the house.
        • Absolutely Stunning 👌
          Diverse Shopper✌️ Reviewed in the United States on
          I bought this and was a little concerned that it wouldn't work given some of the reviews... However after opening the box, getting it installed and set up I am now confident the negative ones are based on user error. The moment I plugged this in it started working, the AQI is accurate and the unit itself is more responsive to pollutants, quieter and more effective than my Dyson one.

          To test this I set both my Dyson and this one side by side and set them both to "automatic" mode and I then lit several incense... The Elechomes one performed better on all counts. It recognized the smoke in the air nearly an entire minute sooner than my Dyson. I am so impressed... This air purifier is extremely responsive to pollutants, is quiet and it turns off and on as needed. I really couldn't ask for anything more! I absolutely love it and I am so pleased with this purchase I will be getting another for my bedroom
          • Remedy for our Allergic Rhinitis
            maricar Reviewed in the United States on
            My son and I used to have ‘seasonal’ allergies but all of a sudden it became constant! We probably sneeze hundred times a day! It was very bad since we live in an apartment that has few small windows and air circulation is poor. To add to it, it’s fully carpeted! In short it’s a dust trap. I have my carpet shampooed and steamed once a month but it didn’t helped that much. I’ve also already bought a total of 3 desktop portable air purifiers but only works for a short time since you have to replace filters often.
            I have done a lot of research before my purchase and I learned what to look for since I’ve decided to invest on a better quality one.

            Here are my observations:

            -There’s an app to control it.
            -I can synchronize it to my phone.
            -I no longer sneeze when I wake up in the morning!

            I placed the unit in the middle of a high traffic area in our room. (In my case, it was our hallway from bedroom to kitchen) Don’t put it by a corner wall as you’re wasting the area it covers.

            Another thing I noticed is that when I start cooking, you would hear it rev up to the next level. It only means that it is doing its purpose. Whenever we leave our apartment and go back it would smell clean.
            I continue to leave this turned on even when are out for a long time.

            CON: For California residents:
            I checked the air filter replacement and unfortunately it cannot be shipped here in California. I believe it’s something about our state law. However, I thought of an idea of sending it out to my parents in New York then have them send it to me. So far that’s the only thing I can think of.
            I still need to search further if there are some available options to deal with this situation.
            • Smartness is the best feature if this product...Great deal for the price !!
              Atul Singh Reviewed in the United States on
               I am loving it for the below reasons :

              1- Super smart. Easy connection. Each and every function can be controlled via the app. Attached video shows everything
              2- Super reasonably priced
              3- Great customer support. I had to contact them on their support email to check why AQI showed red for me. They reverted within a day with all details to fix my issue.

              Have been using this product for almost a week and below are my 2 cents :

              - It does the job of air purifier very well. It changes from red to orange to green pretty fast. While cooking it shows cranked up AQI number and cleans fast
              - Different level of fan control : 3 levels + auto + sleep. You won't hear anything when on speed1 or in night mode. Very silent
              - Real-time air quality index with color-coding
              - The app is always synced in real-time without any delay.
              - You can control every feature from the app including child lock. Wifi connection was super easy as I already use SmartLife app for my other smart devices
              - Both Alexa and Google Home works great in controlling this device
              - Reasonably priced for the great features

              - AQI level sometimes seems to show wrong numbers but re-corrects fast
              - Filter replacement is a little costly but it's same for all brands

              Recommended if you want to be within a $200 budget and also a connection to wifi is something you wish for for smart features.
              • Sync with your device
                Ogulhan Reviewed in the United States on
                Firstly, you can sync it with your mobile phone , its a good advantage to use your device from away. Noise level is acceptable if you don't focus on it . If you making food often at home , it will be very helpful to change smell because especially after cooking meat products, even you open your windows you need support like that. Also you can check your air quality and take precautions. According to my calculations , 65 watt doesn't affect your bill a lot.By the way don't forget to change your filter sometimes.
                • Air purifier that works
                  Haf Joe Reviewed in the United States on
                  This unit is solid. No complaints. It pairs nicely and works perfectly. The key is to let it run continuously to feel the difference. With the current covid situation, this buys me extra peace of mind knowing the air I breath has at least been filtered to certain degree.
                  • Syncs with the Google Home app
                    A. Chan Reviewed in the United States on
                    I live in California and last year we had a horrible wildfire season. The smoke from the wildfires made it difficult to breathe. Unfortunately, all the air purifiers sold out at Home Depot and Lowe's, so I had to tough it out. This year, I'll be prepared.

                    This purifier can sync with your phone and measures air quality. You can also sync it to Google Home by linking your Smart Life account with your Google account.

                    I initially had issues syncing with my phone, but I didn't read the instructions correctly. To sync, make sure the power button is red before you press and hold the WiFi button for 5 seconds. The WiFi sign will then continuously blink and you can sync with the Smart Life app from there.

                    In terms of noise, this purifier can be pretty quiet. It has 3 fan speeds:

                    -Level 1 is very faint. I would have no problem sleeping with this on.
                    -Level 2 is moderate.
                    -Level 3 is pretty loud, similar to an AC unit. I'd have to talk a little bit louder if I wanted somebody to hear me.

                    Anyways, this year I'll be ready for wildfire season in California.
                    • Works great!
                      BevyG Reviewed in the United States on
                      Works perfectly for my asthma and allergies. I run it all day long and it's quiet and easy to operate. Front comes off to get to the filter which I tap outside to clean. Amazing what comes out.
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                      • Can't turn on or press button no response?
                        ① Is the power cord plug plugged in? Plugin the power cord. 
                        ② Is the front cover of the purifier covered? Cover the front cover of the purifier.
                      • Button no response?
                        ① Is the filter dirty? Clean the filter. 
                        ② Is the filter not replaced for a long time? Replace the filter with a new one.
                      • The smell of the air outlet makes people feel uncomfortable?
                        ① Is the plastic bag on the filter screen removed by the purifier? Remove the plastic bag from the filter before using it for the first time. 
                        ② Is the order of the purifier filter incorrectly installed? Please refer to the instructions for the installation sequence and precautions.
                      • The purifier runs for a long time but the air quality is not significantly improved?
                        The filter alarm light is on: it indicates that the filter timing change timer has reached the set value. At this time, after changing the filter screen, press and hold the sleep to reset.