WIFI Control H13 Medical Grade Air Purifier
WIFI Control H13 Medical Grade Air Purifier
  • True HEPA H13 filter with advanced 4-stage filtration system: especially add antibacterial cloth, 4-stage filtration system captures 99.97% of common Airborne.
  • Spacious coverage: coverage up to 325sq.ft / 30m² with a CADR rated 230m³/h.
  • Smart air quality sensor: built with smart air quality sensing system and app control.
  • User-friendly sleep & timer settings: the sound is relatively quiet, below 22dB (Min).
  • Passed UL, FCC, CARB certification.
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Product Dimensions:13.9 x 8 x 23 inchesItem model number:A3B
Item Weight:11 pounds Volume2557.6 cubic inches
Applicable Area:325sq.ft / 30m²CADR230m3/H
Wind Speed:3Min Noise22dB
Filter Change Indicators:YesSleep ModeYes
ApplicationHome/ Office/ TravelFeatureTrue HEPA Air Purifier
Operation:TouchChild LockYes
Sensor Type:Dust SensorTimerYes
Green Labels:CARB Certified, and FCC Certified, EOWarranty:One-year from the date of purchase

  • Love it
    Brandi Reviewed in the United States on
    Great product. Has definitely done its job and continues to do so! I recommend this product.
    • Sleeping better
      Neusa M. Cuddeback Reviewed in the United States on
      I like it as it is quiet. So far I have not been able to connect to my wifi, perhaps a busy network????
      • Awesome!
        ANkwodinma Reviewed in the United States on
        Great item! It has been a great help and relief for my allergies
        • Anyone
          Jody Simon Reviewed in the United States on
          Very pleased with the item.
          • Very effective, responds quickly to contaminates.
            Frank L. Arrowsmith Reviewed in the United States on
            Bought this unit as I'm a smoker. It does not quickly clear a room of smoke or cooking contaminates, but it automatically adjusts to varied levels of both and works hard to eliminate. By morning the air is pretty pure. The air sensor is quick to find pollutants and therefore requires user oversight. Well made and packaged.
            • Great air purifier
              SH Reviewed in the United States on
              The product works well. I no longer have the normal allergy issues. It is very quiet on low. Sound increases as speed increases. I keep it on low, and I don't even notice that it's working. I am happy with my purchase.
              • Great for pets
                Cesar Reviewed in the United States on
                 It makes the air in the room fresher and it helps with my allergies, it is great if you have pets because it helps with air quality.
                • it needs work to set up on phone
                  JYC Reviewed in the United States on
                  I have the humidifier brand of this product and I expected it to be as good as that one. I was surprised that the purifier itself is a portable air conditioner, it was not stated on the product details but it was hard to set up on my phone. I love the price because it is very reasonable. Air purifier is a Covid essential these days. We keep this near my sisters room because she is a front liner.
                  • Great with animals and seasonal changes
                    Carolyn Reviewed in the United States on
                    I think now is a great time to have this. I have 2 cats and I am at home a lot now. I move this in my office in the day and bedroom at night. My air seems fresher and it blends in well to the rooms. It is quiet. It seems like my allergies are better also. I will be getting another. The price seems in line with others.
                    • The Allergen Black Hole (Disengage Child Lock)
                      T. Tran Reviewed in the United States on
                      My wife and I have really bad allergies come spring season. We had bought an air filter through one of the wholesale brick and mortar stores and needed another one as our house is larger than average. We didn't want to make another run to that store because the lines nowadays and hustle in that store is stressful and tiresome and there is no guarantee what we were looking for was in stock. So we decided to give this purifier a try and was very glad we did.

                      I woke up one day with my puffy teary eyes and itchy nose and decided to turn on this thing. It really did the trick. You can definitely hear and feel the air it pushes out and feel the air it sucks in. The hepa filter inside looks a lot like the ones I have changed in my furnace/A/C system and that thing gets nasty dirty catching all the stuff in the air so I know this one will work.

                      Do remember that you need to clean the air filter every few weeks of use (there's a couple filters in there and one you need to clean like a laundry filter every once in awhile.)

                      Also remember to disengage the child lock. Not sure if it comes engaged by default or because I was pressing all sorts of buttons but system will only work if you disengage the child lock by holding the lock icon for 3 seconds.

                      Oh and the Wi-Fi app is smart life. If you've bought pretty much any smart enabled electronics from Amazon you'll know this app, it makes it so much easier to Interface it with a smart home.
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