Professional Household Air Purifier
CADR(PM): 310m³/H    CADR(HCHO): 60m³/H

Elechomes Air Purifier UC3101


Larger Size, 350 sq. ft Extra-wide Coverage

Elechomes UC3101 white edition large room air purifier with true hepa filter, home air cleaner for 350 sq. ft. If you want serious air cleaning power within a large room, you can definitely look at it.

1 Pre-Filter & 3-Layer Composite

Armed with 4 state-of-the-art filters, this purifier will trap and eliminate up to 99% of airborne pollutants. The pre-filter captures large debris, the antibacterial cloth kills harmful pathogens, the HEPA filter captures tiny particles, and the activated carbon filter eliminates odor.

Smart Automatic Mode

Don't waste your time fiddling around with your device. Just plug it in and let Elechomes air purifier do the work! Smart mode will purify and deodorize air automatically.

Sleep Mode Helps You Sleep Well

Drifting off? Sleep mode turns off the indicator light, dims the touch panel, and quiets the fan for the perfect sleeping environment.

Smell Sensor / identify odor

Dust Sensor / identify particles

Very Sensitive Double Sensor

The Smart Sensor needs only 30 seconds to detect the real-time air quality, and adjust to the perfect purification level for maximum air quality automatically, very sensitive!!

Convenient Remote Control

The remote control allows you to control the air purifier from up to16.4 ft. (5M) away! Sit back, relax, and control your purifier without leaving the couch.

Enjoy Cleaner Air with Elechomes!

Clean air and better health go hand-in-hand. With the Elechomes Air Purifier, you’ll enjoy fresh air anytime and anywhere!