Two Slice Retro Style Toaster
Two Slice Retro Style Toaster
  • Save more time with extra-wide bread slot: the 1.5-inch ultra-wide bread slot is suitable for many types of bread, such as thin waffles or thick handmade bread.
  • More intimate with 7 shadow toasting: easily turn the knob to choose from 7 different baking settings.
  • More flavor choice with multiple toasting mode: cancel, bagel, and defrost. The innovative defrosting function will quickly restore the bread to normal temperature and then bake it to obtain a better taste.
  • Easy to clean & store: the detachable slide-out bread crumb tray is easy to collect the scattered bread crumbs and easy to clean; the power cord storage design at the bottom is easy to collect and avoid winding.
  • Retro pop-up toaster: retro style cream-yellow stainless steel appearance aesthetic design, can make your kitchen brighter, suitable for any style of the kitchen scene.
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  • nice toaster
    bee w lam Reviewed in the United States on
    i love it. the color is my favorite. and then when that toasted my bread, it's crispy and nice. anyway, i love it.
    • Great toaster
      Navid Mashhadi Reviewed in the United States on
      Toaster has a old school look and amazing features. It toast the breads in a seconds. So fast and easy to clean since you can remove the tray from the bottom. It does have features to toast bagel and other bakery item as well. It’s worth the money.
      • Super easy to clean
        WFH_John Reviewed in the United States on
         It was very to clean the previous toaster I had and it was not wide enough to toast the bagels.
        I really love this toaster. We use around 4 setting for bagels and 2-3 for the bread and very happy with how crisp they turn out.
        The cleaning process is the best, I was to able to take out the plate underneath, put it in the dishwasher and was place it without any issues.
        • Easy to clean because of light weight
          Bikash Adhikari Reviewed in the United States on
           It has very light weight which makes it easier to clean. Earlier today morning, i realized uniformity in toasting was also better. I wish i could share the bread picture as well. I forget to take that. Overall, its a good piece. The color i have i my favorite too.
          • i like the retro qualities of this toaster!
            Katerina Ivanova Reviewed in the United States on
            I dont know what some of these categories mean...sheerness? what.
            anyways, this is my first time buying a toaster :) I've had a toaster oven for a lot of years, but didn't have a toaster. I love the retro look of this one, and also, there is a little turny knob to regulate the toastiness. I love this. That you can just turn the knob to where you like it. Its "old school," I like this kind of stuff (more analog). And of course it works great too. Including some pictures :)
            • Works as advertised
              Sam Reviewed in the United States on
              I love the defrost option ! Keeping it on 4 level to get my perfect toast. I like that you can slide the crumbs right from the bottom. I hope it’s durable, so far no issues.
              • The toaster can be cleaned of crumbs and the flap on the bottom can be removed.
                Julia Semena Reviewed in the United States on
                I bought a new toaster, the old one was impossible to wash. The new toaster can be cleaned of crumbs, the flap on the bottom can be pulled out, this is a good idea from the manufacturer. We make croutons in 2 or 3 timer modes, it is convenient to choose the degree of roasting. The appearance of the toaster pleases all guests, it is beautiful.
                • Not like other cheap toaster
                  Shah Reviewed in the United States on
                  Our previous toaster malfunctioning within 1 month of use. Even with same bread and heat setting, we used to get different toast everytime we use.
                  For this toaster we paid less price but got better quality toaster.. I need my toast everyday in breakfast. First time I used this toaster I burnt my bread but once I had my setting remembered, it gave me same crunchy mildly brown bread every time. And Its very powerful. Even with lower heat setting it heats up very fast and gives perfect toasts.
                  I am simple person. I feel good all day of my day starts well, that is if I get good morning breakfast - Toasts. My day goes bad when I don't get satisfaction from my breakfast. And this toaster gives me satisfaction and joy in need when I start my day.
                  • Excellent toaster with perfect thickness
                    PRABIR DHAR Reviewed in the United States on
                    I have been using this toaster from the last 10 days.the thickness of the toaster panel is perfect for bread and bagel .It has 3 different settings .perfect for those who likes to eat hard toasted bread .Moreover the color is so beautiful and matches to other appliances in my kitchen .The size is little bit bigger than usual toaster .very easy to clean the crumbles .
                    • Affordable Retro Toaster
                      slumv88 Reviewed in the United States on
                      I was in the market for a toaster because I was tired of using my conventional oven to toast bread, English muffins, bagels, etc. I was searching for a toaster that was not an eyesore aesthetically. I liked the design of the SMEG toasters, but they were so expensive being over $150! I couldn't justify spending that much on a kitchen appliance that I would not use very frequently. This toaster caught my eye due to the cool design and reasonable price tag. The functionality of it is fine as it gives you several adjustable settings to set how toasted you want your bread. I also like how lightweight it is, which makes it easy to pickup and put away in storage. Overall, I'm very pleased with this toaster.
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