Smart Sensor Air Purifier EPI236
Smart Sensor Air Purifier EPI236
  • Medical grade filtration H13 true HEPA: purify efficiency and purify speed are 35% higher than other ordinary air cleaners.
  • Operates quietly only with 22dB(min)
  • Smart sensor: remove especially bothersome particles such as pet dander, pollen, dust, mold, and smoke.
  • Relieve your allergies: helps clean the air from allergies pets or stale indoor air.
  • Purifies large rooms: EPI 236 Air Purifier rated 220 m3/H, a fancy way of saying it can filter a space up to 280 sq.ft (26m²).
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Product Dimensions8.5 x 8.5 x 15.5 inchesItem model numberEPI236
Item Weight7.7 poundsVolume28004 cubic centimeters
Applicable Area280 sq.ft / 26m²CADR220m3/H
Wind Speed3Min Noise22dB
Filter Change IndicatorsYesSleep ModeYes
OperationTouchChild LockYes
Sensor TypeDust SensorTimerYes
Green LabelsETL, FCC, CARBWarranty18-months from date of purchase

  • it can cleanse room odors happy with my purchase
    jacque Reviewed in the United States on
    The box came damaged and the filter was opened. I bought the larger rectangular version of this and it worked well purifying our living room. This one is a little bit confusing to use because it sometimes shuts down by itself. My father's room does not stink anymore after 3 hours I put it in his room.
    • No noise
      Claudia Zapata Reviewed in the United States on
      My son like it
      • Make air fresh more
        Sunggilko Reviewed in the United States on
        The air purifier is really good to use when trying to make the air more fresh! It is very useful after cooking meals to get rid of the smell. This product is also designed to cleanse the air, getting rid of all the impurities such as dust, smoke, or bad odor in general. I totally recommend this product to make your homes smell fresh and clean.
        • Very modern looking and works!
          Shandy Reviewed in the United States on
           So my office does not have windows. Even though I’m working from home because of COVID-19, I have to plan for the possibility of returning. This time, airflow in my office would be extra important. I wanted to get something powerful and pretty without breaking my bank. After researching online for a while, I picked this one because of the values and good review. After trying it in my living room for awhile, I’m very happy with it and think I will keep it!

          So first impression - it’s very well-packaged but it’s larger than I thought, as you can see in my picture. But it’s very modern and clean looking. Makes it feel high end. When plugged in and turned on, there’s also indication light at the bottom of the unit, making it look extra pretty. I think having it in my office would look quiet well!

          The filter is big and thick. My partner has mild allergy during this season. But since I started using it, he’s been sneezing less. I’m not sure whether this is a coincidence but I’d like to think it’s because this unit is working. My living room is also twice the size of my office, so that gives me some reassurance that it’ll work in my office.

          Another thing I really like is how quiet the unit is. When in regular mode, you almost can’t hear it. Also you can set a timer for it too. A plus is it also seems to cool down my room a bit!

          My only complaint is that the control panel is like touch buttons so sometimes, it’s hard to find the right place to press... might take couple tries.

          So to summarize
          It works (even for a large room)! Filters the air well
          Sleek looking
          Cools the air a bit!

          Relatively big
          Buttons can be tricky

          I think I will keep it. I have been liking it so far!
          • As advertised.
            T. mcginnis Reviewed in the United States on
            Some info. Check weather forecast. Mostly for music.
            • Excellent
              janae Reviewed in the United States on
              I love the color feature the most it’s super quiet
              • Wish I would have got the air purifier a long time ago!
                Carlee Shoemaker Reviewed in the United States on
                I’ve been looking for a second air purifier for months... I came across this one and I am so happy with it. I love that you can set a timer on how many hours you want it to run. It’s so quiet that I don’t even know it’s there or even running. I love the pretty color at the bottom when it lights up! I wish I would have got this along time ago. My other one that I bought a couple months before is not this nice. It keeps the smell down in my kitchen after I cook and it’s been helping me with my allergies!
                • it is very touchy, sometimes I can't turn it on
                  barbara bowser Reviewed in the United States on
                  the only thing I dislike about it is the knobs are very touchy, sometimes it comes on for me and other times it doesn't other than that I like it
                  • Great product
                    Victoria Reviewed in the United States on
                    Good quality product. Doesn’t make noise and works great.
                    Good size for room, doesn’t take a lot of space and has timer and speed for filtering the air.
                    Love it
                    • Perfect
                      Pack Pa Reviewed in the United States on
                      Working great quite sleep mode turns the bright lights off I love the child lock mode I have a different brand purifier and my daughter pushes all the buttons and even opens the filter but with this one that is no problem
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                      • The wind output is weak?
                        ① The plastic wrap on the filter has not been removed. Remove the plastic wrap and reinstall the filter.
                        ② The inlets and outlets are blocked. Clear the blockage
                        ③ The filter is dirty. Clean or change the filter.
                      • The EPI081 air purifier doesn’t work?
                        The device is not plugged in. Plug the device into a wall outlet
                      • The air quality has not improved?
                        ① The filter has not been installed Install the filter.
                        ② Doors and windows are open. Close all doors and windows when using the device.
                        ③ The inlets and outlets are blocked. Clear the blockage
                        ④ The filter is dirty. Clean or change the filter.
                      • Does the device emit a strange smell?
                        ① People smoke or cook inside the room. Ventilate the room.
                        ② The filter is dirty. Clean or change the filter.