EPI236 Smart Sensor Air Purifier
EPI236 Smart Sensor Air Purifier
  • Medical grade filtration H13 true HEPA: purify efficiency and purify speed are 35% higher than other ordinary air cleaners.
  • Operates quietly only with 22dB(min)
  • Smart sensor: remove especially bothersome particles such as pet dander, pollen, dust, mold, and smoke.
  • Relieve your allergies: helps clean the air from allergies pets or stale indoor air.
  • Purifies large rooms: EPI 236 Air Purifier rated 220 m3/H, a fancy way of saying it can filter a space up to 280 sq.ft (26m²).
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Product Dimensions8.5 x 8.5 x 15.5 inchesItem model numberEPI236
Item Weight7.7 poundsVolume28004 cubic centimeters
Applicable Area280 sq.ft / 26m²CADR220m3/H
Wind Speed3Min Noise22dB
Filter Change IndicatorsYesSleep ModeYes
OperationTouchChild LockYes
Sensor TypeDust SensorTimerYes
Green LabelsETL, FCC, CARBWarranty18-months from date of purchase

  • I can sleep and breathe well the whole night!!
    Lolita Rodriguez Reviewed in the United States on
    I'm an asthmatic and I have problems with dust and other allergens. With my new Elechomes air purifier, I can sleep for a straight eight hours refreshed and well rested the following morning. Thanks!
    • It’s quiet!
      Divasews Reviewed in the United States on
      We set up this air purifier in the bedroom, and on sleep mode, the purifier is definitely quiet! We have used it for several weeks, and so far, so good!
      • Filter
        Jcla03 Reviewed in the United States on
        so I bought this air purifier before summer (march) and I almost thought it was worthless. However today, nearly in October now, I took the filter that came with it out and found the filter was still wrapped in plastic. They should warn people that the filters need to have the plastic removed before operating. So I really don't know the quality or effectiveness of this product but I would like to warn other buyers to take apart the purifier and check your filter before you turn it on. I couldn't have known this without taking apart the air purifier itself
        • Quiet operation, works well
          Wendy M Reviewed in the United States on
          middle setting seems quite low
          • This is an attractive quiet unit with a large filter.
            John P. Popek Reviewed in the United States on
            Everyone is aware of the fires here in California. We are not in the burn area, but on many days the smoke here is hazardous to those with respiratory issues. This compact unit is perfect for a single bedroom. It is quiet and attractive. I am curious about how long the filter will last under these conditions. If it lasts through the fire season, I'll probably buy another one for next season.
            • Perfect
              Corrina Reviewed in the United States on
              Perfect for my bedroom
              • Worth it
                Amanda Reviewed in the United States on
                Great product
                • Great air purifier
                  Nita Reviewed in the United States on
                  Works great. Would buy it again. I noticed a big difference in the air. I have allergies and was breathing better within a day.
                  • Cleans the air
                    G Reviewed in the United States on
                    I have bad asthma and heart disease so this was perfect being I am trapped in my house due to all the fires
                    • Air quality went from hazard to clean in an hr.
                      helen anderson Reviewed in the United States on
                      I bought this for my son on Friday when I heard of the hazardous air quality in Portland due to wildfires. His apartment was uncomfortable and I was desperate to help. This wonderful machine arrived at 1 p.m. Monday 9/14. Within an hour the hazard level went to green( safe) air quality. I can not recommend this product enough!
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                      • The wind output is weak?
                        ① The plastic wrap on the filter has not been removed. Remove the plastic wrap and reinstall the filter.
                        ② The inlets and outlets are blocked. Clear the blockage
                        ③ The filter is dirty. Clean or change the filter.
                      • The EPI081 air purifier doesn’t work?
                        The device is not plugged in. Plug the device into a wall outlet
                      • The air quality has not improved?
                        ① The filter has not been installed Install the filter.
                        ② Doors and windows are open. Close all doors and windows when using the device.
                        ③ The inlets and outlets are blocked. Clear the blockage
                        ④ The filter is dirty. Clean or change the filter.
                      • Does the device emit a strange smell?
                        ① People smoke or cook inside the room. Ventilate the room.
                        ② The filter is dirty. Clean or change the filter.