10 Safety Mechanisms 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker
10 Safety Mechanisms 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker
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  • Awesome
    Scott A. October 18, 2019
    Bought it for my wife. She loves it and said easy to use. They are a fantastic pressure cooker and so simple to use. Although I use the electric pressure cooker often and there are so many recipes for the product it's great. I had a electric pressure cooker before this but the only thing it did not have a stainless steel inner pot, stainless is much healthier.
    • Value for money
      DD November 1, 2019
      Comparable to Instant Pot, in terms of appearance and functions, but with more affordable price. Easy-to-operate control panel. Programmable, therefore very convenient if you can not be staying the whole time during cooking. No need to use my old yoghurt maker and mechanical crock pot anymore- saved some counter top/ cabinet space.
      • worth
        Wang November 5, 2019
        This cooker is bigger than my old one. I like its stainless steel inner pot. I use it to cook my rice tonight. It has some other functions like steam fish and cake.
        But I have to say it needs to totally wash before the first time using.
        Totally I am satisfied with it.
        • Money saver
          Mason November 8, 2019
          This pressure cooker is so easy to use, and make cooking at home much easier. The size is good enough for a family of 4. Besides you can pressure cook your food, you also can use the glass cover conver it into a stewpot.
          • Nice rice cooker
            JG November 12, 2019
            This electric cooker is absolutely perfect! It is 6 quart, so that is enough for a small family. It cooks quite fast too, so that save a lot of time on preparing dinner. I would definitely recommend this. You won’t regret it!
            • Strong recommend it !
              G.Z. November 18, 2019
              This is an absolutely you-must-have kitchen tool. I have cooked serveal meal with it, like rice, porridge and beef stew. The whole family love it. I like the stainless steel inner pot, and its lid. So I can easily store any leftover to the fridge. I strongly recommend it!
              • A convenient product for kitchen
                Shaolin November 21, 2019
                I bought a different brand electronic pressure cooker 10yrs ago, recently I dropped the cover by accidentally and it has a crack, I like the old one. So I bought the Elechomes one to replace it, this one is even better. It has 9 functions, even has the yogurt one and slow cooking. The accessories are so thoughtful: steam rack with handles, 2 mittens, measuring cup, a rice paddle ,the glass lid.
                • Multi-function rice cooker
                  ji xiao chen November 21, 2019
                  The packaging is strict and the products are exquisite. The chicken soup, rice, white porridge, miscellaneous porridge and meat are all softly cooked. The function of opening the juice is good. The rice cooked by cooking is very soft and soft. I like it very much.
                  • Very easy to use with multi-function
                    YR November 26, 2019
                    I got the Electric Pressure Cooker and used it to cook for the beef with high pressure, Generally it will cost nearly 2 hours with the regular cooking pot to get the beef well done. But with this high pressure cooker, it only cost 30 min to get the beef ready for dinner. It is very convenient to use. The large space for 6 Qt make it big enough to serve many people for a party. Good product with nice design with multi-function.
                    • Worth every penny
                      Christopher kerr November 30, 2019
                      I like to wait a bit and use my product before leaving reviews. Let me tell you, this thing is a miracle tool in my kitchen. It does take bit of adjustments to get the cooking times down just right. Chili/beans auto presents to 10 mins, but boiling hot after only 5. 8 chicken breasts fro..frozen took 55 mins vs 20. The saute feature is so great from searing/browning. Love love love and you will love it too!!
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