Powerful Suction Vacuum Sealer
Powerful Suction Vacuum Sealer
  • Save your money and time: Elechomes vacuum sealer preserves food up to 8x longer than traditional ways by depriving your food of oxygen.
  • Convenient built-in cutter & roll bag storage: user-friendly built-in cutter and roll bag storage allow you to make custom-sized bags with ease, prevent the roll bag from being exposed outside to produce the dust and save your space.
  • Powerful suction dry and moist mode: 2020 updated turbo motor with 85KPA strong suction for faster and better vacuum sealing result.
  • Removable drip tray dishwasher safe: Elechomes vacuum sealing machine with newest removable drip tray design.
  • Bonus starter kits: Elechomes electric vacuum sealer comes with a full set of professional starter kits that include 1*Extra-long vacuum roll bag(11.5x80in), 10*Pre-cut bags(10x8in) and 5*Pre-cut bags (10x6in) which are perfect for vacuum and seal options. 1*Vacuum accessory hose, 1*Replacement foam gasket.
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Convenient built-in cutter & roll bag storage 

User-friendly built-in cutter and roll bag storage allows you to make custom-sized bags with ease, prevent the roll bag from being exposed outside to produce dust, and save your space.

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Powerful suction dry and moist mode

2020 updated turbo motor with 85KPA strong suction for tight vacuum sealing result. It’s incredibly easy to use and you can choose from the seal, vacuum seal, dry and moist mode, also has a cancel button for stopping the machine midcycle.

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Product Dimensions15 x 8.6 x 3.8 inchesItem model numberUM1501
Item Weight4.7 poundsMaterialStainless Steel
ColorSilverPower SourceAC
Fully Starter Kits Included:

1x Vacuum Roll Bag(11.5x80in)

5x Pre-cut Bags(10x8in)

5x Pre-cut bags (10x6in)

1x Vacuum Pumping Hose

1x Replacement Foam Gasket

1x User Manual

  • Works GreatG
    Robert Dailey
    Works as described
    • suction and seal are great
      Ron Everhart
      great product you dont realize how much you waste until you have a vacuum sealer little things like fresh vegetables carrots, celery, etc. then the expensive items meats i will save the price of Elechomes vacuum sealer by what i use to through out in freezer burn and rotten vegs. now i want the containers!!
      • Don’t know how I got along without it.
        Sherry Barton
        excellent product.
        • Great machine
          Amazon Customer
          Easy to use
          Good quality machine
          • This works with other brand bags
            well read
            I’m using this almost every day. I’ve vacuum sealed lunch meat, soup, meatloaf and ginger slices and they’re so fresh when I use them again. Being single means throwing away a lot of food every 4 days. Not any more!! I have a big snowstorm coming up and instead of running out to get food, I’m relaxing and fixing meatloaf. I was worried that it wouldn’t work on some vacuum bags that were on sale, but it works beautifully! Just remember to delineate whether it’s a moist seal or dry one. Best purchase for your single friends!
            • Love it!!
              Amazon Customer L. Lowery
              The vacuum sealer was a late Christmas present for a dear friend of mine. She used it and absolutely love it.
              Her friend was helping her making the bags. He like it so much he went to the phone and ordered one for him.
              It was a hit in the kitchen that night. Fast and easy with making the bags right there in the machine.
              She loved the stainless steel with looking good in her kitchen.
              • Very easy to use
                Used this to vacuum seal 1/2 hog and a 1/4 cow. Was fast easy to use. Only draw back os that the roll does not fit in holder until it is nearly gone making it difficult to use cutter.
                • FoodSaver for butchering
                  john h alford
                  It's great for meats when I'm doing venison the wife uses it for corn makes it last longer
                  • No frills machine for beginners
                    Nilanga Gunaratna
                    This is definitely a vacuum sealer for beginners. It's a no frills machine with few buttons. There is definitely a learning curve, but I think that is to the fault of me never having vacuum sealed something before this, not due to a manufacturer issue. I was able to seal several different foods. The plastic bags that come with this product are very high quality. They definitely seem reusable. I really appreciated that the booklet gives you a tip to seal leaving a few inches at the end. That way, when you cut open the other side of the bag to use the product, you have extra space left on the other side to reuse the same bag next time.
                    • Perfect!
                      Janet Collins
                       Just received this vacuum sealer today. So far I give it a perfect 5. Love everything about it. Love that it stores a roll of bags within the machine. Makes it so much easier to cut and seal the bags. I put the bags into the sealer, press the button and get a wonderfully vacuum sealed package. If i have any issues later on, I will update this review. So far it has not overheated, eventhough I have sealed and vacuum sealed alot of product consecutively. I first ordered the KOIOS VS6621. I had alot of problems with that brand. It overheated after doing about 10 bags, thus it started not sealing and/or vacuum sealing the bags, which was frustrating and time consuming. Needless to say I will be returning it. Not to bad mouth the product, because it seems sturdy, easy to operate and says it has a 10 year warranty. Maybe, I should have spent more on a better model. If anyone is having problems with any brand of vacuum sealer getting it to vacuum seal, try double sealing the bottom of the bag. I found that was alot of the problem when it wouldn't vacuum seal. There were tiny holes in the bottom seal and the machine just couldn't get the air out. So now, I seal the bottom and top of the bags (cut from a roll) twice. Could be overkill ... but it works for me!
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