P300 True HEPA 4-Stage Filtration Air Purifier
P300 True HEPA 4-Stage Filtration Air Purifier
  • Innovative & intimate design: innovative and repeatable use washable pre-filter, only need to tear off the tape for a more thorough cleaning, effectively extending the service life of the filter
  • Upgraded 4-stage filtration system: P300 air purifier combines ultra-fine pre-filter, ATP filter, H13 HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter, which can capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Large room air filter: designed to accommodate rooms up to 400 sq. ft (CADR: dust 178 / smoke 181 / pollen 187). 360° air circulation covers the space in all directions.
  • Low energy consumption & low noise: the rated power is only 40W, saving more money; And only 22dB in sleep mode.
  • Smart air quality sensor: in auto mode, the sensor will detect the air quality level in real-time, and will automatically adjust the wind speed from 1 to 3.
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  • Plug and play
    Super easy to setup. Once you get it out of the packaging, and unwrap the filter inside the housing, the system is plug and play. The system will calibrate for a minute or so and give a clear read out as to the quality of the air with a green, yellow, or red indicator. The number readout is handy as well, along with the auto feature to set the relatively quiet fan speed. The filter door pops out easily and the filter itself had a washable “cover” that Velcros to the filter. Looks great in the living room and seems to be helping the air quality so far. Very happy with this modern air cleaner.
    • Quiet
      I use an air purifier because I have severe allergies. The problem with most is that they can be VERY loud. I usually run my current model on the lowest speed because I can barely hear over it on the other speeds. This model is great because it runs quietly. You can use the highest speed and not struggle to hear. It's relatively lightweight, so you won't hurt your back trying to move it. This is a good buy. I highly recommend it.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read this review. I hope the information that I've provided makes your decision a little easier.
      • Great compact air purifier!
        This is great compact air purifier for small room.
        I took picture in our living room which is bigger than 400sqft but wanted to share so that
        you can see the size of this air purifier comparing to the furniture.
        I'm going to use in our bedroom and this is a perfect size.
        This is not heavy and I (petite female) can easily move around from room to room.
        Super easy to setup, There's not much you need to do other than take a plastic bag out from filter and put it back.
        Easy to operate, energy efficient, super quiet, east to see the display and you can vacuum clean the filter.
        Though you can't wash the filter.
        This is a great air purifier for the price!!
        • Easy to setup and use
          Placing this near our former living room where our beagle has made her home.
          we were concern about the pet smell that comes with owning a dog.
          we have an open floor plan and tall ceiling. Our foyer, former living, dinning room are in one big area. it is about 600 sqf.
          the numbers in the front shows the air quality and from when we turn it on to now. the highest it has gotten is around 50 when we are cooking in the kitchen. kitchen is 2 rooms away.
          the noise level is pretty good on auto. you hardly hear it when it is on.

          it has a Filter change light. supposedly after 2500 hour of use, it needs to be changed. it also has a prefilter that can be cleaned. each filter is $50. not too bad.

          The unit is midsize toward large. but is said to process 400 sqf. with the size I would've expected about 1000 sqf.
          it is nice looking that you can place one in each room.

          I would recommend this unit if you have a smaller area to cover. so far so good for us.