P300 True HEPA 4-Stage Air Purifier
P300 True HEPA 4-Stage Air Purifier
  • Innovative & intimate design: innovative and repeatable use washable pre-filter, only need to tear off the tape for a more thorough cleaning, effectively extending the service life of the filter
  • Upgraded 4-stage filtration system: P300 air purifier combines ultra-fine pre-filter, ATP filter, H13 HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter, which can capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Large room air filter: designed to accommodate rooms up to 400 sq. ft (CADR: dust 178 / smoke 181 / pollen 187). 360° air circulation covers the space in all directions.
  • Low energy consumption & low noise: the rated power is only 40W, saving more money; And only 22dB in sleep mode.
  • Smart air quality sensor: in auto mode, the sensor will detect the air quality level in real-time, and will automatically adjust the wind speed from 1 to 3.
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  • Very effective
    This product hits all the marks it's design makes it perfect for a more modern living space. When you turn it on you can put it on Med low or high or auto. When it's on auto it detects the air quality in the room and adjusts its level from low-Med-high depending on the quality of air. It cleans the air very fast and as the air quality gets better it will adjust and slowly lower down to Med or low. You can turn on a timer as well for it to turn off after an hour or you can set it for 5 hours or 8.
    This air purifier is highly affective I will buy another one when we live in a bigger space.
    • Great out of the box.
      This is a really nice air purifier. It's really good in terms of plug and play just remember that you have to open the back and take the plastic off the filter first. Then you can use it. it is pretty simple to use all you have to do is push Auto and it will go on a level that is necessary depending on your air quality. I had it running in a fairly large room and managed to get the air quality down to a four which was pretty good. Also when I cook the numbers do go way up and the purifier goes into high mode by itself... Which is great. I will say you can hear the fan when it's on high but that is expected when it is running on low it is barely noticeable.
      • Helpful with allergies
        Dave Evers
        I seem to have allergic reactions in particular locations in my house, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom (the proximity to water makes me think mold). So I’ve been scattering purifiers like these into places where I find my issues most distinct. My allergies haven’t gone away; but I feel that these units are a step in the right direction. Anything that can collect air and run it though a filter, running constantly, can only be helping.
        • 9 cats and a cat allergy...no more low level sniffing all day
          A reader, a crafter, a gardener
          LOVE this! I am allergic to trees and cats...and I have a lot of each. All day every day I had this low level sniff going. Not enough to bring out the tissues, but just enough to be irritating. A constant sniff and nose rub.

          I've had this a couple of weeks now and my sniff is gone!!

          I run this 24/7 on Auto. Auto is interesting, it will increase/decrease the fan speed depending on what it senses in your air. I have now seen two examples of it "increasing" itself for awhile then going back to a lower fan speed. I was sweeping the floor about 8' from it when it increased it's speed. I guess I was stirring things up into the air and it sensed it and compensated. It stayed up for about 5 minutes then lowered itself. The second time was when I burned my lunch, badly. As I was running to shut down the smoke detector, it (in the living room) sensed the smoke and such and turned itself up high. I was impressed.

          With all the pets I enjoy that I can somewhat clean this filter to prolong it's lifetime. The filter has layer and the first one traps the big stuff like cat hair. So you can go in and clean that out easily. I've also seen cat hair stuck to the intake grill which is the whole back of the unit. I can run my hand along the back and get the hair off of it. With my older, smaller, unit, you can't do that as small and large stuff is all on one filter.

          I like that this is white, it fits in my decor. It's small in footprint but high which is fine with me. It is lightweight enough to be carried around but not so light that the cats knock it over if they rub on it. It has a timer but I run it 24/7. And there is a change filter light and a kid lock, which I don't use.

          It has a lot of lights on it...circles and numbers and buttons and such....which it seems every air purifier I've ever had has had (why???) but I now keep it turned around so the lights are on the wall side and the big intake area is open to my room....I think the circulation is better that way and I don't have to see the annoying lights.

          I'm very happy with this and glad manufacturer's are now making things for pet lovers that fit our needs.
          • This saved my marriage! This is quiet and immediately makes a difference!
            My husband’s farts are divorce worthy. I mean we all do it, but whoa I’m surprised I don’t see a green cloud hovering in my room... ...gahhhlee what do I put in the food that causes such a foul odor to ensue?? What did my nose ever do for my scent glands to fall prey to such madness??

            I run this on low the majority of the day, but after dinner I need to open all the windows, and put a gas mask on. However, with this I get to keep the flies out and keep the energy bill down and my marriage in tact. Within minutes I have my oxygen levels back to normal and my skin tone is no longer blue. So far I am enjoying this air purifier.
            The design of this is sleek and modern. It is definitely not an eye sore of a air filter. Its a decent size and doesn’t take up much room either. It’s what I would consider light weight and easy to transport. My cats scare easily and they have no problem waking around it while on, even when I have it on high.
            I am enjoying this air purifier and I plan to use it regularly.
            • I have a smaller one in my bedroom
              Cat Martin
              As I age, I seem to have more allergies coming to the surface and having an air filter helps me from sniffling, sneezing, coughing and having burning, itchy eyes. Anyway, I have a smaller air filter in my bedroom due to the size of the room, but this one is great for my living room/kitchen area. This is where my two bitty dogs spend most of their time during the day and while I'm not allergic to my dogs, any of their dander that might float in the air gets snatched up and cleaned out of the room. I am please with how quiet this air filter is and it seems to adjust itself to the air in the room, meaning if my air is cleaner, like later in the evening when the dogs are sleeping and I'm sitting still, it doesn't come on as often. That will help with the cost of running it as well and in how often I will need to change the filters. I just got a "permanent" filter for my furnace that is very easy to clean and the put back in/on. I realize the HEPA filter will need to be replaced, but hope that it won't be too often as the filters can get to be a cost on their own. Granted, to be able to breath well and not suffer any allergic reactions is worth it. This would be good for a baby's room or folks that have a den or a large bedroom.
              • Easy setup, quiet running, informational display.
                Steve Garfield
                Easy setup, quiet running, informational display.

                I like how this is a smaller system that can easily be moved between rooms. I also like the display which shows air quality clearly with a colored circle.
                • Easy to Set up, easy to use.
                  January 20, 2021

                  Worked immediatly in cleaning the air, the filtration system seems to be just fine, the real test will be when we get a bad air day. The filter was easy to remove, didn't look into how to get a backup or cleaning it yet, but will update this review when needed. The settings are clear as are the instructions. Easy to use, Fair price point when compared to similiar air purifiers. Works as it should so far. Hope it lasts a few years also, will update review over time also.
                  • Super easy to use, thought out controls, does not put out hot or cold air, quiet
                    I thought I would not use the child lock function unless my grandchildren were visiting....though with the pandemic, they'll likely be old enough to know better by the time it's safe to visit. I was wrong. I have a young dog from a shelter who will look me straight in the eyes and do these long 'ice cream cone' licks on things that you wouldn't expect, usually when she wants food when it's nowhere near dinner time. She licks walls. Cabinets. This air cleaner. After putting the settings back to where I wanted twice in 30 minutes, I felt she was doing it on purpose...not changing the fan speed maybe, but because it made it beep when it went from auto to manual. It's more than a child lock. It's "nuisance proof"! ***end edit***

                    This came in a shipping box almost as big as me, so I was afraid it would be much larger than I expected. The actual product box is not large, and the product itself is quite light. It is about as tall as the seat of a dining room chair. and slightly wider than a 20 oz soda on it's side. (for people who need to picture a size!) There is a carry handle indent near the top back, and it's light enough you can move it around one handed, or set it on a counter or table. In the product box are a registration reminder, instructions and a small FAQ insert, as well as the actual product. It has foam packaging materials, a plastic bag over the whole unit, a plastic bag over the filter inside the back panel, and a twisty tie on the cord. Remove the packaging, plug it in and it's ready to use. The back panel opens without tools, and the included filter can be vacuumed several times before you have to replace it entirely. (they recommend vacuuming twice a week and replacing at least every 6 months)

                    Previous air cleaners I've had have blown out enough heated (or cooled) air to change the temperature of the room an uncomfortable amount. This does not.

                    Operation of the unit is equally easy. There are six buttons on the front, arranged around the middle LED display like a clock. Clockwise from the top are:
                    a child lock: hold three seconds while unit is on for both lock and unlock
                    manual fan speed setting: cycles through 1, 2, 3, and sleep mode
                    Auto fan speed setting: unit adjusts based on air quality
                    Power/Standby button
                    Timer: Looks like you can set it to come on, or set it to turn off in 1-12 hours, in increments of one hour. No way to set a specific time.
                    Filter Reset: will glow red after the unit has run 2,500 hours. Long press to reset after changing the filter

                    Additionally, if you hold the manual fan and auto buttons together, you can turn off all lights but the power button, which stays at half brightness. Press them again to turn back on. Good function if you have this in a bedroom.

                    To test this out, I set it in the middle of our main floor, at the junction between kitchen, dining and living rooms. I'm told I can't keep it there though :/ The display numbers in the middle show the fan speed for a few seconds when you change it, then it shows the air quality. While in auto mode, the numbers are constantly changing. Mine changes from 1 to 7 or anything in between after the first hour, only going higher for a minute or so when a nearby door to outside is opened.

                    When I first turned it on, the ring around the controls glowed a kind of yellowish greenish color that I wasn't sure was either color. After a minute or so, it switched to a very green green, like Christmas LED green. If you aren't sure if it's yellow or green, it's yellow. It switched to different speeds on auto for the first hour, then has stayed on low ever since. From a distance (and on low), it's slightly louder than my new refrigerator that has a quiet pack, so it's pretty quiet. With the TV or even the fireplace on, I can't hear it at all. It sucks air in through the back and blows it out the top, but it does not cool or heat the room any, so I will be able to use this year round. They do recommend enough space for air circulation when you place it. (50 cm on either side, not near a window or furniture) I look forward to this keeping my house air nicer in our low air quality summers. It's small and light enough to move from room to room as needed.

                    All in all, I really like this so far. The controls are well thought out and it doesn't have a bunch of unnecessary things to cover for poor function and make it gadgety. I like the auto function, and if I had smaller children around more, I might use the timer function, though this would be excellent in a baby's room if you use quiet white noise. There are no fans a child or pet can poke fingers into, and no small bits they can eat. The child lock and other secondary button functions are easy enough to remember how to use, but difficult enough that a toddler won't be able to figure it out. It's easy to clean and change the filter. If any of this changes, I will update. If it remains this good, I will likely buy more.
                    • Excellent purifier
                      Just K
                      I have a few air purifiers because one child has allergies and we seem to have a lot of dust and four cats. So, I'm CONStANTLY vacuuming and dusting and asking others to vacuum on days I can't. I use the vacuum every day, have vacuums on each floor, and I use air purifiers. This one is an excellent air purifier. After ordering, I immediately bought a new filter to have as a back up when this one needs to be replaced. Make sure, if you're buying a brand you're unfamiliar with, that filters are available. These can be expensive disposable items if you can't find a replacement filter, and that's happened before to me.

                      We have a fairly big house and it's not an open floor plan, so I like to have air purifiers near the doors of rooms and make sure all areas are covered.

                      This one is a cinch to use and works well. It reads your air and then adjusts the fan as necessary until your air quality improves to a low level. Because we use the purifiers all the time, our air is already good quality. But, when we cook, for instance, the fan will speed up and the light will change because it senses the odors, and it works until the odors are gone.

                      We have a closet off the kitchen where I put in a pet door and I keep the cats' litter box. They ALWAYS go in the box and I'm lucky they share a box. People cannot smell the cat odors ever. We do scoop the litter daily and change the whole thing every few days, but even a day of cat elimination from four cats can normally cause odors. If and when that happens, the air purifier speeds up and works until there is no odor left.

                      Excellent and easy to use. This one has a particularly nice design, too. Aesthetically, it's really very pleasing to look at. Make sure to dust the casing every few days, too.
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