P1801 Air Purifier with 4 Stage Filtration
P1801 Air Purifier with 4 Stage Filtration
  • Customized air purifiers for home: exclusive bulb button, one key to turn off the air quality indicator and other bright lights, enjoy a perfect sleep without the influence of lights.
  • 4-Stage filtration for max cleaning: H13 true HEPA has higher filtration efficiency, which can capture 99.97% of molecular as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Clean air all-around: aerodynamic design, double air inlets, and large air outlets on both sides. Up to CADR 130m³/h can cover a max area of 269 sq.ft in 1 hour and can clean 135 sq.ft of space in 30 minutes.
  • Intelligent automatic mode: thanks to the most advanced smart sensor, the air cleaner knows when the air quality is poor and automatically runs the highest fan speed and emits red light.
  • Efficiency-saving & easy to use: the rated power is only 40W, even if it is used 24 hours a day, there is almost no energy consumption and high cost.
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Product Dimensions11.5 x 6.9 x 11.4 inchesItem model numberP1081
Item Weight8.78 poundsVolume28004 cubic centimeters
Applicable Area 269 sq.ftCADR220m3/H
Wind Speed3Min Noise22dB
Filter Change IndicatorsYesSleep ModeYes
OperationTouchChild LockYes
Sensor TypeDust SensorTimerYes
Green LabelsETL, FCC, CARBWarranty18-months from date of purchase

  • Quiet
    Quiet for its price range
    • Stylish, Efficient Air Purifier for $100
      A. Calvin
      We live next to a highway. This air purifier cleans the exposed room's air, several times a day, while doing it quietly.
      One can only hear the unit when in auto mode, higher pollution concentration is detected, then its' side panels turn red and you can briefly hear white noise coming from the fans. For $100 you're not going to find a better unit for a medium-sized room.
      • Sleek
        claude krampe
        Very quiet and works great!
        • Relatively quiet on low and med, nice slick design that looks good everywhere in can be put
          I gotta say I really do love this air purifier and feel that it does the job well! I had bought it to help with the smell of “dog” that was always around my puppy’s cage and immediately after using it, the smell was gone. I really like the auto mode specially since I don’t have to constantly change the fan speed myself. When it is running on low and med you can barely hear it while on high the fan sound is really noticeable. Overall I really like the design, button sounds, lights, and how relatively quiet it is!
          • The air in my home feels cleaner
            Nancy Rosser
            My air feels cleaner & the machine is very quiet.
            • Nice unit
              Edward Ottinger
              Very quiet and you can tell it works from the dust etc around filter.
              • Does the job well
                Bought this for my bedroom and it really helped the air quality of it. I have my window opened throughout the day so all the dust and what-not gets in. This air purifiers help me keep the air clean in my room. The size is just right. It's quiet enough that i can leave it on throughout the night. happy with this item.
                • Excellent air purifier, you will notice the difference
                  C. LaRosa
                   I am so impressed with the Elechomes P1801 air purifier it works extremely well for my home!

                  It's been a little over a month since I received mine but I like that after 30 minutes with this on you can feel the difference in the air quality.

                  I like that has the smart air quality sensor, if it is in auto mode, it automatically adjust the fan speed based on the real time air quality. Green light(Excellent), orange light (Good), red light (Poor).

                  Best of all it has a 4 in 1 purification system, that works like this:.
                  1-Pre-filter this one removes airborne pollution, pet hair and other big particles
                  2- Antibacterial filter that removes bacterias and viruses
                  3- H-13 true HEPA filter, this one removes small pollution particles and odors
                  4- Activated Carbon filter which removes smoke, gases, odors and volatile organic compound (VOC).

                  This filter covers an area of 268 sq ft and in less than 30 minutes cleans 135 sq ft., it has 4 fan speed low, medium, high and auto mode, you can also set the timer, the lights if you want to have them on or off.

                  When is in high, medium or low speed is a little loud which it doesn’t bother me since it worth the noise, but if you want to keep it quiet sleep mode will be the one for you.

                  The proof that is working is the quality of the air. We're not sneezing and my husband and sons are not blowing their noses and there's no need to dust as often. Highly recommended.
                  • allergy relief!
                    for years people have been telling me I should consider getting an air purifier because I have seasonal allergies and it doesnt help that I have a cat at home as well. I finally took the leap and purchased this model and gave it ago. I don't know why I waited this long. what a difference! I have found that I don't feel as stuffy and itchy as I used to.
                    the machine is super quiet and does not disrupt my sleep at all. I run it on 'low' mode and I can hardly tell that it's on half the time. this is well worth the purchase!
                    • It eliminates smoking odors!
                      This is the third air purifier I have tried and that actually works. I have a 3 months old and I was very worried because my neighbors on the first floor smoke like a chimney cigarette and their other stuff. All their smoke comes in my bedroom's bathroom through ventilations and it's horrible. Whatever I tried until I found this, eliminates dust or other thing, but not smoke. For the price it comes, this purifier it's worth every penny for the purpose it's described. I am finally happy and less worried about the air quality around my baby.
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