UM0001 Mini Humidifier (Black)
UM0001 Mini Humidifier (Black)
  • Personal water tank: convert standard 16-ounce water can provide up to 10 hours of humidity.

  • Compact & portable: a travel-friendly humidifier.

  • Adjustable mist strength: allows you to adjust the humidity level.

  • Ultrasonic mute technology: always diffuse cool mist quietly below 35dB.

  • Safety mechanisms: automatic shutdown when the water bottle is empty.

  • Keeping home humidity between 40 and 60 percent is likely the sweet spot for reducing flu risks. ( News From Consumerreports).

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UM0001 Mini Humidifier (Black)






  • Brand   

  • Product Dimensions   

  • Reill Type  

  • Item Weight 

  • Applicable Area

  • Sleep Mode

  • Max Humidity

  • Elechomes   

  • 5.01 x 2.55 x 4.29 inches

  • Portable Water Bottle

  • 9.6 Ounces

  • Personal Type

  • No
  • 80ml/h   

  • Asin   

  • Item model number   

  • Capacity  

  • Mist Type

  • Essential oil Compatible  

  • Child Lock

  • Batteries Required

  • B085458NKW  

  • UM0001

  • Depend on Bottle

  • Cool Mist  

  • Not support

  • No

  • No

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  • The device doesn’t work or shuts down abnormally?
    The device is not plugged in, Please plugin and start the device.
  • The mist has a strange smell?
    ① The machine is brand new, remove the humidifier from the packaging and let it sit in a well- ventilated area for 12 hours.
    ② The water in the tank is dirty, empty the tank and pour in clean water.
  • The humidifier stops working after cleaning?
    Water may have entered the air channel, follow the cleaning instructions in the user manual to prevent water from entering the air channel.
  • Does the mist leave white marks on the furniture?
    ①The hardness of water is too high, pour distilled or purified water into the water tank.
    ②Please use the dedicated filter of Elechomes UC5501 humidifier. (This filter is available on amazon. Just search ELECHOMES and buy it).
  • Does the water tank leaks?
    ① Do not add essential oil to the water tank.
    ② The cap of the water tank is not installed correctly. Reinstall the water tank.