Mini Travel Humidifier
Mini Travel Humidifier
  • Personal water tank: convert standard 16-ounce water can provide up to 10 hours of humidity.
  • Compact & portable: a travel-friendly humidifier.
  • Adjustable mist strength: allows you to adjust the humidity level.
  • Ultrasonic mute technology: always diffuse cool mist quietly below 35dB.
  • Safety mechanisms: automatic shutdown when the water bottle is empty.
  • Keeping home humidity between 40 and 60 percent is likely the sweet spot for reducing flu risks. ( News From Consumerreports).
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Product Dimensions: 5x2.5x4.3 inches

Item Weight: 1.22 pounds

Shipping Weight: 1.22 pounds

  • Works as expected.
    Spider Reviewed in the United States on
    Works as expected.
    • Take care of your static problems easily.
      Reading reading reading Reviewed in the United States on
      Great for the bedroom and so easy to fill. I had to buy a water bottle to use with this but it lasts all day. I can go refill the bottle and put the adapter on and it’s good to go again. I especially liked that it has two different size adapters with it. The only dislike is its light is so bright, I’m going to try to tape it up or something so it isn’t too bright. It would have been a nice feature if you could turn the light off or on. Other than that it works just like it’s supposed to.
      • Portable and convenient
        jessica Reviewed in the United States on
        This is not my favorite humidifier, but it is nice to have a smaller one that is easy to take while traveling with my little one. We got it because we like to travel a lot and we have a newborn. Now with the world being what it is we don't know when we will be able to travel again, but even just to take this to grandma's house when we can finally do that would be nice too. It is portable and thats what we were needing.
        • Portable
          Sherry Reviewed in the United States on
          It’s cute and portable. The mist is good enough. Just the valves don’t match with the local water bottles that I have at home. While it fits well with a water bottle I brought back from China.
          • Small and easy to use
            Amandajones Reviewed in the United States on
            I got this for my office, we live in an old country house and it gets pretty dry inside. I’ve had it going for a couple of hours and I can already feel the cool moisture. So easy to use and it’s so small and cute. It works great. You screw in a bottle of water, plug it in, and turn on. Bam. Moisture. Would recommend this for someone’s office for sure.
            • Light, functional, and cool looking
              PENG Reviewed in the United States on
               This was a last minute purchase for a road trip. The last hotel I stayed in was painfully dry. This thing is a nice travel size that's very light. I like that it comes with two bottle cap size options to cover more than one water bottle size. I used the smsller of the two options for the standard 500ml Deer Park water bottle. It definitely pushes a sufficient amount of moisture into the air, in a smaller space.

              I started using this in the office, and it is definitely a conversation starter. It looks pretty cool and the water bottle and LED light seems to make people do a double take when they walk by.
              • It could be taken apart to clean! Ultra portable
                Jon Reviewed in the United States on
                Very cool little portable ultrasonic cool mist machines. Comes with two attachment for the bottle cap, a carrying bag and an A/C adapter. Just uses a standard size 20 oz. Soda bottle. I suppose you might be able to use a bigger bottle, but I am not sure will it compromise the stability of the unit. I prefer to use distilled water, but it does not specified. If use tap water, my guess is you would have to clean it more often due to the minerals/ calcium in tap water.
                • Great when traveling!
                  Brokenwing Reviewed in the United States on
                  Convenient and works great!
                  • natural and fresh air everywhere you want
                    BILLY Reviewed in the United States on
                    this humidifier make you feel at home where ever you go.this humidifier works smartly when it make room air constant and fresh it automatically goes off and when water in bottle is finished , it is healthy ,it works silently and smart ,and you can use if you are in your room , hotel,office and everywhere. highly recommended.
                    • Good travel companion
                      Eric Reviewed in the United States on
                      I purchased this to increase the humility in my bedroom. Room gets dry up from my heater during cold days. It provides a nice cool mist. The led light is cool but I prefer not to have any light at all. Its not a problem. It's just something I can live without.
                      Its compact so I can easily pack it for my next trip. I am sure that I can always find a water bottle to use with it. It is also very quite.
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