Humidifier Replacement Filter UC5501 and CH601
Humidifier Replacement Filter UC5501 and CH601
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Elechomes Humidifier Filter

Treat yourself to purer, fresher air with Elechomes Humidifier Decalcification Cartridge Filter! Thanks to its state-of-the-art water softening technology, this filter will eradicate calcium, lime, and magnesium from untreated hard water and provide a finer mist spray. The ABS plastic body is safe, durable, and long-lasting. Installation only takes a few seconds just drop it in and let it get to work. Clean up your air with Elechomes!

Compatible with Elechomes CH601&UC5501 Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

It is suggested to replace the filter every 3 months under normal circumstances. You can shorten the interval if the local water is hard.


Model: SC800

Size: 78.5(diameter)*74.5(height) mm

Packing Size: 85*85*84 mm

Net Weight: 135g

Gross Weight: 150g

  • Filter is wonderfull
    Bonnie R January 21, 2019
    This is very durable and works very well. I love how this just screws on the inside of the tank and there is no mess to deal with. I am not sure how long they work but I have had it for 1 month now and is still working great. This is a must buy when you buy the Humidifier.
    • White dust disappear.
      Lena February 15, 2019
      I bought the humidifier and noticed that all over the humidifier covers by very fine white dust.
      So I bought this filter and used for 3 days and the dust disappear. Satisfied.
      • MUST have!
        Denise A. DiResta March 2, 2019
        This filter is a MUST have in my opinion. It helps with water mineral build up (hard water & such). It will assist with getting the longest life out of your humidifier by filtering the water that goes through it. Good investment.
        • Good filter
          Sarah Van Tassel March 13, 2019
          The filter fits, it works, and my air is suitably humid. What more can you ask for?
          • I won’t run my humidifier without this filter!
            Mike105 April 8, 2019
            I bought this when I bought the humidifier. I have seen not a single speck of dust or residue anywhere including in the humidifier itself when I went to clean it. This is an absolute mandatory accessory to have for this humidifier. The filter instructions say that it will last 90 days but you can extend its life beyond that by separating it from the cap and running water back through it in the opposite direction to flush it out. This is per the instructions. I’ve been using it for a month and so far it has filtered out 100% of any residue to the point that I don’t even have to clean my humidifier. If you’re gonna buy a nice expensive humidifier then why not do everything you can to protect it and ensure that it works properly for as long as possible.
            • filter works to eliminate hard water scale
              Diana Clower August 2, 2019
              Works as intended to eliminate hard water scale emitted by my humidifier
              • Good
                OP November 2, 2019
                I use tap water for my humidifier.This filter helps to prevent white dust on my furniture.
                • Eliminates the dreaded white dust
                  RJM November 25, 2019
                  Helps with the hard water white dust buildup on surfaces.
                  • Beyond expectation
                    Toyin Akinrujomu December 13, 2019
                    Since I bought my humidifier with this filter,it's been so wonderful,I ordered this with my humidifier from Amazon, great,very quite
                    • No white dust
                      Ken December 16, 2019
                      No white dust and that's the reason I bought it so I could use tap water instead of distilled water.

                      January 11 Update: starting to get white dust on furniture. I am using distilled water for awhile to see if that will help clean the insides. I also inverted the filter and ran water through it as suggested by others. We'll see what happens.
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