HB102 Immersion Hand Blender
HB102 Immersion Hand Blender
  • Kitchen hand blender: built-in powerful 800W pure copper motor can provide enough torsion power for mixing and crushing, and the motor of service life is 3X longer than other brands.
  • High-efficiency immersion blender: with food-grade stainless steel 4 blades, smooth arcs can make multi-angle contact with the food, the ring-shaped outer cover firmly locks the food, so that the food is mixed more evenly, delicately and smoothly, and easy for babies to absorb.
  • Robust & durable structure design: 360°rotating stainless steel smooth detachable shell, which means you can easily replace and assemble various accessories.
  • 4-in-1 multi-purpose: including 304 stainless steel egg beater, more durable and corrosion-resistant than chrome-plated material; 800ml mixed beaker, BPA-free, exclusive 1.2L food processor, can complete many tasks at once to meet the needs of the whole family.
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  • The pitcher is perfect for smoothies!
    Tootlez Mom
    Powerful, easy to clean. Those are my requirements. It does everything I ask.
    • Powerful and lots of accessories!
      Really powerful! This thing creates nice and smooth soups in minutes. Chunks of food doesn’t get stuck in the blades, which was happening with my other immersion bender. The accessories are a huge help too!
      • Great chopper
        Morden look mixer, I use the chopper function the most often for veggies using in dumplings, the container is big enough for how much my family eat, and the size of chopped veggies is just right, saves me a lot of time to hand chop them. Also use the mixer attachment for my girls’ favorite strawberry milk shake, works great too
        • Blender ease of use
          After setting up the blender, all I have to do is just press and hold the button to blend the food that needs to be processed. I used the hand blender for the first time, It is powerful and quiet. I use it to grind peanuts, cashews, almonds and other nuts in bread and oats to increase the nutrition and flavor of the food. Blenders have many uses. It has a slightly larger space and can be used to make milkshakes, soy milk and vegetable drinks. It can also cut vegetables to make other delicacies. After using this small blender processor, I feel I'll enjoy more healthy delicious food simply because now it's so easy to make. The mixer is simple to operate, easy to clean, easy to store, and is a good accessory for kitchen.
          • 5 star
            Beautiful color and good quality . It’s very practical, making a cake with egg white effect is very good, beat different fruit smooth is very fine without adding water. Convenient operation and easy to clean. The overall feeling is good
            • Two in one blender
              With it, I don’t need to use knife to chop, slice or mince meat and garlic. What I like is that it has a big beaker and a food processor. I can use one for fruit juice and another one for meat or other raw foods.
              • Not sure why there are so many mediocre reviews...
                This blender is awesome. Very handy and very easy to clean and does a great job. Good deal also.
                • Easy to use
                  Perfect for mixing, choping, perfect for making up a smoothie, light weight, easy to clean
                  • Well made and easy to use
                    It is a great product as it made with solid and good quality materials. After using couple times, I do not use the traditional blender as this is easy to use and clean.
                    • Powerful Immersion Hand Blender
                      This is a very powerful hand held blender. I use it to chop meats, veggies and fruits. It also can be used as mixture. It works great.
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