Electric Food Dehydrator Machine with 6 Stackable Trays
Electric Food Dehydrator Machine with 6 Stackable Trays
  • Food preserver: Elechomes food dehydrator machine is perfect for food storage like beef jerky, fruits, vegetables.
  • Digital thermostat & timer: with the digital control panel, you can precisely set the temperature between 95°F- 158°F.
  • 6 stackable trays: come with 6 stackable BPA-FREE trays, each layer has 2 adjustable heights ensure that you can make a variety of dried food at once.
  • Easy to clean.
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Product Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 5 pounds

Shipping Weight: 6.2 pounds

  • My wife knows what I love
    CaliRich Reviewed in the United States on
    This fit a lot than I thought, cooked in about 5 hours. Love this thing, I haven't had a new one is about 15 years and this cooked in half the time.
    • Excellent product! Simple and works great.
      Professor Mojave Reviewed in the United States on
      This thing works great! Simple to operate, easy to clean, and lots of room. I’ve already made several pounds of beef jerky and dried fruit. I would definitely recommend
      • Elechomes Dehydrator
        C. Bianco Reviewed in the United States on
        I downsized from having a large square dehydrator to this Elechomes dehydrator. I cannot tell you how nice it is... quieter, adjustable, easier to clean, and sized to fit perfectly in the kitchen (comparable to the size of an 6qt Instapot when all tray are in use). You won't be disappointed if you purchase this dehydrator!
        • Make your own survival food
          CM Reviewed in the United States on
          I really like this dehydrator. It is compact, so it does not take up much counter space and all food i have dried in it comes out perfect.
          • Great product
            Ski Reviewed in the United States on
            Easy to use. Used it the day after we got it
            • Wonderful
              kathy Reviewed in the United States on
              Wonderful high quality product. So far have only used meat. Love that it has 6 trays so you can make different items all at once. Easy to use . You can adjust time and temperature.
              • Great First Dehydrator
                SJ and SF Reviewed in the United States on
                I had always laughed at the wannabe homesteaders who bragged about dehydrating their garden's extra produce. It seemed like a lot of work for a less tasty reward.

                And then we started getting gifts of fresh produce from our neighbors, way more than we could eat before it goes bad.

                So, why not try?

                I'm glad we did. I have a big sweet tooth, but even to my candy-preferring tastes, dried kiwi and apple slices taste like fruit roll up and tasty bites, respectively.

                The fan is audible, but barely so, from the kitchen to other rooms. It's not audible behind closed bedroom doors, even a little.

                It sets times by the half hour, and goes from 95F to 158F in 9-degree increments.

                It dries thoroughly, with no tray rotation needed.

                After a batch of onions, I dry a batch of potatoes next, which eradicates any lingering smells.

                And, the best part -- yes, the plastic trays hold up in our dishwasher's top rack. So far, they've run through three times with no evidence of warping or breakage.
                • Dehydrate all the things!
                  Nerditup Reviewed in the United States on
                  My dogs should probably be writing this review. I've been dehydrating apples and bananas like crazy for them. I get perfect bite-sized treats that they love, and I know I'm giving them something somewhat healthy (compared to some store-bought dog treats). I've also tried to make some beef jerky and it turned out really well for my first time. I'm excited to keep trying to dehydrate other things (especially fruits and veggies for the pups) with this thing.
                  • Nice dehydrator
                    Amazon Customer Reviewed in the United States on
                    This this came packaged better than anything I've ever had shipped. Easy to use instructions. Esthetically pleasing. Comes with a booklet that gives times to dehydrate things. Timer and temperature settings. There is a fan noise but not disturbing at all. Started using it the day I received it. Can't wait to try all different kinds of things
                    • A must have for anyone on a budget
                      Cory stegall Reviewed in the United States on
                      I was genuinely shocked when I got this item. For the price I was not sure what I would be getting, but it works perfectly. I’ve had both cheap and expensive dehydrators in the past and been disappointed in both kind and happy with both. When I opened the box I was shocked at the size of it but it actually makes it better as I live in an apartment. The timer and temperier controls are amazing I love that they are digital and not a dial like some I’ve had in the past. This one is a must have for someone on a budget.
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