Extreme Quiet Food Chopper
Extreme Quiet Food Chopper
  • Your time-saver: the food processor allows food prep in seconds with a simple button press.

  • Over-temperature protection: this electric food chopper will automatically stop work to enable itself to be cooled down sufficiently in high-temperature conditions.

  • 2L BPA-free glass bowl: 8-cup large capacity meets both daily needs and family gatherings.

  • Very strong and durable: 300 watt powerful motor drives the double-layer 4 detachable stainless steel blades to chop, grind or shred ingredients quickly.

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Extreme Quiet Food Chopper



Extreme Quiet Food Chopper & Processor 

One-button Control Overheating Protection Mute Bearing.

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Free your hands and save your time

The food chopper can grind meat, fruits, vegetables, onions, potatoes, and baby food in seconds just by pressing the button. Everything is so easy!

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Very strong and durable

300 watt powerful motor drives the double-layer 4 detachable stainless steel blades to chop, grind or shred ingredients quickly.

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Safe worry-free use

Unique overheating protection function so that it will automatically stop working at high temperatures and be fully cooled. The 3-layer thickened stainless steel shell is durable and anti-deform. 

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  • Brand   

  • Product Dimensions   

  • Item Weight 

  • Application

  • Material

  • Elechomes   

  • 8.74*7.28*10.24 inches inches

  • 5.59 pounds 

  • Cut meat, fruits, onions, garlic and vegetables, mixed jam

  • Glass ( BPA Free) + Stainless Steel

  • Asin   

  • Power

  • Operating Mode

  • Key Features

  • Detachable Available 

  • B0823MQRZM    

  • 300W

  • Button

  • 8-cup Large Capacity&Low Noise

  • Yes

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  • Motor doesn’t start or blade assembly doesn’t rotate?
    1. Check whether the bottom of the power pod is clean and ensure no food blocks connection when placing it on the container. 
    2. There is too much food in the container. 
    3. The unit is overheated. Unplug and wait for about 20 minutes before using it again. 
    4. Make sure the power pod is securely placed on the lid. 
    5. Check whether the plug is securely inserted into the electrical outlet.
  • Food is unevenly chopped?
    Maybe you’ve chopped too much food at one time, or the pieces are too big. Cut the food into smaller pieces. Chop smaller amounts per batch.
  • Food is chopped too fine or too watery?
    1. The food has been over-processed. Use brief pulses or process the food for a shorter time. 
    2. Let the chopping blade assembly stops completely between pulses.