Extreme Quiet Food Chopper & Meat Processor
Extreme Quiet Food Chopper & Meat Processor
  • Your time-saver: the food processor allows food prep in seconds with a simple button press.
  • Over-temperature protection: this electric food chopper will automatically stop work to enable itself to be cooled down sufficiently in high-temperature conditions.
  • 2L BPA-free glass bowl: 8-cup large capacity meets both daily needs and family gatherings.
  • Very strong and durable: 300 watt powerful motor drives the double-layer 4 detachable stainless steel blades to chop, grind or shred ingredients quickly.
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Product Dimensions8.74*7.28*10.24 inchesPower300W
Item Weight5.59 poundsOperating ModeButton

Cut meat, fruits, onions, garlic and vegetables, mixed jam

Key Features8-cup Large Capacity and 4 Detachable Blades; Low-noise Technology
Material2L Glass Bowl ( BPA Free) + Stainless Steel BladesDetachable AvailableYes

  • Wow, What A Chopper, But So Much More!
    Shopping Santa Reviewed in the United States on
    I was blown away by this powerful little chopper/food processor! I have a lot of kitchen appliances and gadgets, but this is by far the most powerful. I bought this to use as a food processor but quickly discovered that because of its power, it is so much more.

    First off, the design is exceptional. It is such a perfect size yet it takes up very little storage room in my cabinet. Basically, the bowl is the largest/widest part, and virtually everything else fits inside of it. The design not only lends itself to quick chopping/blending/pureeing, but it also is an ingeniously SAFE design. The blades (which can be separated to use two or all four) rest on the spindle, the lid locks in place on top, and super powerful little motor locks in place on top of that! There is absolutely no way that I can see that you could be injured by proper use.

    I played around with it a LOT the first time I used it. I learned that the blades separate, but be VERY CAREFUL as they are super sharp. ALWAYS snap on the plastic blade protectors/guards when taking them apart (for 2-blade use) or snapping them together (for 4-blade use), storing them, and only remove the protectors at the last minute when you're ready to start chopping. Don't attempt to snap them together or unsnap them without the guards as you're sure to cut yourself.

    I tried the 2-blade approach for chopping/dicing potatoes and onions for latkes or hash browns. Just a couple of quick bursts and the potatoes and onions were chopped beautifully, saving a LOT of time grating (not to mention scraping my knuckles). Lift off the motor and the lid, slide out the blades, and you can easily scoop out your mixture with a spoon or spatula. I then tried the 4-blade approach (that's both blades snapped together CAREFULLY) starting with potatoes again. They blended remarkably quick with four blades, and quickly pureed for perfect mashed potatoes. I added a couple of garlic cloves which also quickly blended into the mixture.

    And then... I tried both blades with pieces of chuck roast. WOWZA! That meat was blended into perfect ground chuck in about 3 seconds! This little thing is SO POWERFUL! Note: be sure to use the removable non-skid base, as it's so much easier than having to hold the bowl in place, and it's much safer, too.

    The last thing I tried was using both blades and a mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables, all pureed into a smoothie. It was phenomenal and was easy to pour right out of the bowl into a tall glass.

    Clean up was super easy, too. I hand-washed and dried everything in about three minutes. Again, BE SUPER CAREFUL with the sharp blades, especially when snapping together or taking them apart. Put those blade guards on as soon as they're clean, just to be safe.

    I have a new favorite appliance in my kitchen and expect to use it a great deal for chopping, blending, pureeing, grinding, smoothie-making. Can you tell I love it?
    • Awesome Food Chopper
      Darlene M. Tibbetts Reviewed in the United States on
      AWESOME. I love this product. Very easy to use. Insert the chopping blades into the bowl. Cut your large pieces & drop them in then install the lid. Then simply install the lid and press the pulse button until chopped to the desired size. You can chop, mince or puree. Very easy to clean & comes with blade protecter's for storage. The bowl is made from heavy glass so not so easy to break.
      • Game changer
        Pam Chang Reviewed in the United States on
        This is my first food chopper and it’s awesome! Very happy with the quality of the product. I like that it’s a glass bowl and that it comes with a piece of rubber on the bottom to prevent it from sliding around. Easy to use, easy to assemble and easy to clean. Made a delicious salsa with it in minutes. My only semi con is that it doesn’t dice evenly but still recommend!
        • No matter how small, it will chop it!
          Beatrix Ridley Reviewed in the United States on
          I had a handful of garlic and I wondered if this big food processor would be able to "catch" them and dice them. It did! This processor has 3 big pieces so fitting them together is super easy to do. The bowl is thick and sturdy and is easy to rinse out or just put in the dishwasher.
          • Must have Gadget in the Kitchen
            Muhammad Sharjeel Reviewed in the United States on
            Great Food Chopper, tried to grind meat for Turkish Kabobs and worked like a charm. Not much noisy. Glass bottom bowl is heavy and easy to clean Its a 2Litre capacity. The motor is heavy and seems solid. Double blades inside made the grinding and mixing quick. Loving this product and highly recommended.
            • Perfect for Sofrito, chimichurri!
              Ana Quinonez Reviewed in the United States on
              This is such a beautiful kitchen item. Not sure if it is the rubber band at the bottom of the bowl that makes is so quiet, but it is nice not to have a noisy chopper in the kitchen. I use this to make my weekly sofrito. Was able to fit in a large prechopped onion, a green pepper, and about ten garlic cloves with no problem. It was chopped within 5 seconds. Then I also made chimichurri, perfect again. Love the glass bowl, the size, easy to clean, and love the design. Not bulky at all. The blades are really sharp and then disable for cleaning. Definitely recommend. Adding some pictures of garlic, had my doubts, but did it!
              • Try it. You’ll like it.
                Exquisite Reviewed in the United States on
                Quiet. Very easy to clean. Much better than a conventional food processor. Fewer parts and a study glass bowl. I make hummus frequently and this is the most convenient product I have used for that purpose.
                • This chopper makes life easier
                  Kerri Anne Reviewed in the United States on
                  I used to have something similar to this but it was plastic and smaller. I like to use it for smaller amounts of things or things that you don't want to blend completely. I also have a vitamin. I didn't want to spend the money or sacrifice the extra space for a food processor. I love that this has a glass bowl because I really don't like plastic. This is perfect for chopping thing for the kids since they are 1 and 3 and like smaller chunks of things. I whipped up coleslaw in just a few minutes. It has a similar issue that my other one had where some chunks don't get chopped but I think that has to do with the amount you put in at a time. I will have to find the sweet spot. I love it when something makes cooking easier.
                  • Delivers as promised
                    Kaivon R. Reviewed in the United States on
                    Love the glass and ease of cleaning. EXTREMELY sharp blades. Love it.
                    • My first food processor and enjoying it!
                      Grumpy Panda Reviewed in the United States on
                      I've never owned a food processor before.This is my first time. I just cut vegetables and spices or use a blender but I went to my friend's house and she made a coleslaw and I told her that she might had a very long time cutting thide. She said no because she just dumped the cabbage and everything in the food processor and it did the job. I was like really?I really thought she cut the cabbage to tiny little pieces and spent too much time. In my mind I must try. Looked in up in Amazon and found this medium sized food processor. It has a very thick glass in it.My friend's was plastic.This has sharp blades that I'm sure I can cut not only cabbage but ither vegetables too. Tried it the first bught I got it and happy with the result. Easy to clean and it was just a simple installation too.
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                      • Motor doesn’t start or blade assembly doesn’t rotate?
                        1. Check whether the bottom of the power pod is clean and ensure no food blocks connection when placing it on the container. 
                        2. There is too much food in the container. 
                        3. The unit is overheated. Unplug and wait for about 20 minutes before using it again. 
                        4. Make sure the power pod is securely placed on the lid. 
                        5. Check whether the plug is securely inserted into the electrical outlet.
                      • Food is unevenly chopped?
                        Maybe you’ve chopped too much food at one time, or the pieces are too big. Cut the food into smaller pieces. Chop smaller amounts per batch.
                      • Food is chopped too fine or too watery?
                        1. The food has been over-processed. Use brief pulses or process the food for a shorter time. 
                        2. Let the chopping blade assembly stops completely between pulses.