Extreme queit food chopper & meat processor
Extreme queit food chopper & meat processor
  • Your time-saver: the food processor allows food prep in seconds with a simple button press.
  • Over-temperature protection: this electric food chopper will automatically stop work to enable itself to be cooled down sufficiently in high-temperature conditions.
  • 2L BPA-free glass bowl: 8-cup large capacity meets both daily needs and family gatherings.
  • Very strong and durable: 300 watt powerful motor drives the double-layer 4 detachable stainless steel blades to chop, grind or shred ingredients quickly.
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  • Really Convenient = Top Quality Chopper.
    majormusiclover Reviewed in the United States on
    Love the (1/4" thick) glass bowl - rather then the usual plastic.
    It holds 5 cups liquid / or 2 3/4" depth to MAX line.

    Has lots of power (300 watt) - when chopping a bowl full of fresh / firm radishes (1" to 1 1/4" dia)
    = 4 quick presses of the power button & they were nicely chopped.
    Also chopped 9 green onions / Budding beef - for a cheese ball, with a couple of presses = ready
    to throw in the Kitchen aid to mix with cream cheese. The uses are endless.

    This is all around great quality = 4 stainless steel blades (very sharp) - motor wrapped in stainless steel (3 ft cord) -
    spatter lid - removable non slip ring = which keeps the bowl totally in place.

    We already have the Cuisinart smart stick (200 watt), which is handy =
    but the plastic cup it comes with is only 2 cup capacity.
    • Five star
      Sk Reviewed in the United States on
      I love this Electric food chopper no more manually grinding or chopping. This is a small food chopper, but the size is just right for my family of 5. It doesn't take up much room to store. I ordered it and used first to chop onions really impressed. Wow, it didn't take long three pulses and it did a fantastic job. Also, the bowl is made of glass lot better than the plastic. Its very easy to clean and looks durable. One thing to remember is every work should be at least 2 minutes apart because of over-temp protection chopper stops automatically if that happens just wait for the machine temperature to decrease for few minutes and start it again. Overall I am happy with its performance it does its jobs perfectly.
      • My mom like it!!!
        Abby Reviewed in the United States on
        I cannot wait to open it when I get the delivery. My mom enjoy making dumplings and Chinese buns. I buy it for her and then she doesn’t need to stand there for a long time to chop those meat and vegetables. My mom likes it so that I like it.
        • Helps you cook faster
          dx Reviewed in the United States on
          I like it is easy to clean and sea through.Easy to stop and unstop.Quick to chop.Good to install.In one minute the dumpling meat filling will be ready.
          • perfect size for most things
            A reader, a crafter, a gardener Reviewed in the United States on
            I love this! It's just the right size for when you have too much to want to cut by hand, but not enough to fill up a full size processor and then do all that cleaning.
            It's got a glass bowl with a non-slip pad that goes under it. I didn't realize it was glass, great surprise.
            It also works simply by pushing down on the top, no buttons to start/stop, very easy.
            So far it's chopped everything so it's sharp and strong.
            • Times tough. Food tough. You need this. First one I like.
              SashaSS Reviewed in the United States on
              FREEZE YOUR FOOD.
              I hate to chop food. I have problems with my wrists/elbows/shoulders/I'm a mess.
              I have never found a chopper or processor or anything that I like. They are either too weak and/or leave big pieces of food on the side.
              This is great because it really cuts everything from beets to sweet potatoes to carrot and yet shreds spinach fine. Goes from e regular big pieces to mulch depending on your number of pulses. (I have not tried nuts. Going to buy another one for meat).
              Not perfect. Sometimes a little hard to line up the top piece. I don't know how they could make a processor that completely gets everything and nothing sticks to the sides. Of course you have to scrape the sides on some items.
              YOU NEED THIS to use all the veggies you have on hand. Make a soup/stew and freeze if possible.
              • superb and GLASS!
                funbear Reviewed in the United States on
                Very hard to find glass these days... with wet foods, I much prefer glass, no seepage into the food
                the cutters are super sharp and the power is good... easy push control....
                nice size, easy clean... a very well designed product at a very competitive price point.
                cant find a flaw... 5 stars
                • Perfect size !
                  Vega Reviewed in the United States on
                  Perfect size !
                  • Good quality
                    Joselyn Falk Reviewed in the United States on
                    Love this food chopper, it makes my life 1000 times easier. It’s definitely a time saver. I like this food chopper come with glass made bowl. I will definitely recommend it.
                    • It's very easy to use
                      Fer R. Reviewed in the United States on
                      It's easy to use and to clean, just set it up and push a button. I like that it doesn't require a base as many's other I saw while looking for it so it needs less counter space. Also, it has a good container size.
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