Baby Bottle Warmer and Food Heater
Baby Bottle Warmer and Food Heater
  • 6-in-1 multi-functions: fast warming/ fast defrosting/ sterilizing/ food heating/ boiling eggs/ brewing formula.
  • Led display & temperature-time control: display preset temperatures and preset feeding times late at night and early in the morning.
  • Double bottle design & steam sterilize: a specially designed milk heater heats two bottles at the same time.
  • 24h thermostat system & anti-dry burn protection: the milk warmer keeps milk and baby food constant temperature to prevent nutrition loss.
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Product Dimensions7.6 x 5.5 x 10.6 inchesTouch/ Press SwitchTouch
Item Weight1.65 poundsTimmerYes
Main Application

Delay start & 24hr keep warm breast milk

Capacity2 baby bottles
Safety ProtectionAccurate temperature control
LED DisplayNo
Material freeBPA Free, Latex Free, Lead-Free, Phthalate FreeEasy CleanupYes
CertificationETL FCC FDAAccessories2-in-1 Steam Tray & Sterilizing Tray

  • Love it
    Douglas K Knull Reviewed in the United States on
    I love this bottle warmer
    It has helped me and saved sometime for me to feed my baby. It warms up my breastmilk in their bags fast and the perfect temperature.
    I highly recommend this bottle warmer.
      JOYCE BROWN Reviewed in the United States on
      • I use it everyday!
        Rd home Reviewed in the United States on
        4 months review. My baby is 100% breast feed so I don’t have to warm bottles , I couldn’t tell you if every function works as well, I only used it to sterilize toys ( almost everyday) and the occasional pacifier, but so far this is one of my best purchases, I couldn’t find a multifunction one at the store, this one is small and works. You can’t go wrong with this. The quality is really good.
        • it fits bigger bottles
          The Marauders Reviewed in the United States on
          We got this one because most bottle warmers are for a certain type or size of bottle and we are using mason jars. it can fit two of the skinny mason jars but only one of the larger round ones. It was confusing at first, but once we figured it out its been working very well for us. Apparently it can do more than just warm bottles but thats all we have used it for so far and it does that well.
          • Very good for sterilization and a good warmer
            June's Reviewed in the United States on
            Just bought as an option for multiple bottle warmer. The one I earlier had is a single bottle warmer. This is an good warmer and really good sterilizer. I used it to warm room temperature bottle not a cold one, and it took some time to warm the bottle to the right temperature. But worked really good for a sterilizer. I am still trying to get used to all the presets and other functions.
            • Great
              Kaylea Reviewed in the United States on
              Works very great and is a great price, very satisfied with the price and the use of it
              • Nice design
                IMMI Reviewed in the United States on
                We got this to use for our first baby. The design is very nice. Very compact and nice colors. It's really convenient to use and could fit for different bottles. It’s very easy to clean, and it does do a good job maintaining the temperature that we set it at.
                • Perfect!
                  mayra Reviewed in the United States on
                  Been needing a new bottle warmer and I’m so glad I got this one! Easy to use and works wonderfully. At first I wasn’t sure if it was heating cuz it’s so silent! I love it. I also love how evenly it warms up the milk, I had a problem with my previous bottle warmer, the bottle would get extremely hot and the milk would still be cold, don’t have to worry about that with this warmer. And bonus, It has a sterilization function!!!!
                  • Absolutely love it!!!
                    Lovelie Lee Reviewed in the United States on
                    This great bottle warmer is a life saver. We have twins so having this saved us time especially at night time feedings. And aside from warming bottles it can be also be used as a sterilizer and you can even cook eggs from it. I am so pleased with it. Wished I found it sooner.
                    • Easy to use
                      sona Reviewed in the United States on
                      Bought this bottle warmer for my newborn. It’s very easy to use. Love that it has both warmer and sterilizer. It also keeps milk for 24 hrs. Must have in baby registry!
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                      • The appliance doesn’t work?
                        ① The appliance is not plugged in. Plug the appliance into the outlet. 
                        ② The power cord is damaged. Check if the power cord is damaged.
                      • The appliance shutdown during operation?
                        ① The appliance has not been fulfilled with enough water. Add the appropriate amount of water.
                        ② Large amount of Lime-scale has accumulated. Follow the steps to descale, refer to “Maintenance---Descale”.
                      • There is a continuous alarming under the fast mode?
                        ① The alarming sound indicates that the heating has been completed, and it needs to take out the 
                        ② bottles or other containers immediately, which is normal. Please take out the bottle or other containers and press any button to stop the alarm.
                      • The display shows “E1” or “E2”?
                        The temperature sensor is damaged. Repair is needed.