Double Electric Breast Pumps
Double Electric Breast Pumps
  • Double electric breast pump: benefit from the latest alternate, bilateral sucking design with the breast pump, rest one nipple at a time to alleviate pain and discomfort.
  • Adjustable suction, pain-free: with 2 working phases of simulation and expression allows you to choose from 5 suction power levels to mimic your baby’s sucking.
  • USB rechargeable and portable for travel: to make sure you can pump anywhere.
  • Over pumping protection, easy operation: quickly pick up where you left off with the last used.
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Product Dimensions4.9 x 4.2 x 2 inchesTouch/ Press SwitchTouch
Item Weight2.75 pounds
Main Application

Single / Double breast pumping

Capacity2pcs 150ml feeding bottles
Safety ProtectionAnti-Backflow DesignLED DisplayYes
Batteries requiredNo
Easy CleanupYes
CertificationFCC FDA CE RoHSBPA FreeYes
Accessories2 bottles and 1 charging cordMaterial free
BPA Free, Latex Free, Lead-Free, Phthalate Free

  • Did the job.
    This worked surprisingly well for not being a "name brand". The price alone makes it well worth it. I have had no complaints with this pump. Easy to clean, also.
    • Worth what i spent! Highly recommended to other mommys!
      I bought this items in preparation for when i deliver my baby, im 34 weeks pregnant and hoping to breastfeed my baby. It very affordable, i love the fact that it comes with bottle and nipple so my baby can use it right away. But it would have been great if this came with bag. Otherwise nice purchase!
      • It’s amazing!!!
        Amazon Customer
        I absolutely love it!!! It’s easy to use, also very convenient to carry around!!
        • This product is a must have!
          Brenda Moreno
          Ladies I’m an exclusive pumper! this product is a powerful does the job ! Very affordable! Basically travel size and YOU CANNOT BEAT THE PRICE! Silicone breast shields so comfortable! This is definitely a unique pump
          • Comfortable, quiet and easy to use
            I LOVE this pump! I have a spectra but I wanted a small portable pump to leave at work. I love it so much I bought another for home. Its quiet, easy to use and has great suction. The silicone flanges are wicked comfortable as well. It is compatible with the Philip's Avent bottles or you could get the wide neck accessory and use the Dr. Brown bottles as well. Highly recommend!
            • Nice pump
              Jackie H
              I bought this breast pump because my Spectra is too big to carry when I have to go to work. This pump is very light and powerful…also the material is beautiful and the quality is good. I really happy with this purchase.
              • Great pump
                I have a willow. It serves a good purpose, but I hate it. Definitely not worth the money. I use a spectra at home but wanted something with less bulk and less cords. At first I thought this was going to be a good back up pump, but now I find myself using it as my main pump. The cups around the breast are made of a silicone material, so they’re easier on the nipple while pumping. The parts are easier to clean. It’s designed larger and more open, so a brush will easily clean the parts that are typically more difficult in others. The duckbills seems also more plyable and easier to remove. I love how small and compact the actual pump machine is also. Only two things I would change is I wish it didn’t go from stimulation mode to expression mode on its own. I’d rather do this myself, I often find myself putting it back into expression mode.
                • Portable and powerful
                  Andy S.
                  We were needing a breast pump that was portable for our traveling internationally. Not only do we occasionally have voltage issues with our main plug-in pump, but it’s also very large. So being able to have one that packs easy, is light, and can be recharged by a simple USB with no voltage problems is a dream. Highly recommended.
                  • Excelente producto.
                    Andrea Calderón
                    Es un producto muy bueno, lo recomiendo y el envío fue super rápido y llego super bien empacado y los artículos en perfecto estado.
                    • very good
                      very good
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                      • It doesn’t work?
                        ① Make sure the On/Off button is pressed effectively. 
                        ② Check if the battery is too low. If it is, fully charges the breast pump before use.
                      • Low or no suction?
                        ① Make sure that all parts are properly assembled as instructions. Check whether all joints are securely connected and sealed. 
                        ② Carefully check whether the duckbill valve is open or damaged. If yes, replace the duckbill valve. 
                        ③ Carefully check whether the tubing is broken. If it is, replace the 
                        ④ tubing. 
                        ⑤ Carefully check whether the connection part of breast shield is damaged. If yes, replace the breast shield. 
                        ⑥ Make sure the tubings are no kinks or blockages. If it is used for single pumping, make sure the tubing is correctly 
                        ⑦ inserted into the connector marked with a single-mode indication. 
                        ⑧ Check whether the battery capacity is sufficient. You can connect it to the power supply and try it again. 
                        ⑨ If it still doesn't work, disassemble all the parts, reassemble them according to the instructions, and try it again.
                      • There is no breast milk flow
                        ① Ensure your breast pump is assembled correctly and there is suction. 
                        ② Squeeze your nipples to check whether there is milk flow through the mammary glands. If no, apply a warm towel to the breasts and around for about 5 minutes and massage your breasts. 
                        ③ Find the maximum comfort level of suction power according to the user manual. 
                        ④ If there is still no milk flow, relax and rest for 10 to 15 minutes and try it again. 
                        ⑤ If there is no milk flow for two continuous pumpings, contact your health-care professional or breastfeeding specialist for help.
                      • Feel painful during pumping?
                        ① Press - button to decrease suction power.
                        ② Apply a warm towel to the breasts and around for about 5 minutes and massage your breasts.
                        ③ If you still feel painful, relax, and rest for 10 to 15 minutes and try it again.
                        ④ If you feel pain for two continuous pumpings, contact your health-care professional or breastfeeding specialist for help.
                      • Breastmilk flows backwards to the nipple and flows out through the gap between the breast and breast shield?
                        ① Lean your body forward when pumping breast milk.
                        ② Check whether the milk flows into the bottle properly. If no and it accumulates in the connector, you have to further check whether the duckbill valve works normally. Replace the duckbill valve if 
                        ③ necessary and try it again.