2-Slices Electric Waffle Maker
2-Slices Electric Waffle Maker
  • Dishwasher washable: effortless cleaning features with non-stick plate coating.

  • Make 2 waffles in 5 minutes: double non-stick plates allow you baking 2 classic waffles at the same time.

  • Easy to operate: step 3 - Wait 4-5 minutes and the waffles are ready.

  • Compact & space-saving: the compact-size waffle maker can be stood upright for storing.

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2-Slices Electric Waffle Maker



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  • Brand   

  • Product Dimensions   

  • Item Weight 

  • Application

  • Material

  • Elechomes   

  • 10.8*9*3.9 inches

  • 5.59 pounds 

  • Make Belgian waffles, chocolate cake, egg pancakes

  • Stainless Steel+PF+Aluminium

  • Asin   

  • Power   

  • Operating Mode

  • Key Features

  • Detachable Available

  • B07W4VKGQG    

  • 800W 

  • Plug/Unplug

  • Removable Plates; Vertical Storage

  •   Yes

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  • The device doesn’t work?
    The device may be has been damaged, and please contact the Elechomes customer service.
  • The indicator lights can not be turn on?
    The indicator lights are broken, and please contact the Elechomes customer service.
  • Grids can’t be fixed on the unit?
    Grids are deformed or damaged, and please contact the Elechomes customer service.
  • Does the batter stick to the grids?
    1. The waffle ingredient doesn’t contain vegetable oil, add the vegetable oil in the waffle ingredients.
    2. The waffle grids are not coated with vegetable oil. Spread vegetable oil evenly on the waffle grids before pouring the batter.
  • Waffles are not cooked enough golden brown?
    The baking time not enough, extend the baking time to 4-5minutes