Dishwasher Washable Waffle Maker
Dishwasher Washable Waffle Maker
  • Dishwasher washable: effortless cleaning features with non-stick plate coating.
  • Make 2 waffles in 5 minutes: double non-stick plates allow you baking 2 classic waffles at the same time.
  • Easy to operate: step 3 - Wait 4-5 minutes and the waffles are ready.
  • Compact & space-saving: the compact-size waffle maker can be stood upright for storing.
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Product Dimensions10.8*9*3.9 inchesPower800W
Item Weight5.59 poundsOperating ModePlug/Unplug

Make Belgian waffles, chocolate cake, egg pancake.

Key FeaturesRemovable Plates Easy to Clean; Vertical Storage Space Saving
MaterialStainless Steel + Aluminium + PP (BPA Free)Detachable AvailableYes

  • I would definitely buy again, happy with my purchase.
    Ryan T
    I like that the griddles come out and can be washed in the dishwasher. There is no temperature control but I have not had any issues. The only problem I have is knowing the exact amount of badder to use each time. If you over fill it then it becomes difficult to clean.
    • Worth it
      Great waffles 4 minutes 15 seconds
      • Excellent price and fast shipping
        Excellent price and fast shipping
        • Lovin' it
          I've used three times and I'm loving it. It's easy to work and my waffles are fluffy AND crispy!
          • Great little Waffle iron!
            Kindle Customer
            I love this little thing! It’s compact, makes great waffles & clean up is a breeze with removable plates. Also the cord keeper on the underside is very convenient for storage. I would recommend standing up on a paper towel after use however to drain any residual oil from spraying plates during use. Wish I would’ve gotten one of these sooner, my family has been loving the fresh waffles!
            • Detachable plates make this worth buying. Good waffle too.
              Christian Hudson
              Good waffle maker and easy to clean.
              • Awesome!
                Nicolas Drury
                Where is this waffle maker twice now and both times it is work awesome. Things been no need to oil spray butter the iron at all the waffles come out non-stick and cooked perfectly.the only small drawback I would say is the green light that indicates that it's ready is a little hard to see but the waffle maker also makes a ticking noise when that green light does come on and they are done.
                • Good value, easy to clean
                  Jeffrey Weeber
                  This waffle maker seems well put together, is easy to clean and makes great waffles. The first unit I ordered and the light that indicates when the waffle maker is up to temperature and when the waffle is ready did not work. Thanks to Amazon Prime a free return and a new unit resulted in great waffles. The removable grids are fantastic!
                  • Waffle. Maker
                    Kindle Customer
                    Idea. Very nice.Pretty enough to leave on counter top
                    • It is great , and nice looking unit.
                      Diane Barnes
                      It was easy to use and nice looking unit.
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                      • The device doesn’t work?
                        The device may be has been damaged, and please contact the Elechomes customer service.
                      • The indicator lights can not be turn on?
                        The indicator lights are broken, and please contact the Elechomes customer service.
                      • Grids can’t be fixed on the unit?
                        Grids are deformed or damaged, and please contact the Elechomes customer service.
                      • Does the batter stick to the grids?
                        1. The waffle ingredient doesn’t contain vegetable oil, add the vegetable oil in the waffle ingredients.
                        2. The waffle grids are not coated with vegetable oil. Spread vegetable oil evenly on the waffle grids before pouring the batter.
                      • Waffles are not cooked enough golden brown?
                        The baking time not enough, extend the baking time to 4-5minutes