Dishwasher Washable Non-Stick Waffle Maker
Dishwasher Washable Non-Stick Waffle Maker
  • Dishwasher washable: effortless cleaning features with non-stick plate coating.
  • Make 2 waffles in 5 minutes: double non-stick plates allow you baking 2 classic waffles at the same time.
  • Easy to operate: step 3 - Wait 4-5 minutes and the waffles are ready.
  • Compact & space-saving: the compact-size waffle maker can be stood upright for storing.
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Product Dimensions10.8*9*3.9 inchesPower800W
Item Weight5.59 poundsOperating ModePlug/Unplug

Make Belgian waffles, chocolate cake, egg pancake.

Key FeaturesRemovable Plates Easy to Clean; Vertical Storage Space Saving
MaterialStainless Steel + Aluminium + PP (BPA Free)Detachable AvailableYes

  • Such a nice waffle maker
    Ruth Reviewed in the United States on
    I like this one a lot. It is easy to clean and fairly non-stick, which is the most important thing to me. The waffles are a great size and are made fast in comparison to my old waffle maker.
    • Works great.
      Doris Reviewed in the United States on
      I use this product twice times for breakfast since I get it. My family love the waffles. This product is easy to use and clean up. It is useful with me and worth the money.
      • plates are removable
        Emmy Reviewed in the United States on
        The one definite positive about this waffle maker is that the plates are removable so they can be properly washed. My kids like to add fruit or chocolate chips to their waffles. The removable plates were a nice surprise because they can easily clean it themselves or put it in the dishwasher, I'd recommend this waffle maker!
        • Super easy to use! No thinking required.
          Anurag Reviewed in the United States on
          This is definitely my kind of appliance. I've used 4 times since it was delivered and am so pleased with this Elechomes product. SO many great features! Light when the temperature is ready; and, after adding batter & turned upside down, light tells you when the waffle is cooked to your specification. If necessary, a drip pan prevents counter cleanup. Very easy to wipe waffle grids clean after use -- no batter sticks. I'm very, very happy.
          • Good for ingredient-consicious family. Recommend using your own timer.
            Andrew K Reviewed in the United States on
            My toddler enjoys eating new stuff all the time. My wife cares about the food safety so she buys everything organic for my daughter's health. She likes eating carbs such as pancakes and pasta so we decided to let her try waffle as well. Since we cannot really trust the safety for pre-made waffles that are sold in stores, we decided to get a waffle maker.

            We purchased this one because this one was the Amazon's Choice for Belgian waffler maker. We used it as soon as we receive the item because we already had important ingredients such as organic flour, milk and eggs.

            It was our first time using the waffle maker so we got confused in the beginning. On the instruction manual page 7, the step #3 says the green light will be off and the red light will be on again; however, in our case, the green light did not get turned off. Both green and red lights were on continuously. I think they might need to fix the instruction manual. We have Alexa so we just asked her to time instead of following the indicator lights. The outcome was great though. My daughter enjoyed eating the waffles I made so we are planning to use it at least once a week to give it to her as breakfast.
            • My waffles comes out nice and crispy!
              Marianne Reviewed in the United States on
              My waffles comes out nice and crispy🤗😋 and it is easy to use!
              • Makes great waffles!
                Spring R Reviewed in the United States on
                This was a great Father’s Day gift. The waffles were thick and cooked just like restaurant style waffles. The plate inserts are removable which makes it easy to clean.
                • great kitchen addition
                  mrslamon Reviewed in the United States on
                  great size, not too big. the plates come off easily so cleaning it is quick(unless you over fill it like i did and the batter gets all of the sides... dont be like me, follow the directions lol)
                  the light feature isnt very strong but that doesnt make a difference in the cooking. my waffle was delicious and im happy to have added this to my kitchen!
                  • Must have
                    Teresa F. Reviewed in the United States on
                    The best thing about this product is the removable plates. And they are dishwasher safe!! It stores flatly up against the wall when not in use or flat against the inside of the cabinet so it doesn't take a lot of room to store. Also has a storage for the cord so no need in wrapping it around the device
                    • Great value for the price!
                      Sharon Reviewed in the United States on
                      Purchased as a gift for my mom. She's thrilled with how easy it is to remove the plates and put in the dishwasher. She uses them to make chaffles (keto waffles made of only cheese and eggs) and has no problems with them sticking. Great purchase.
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                      • The device doesn’t work?
                        The device may be has been damaged, and please contact the Elechomes customer service.
                      • The indicator lights can not be turn on?
                        The indicator lights are broken, and please contact the Elechomes customer service.
                      • Grids can’t be fixed on the unit?
                        Grids are deformed or damaged, and please contact the Elechomes customer service.
                      • Does the batter stick to the grids?
                        1. The waffle ingredient doesn’t contain vegetable oil, add the vegetable oil in the waffle ingredients.
                        2. The waffle grids are not coated with vegetable oil. Spread vegetable oil evenly on the waffle grids before pouring the batter.
                      • Waffles are not cooked enough golden brown?
                        The baking time not enough, extend the baking time to 4-5minutes