Dishwasher Washable Non-Stick Waffle Maker
Dishwasher Washable Non-Stick Waffle Maker
  • Dishwasher washable: effortless cleaning features with non-stick plate coating.
  • Make 2 waffles in 5 minutes: double non-stick plates allow you baking 2 classic waffles at the same time.
  • Easy to operate: step 3 - Wait 4-5 minutes and the waffles are ready.
  • Compact & space-saving: the compact-size waffle maker can be stood upright for storing.
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Product Dimensions10.8*9*3.9 inchesPower800W
Item Weight5.59 poundsOperating ModePlug/Unplug

Make Belgian waffles, chocolate cake, egg pancake.

Key FeaturesRemovable Plates Easy to Clean; Vertical Storage Space Saving
MaterialStainless Steel + Aluminium + PP (BPA Free)Detachable AvailableYes

  • Awesome customer service!
    Jon Burris Reviewed in the United States on
    We bought this and after receiving had a nice breakfast including delicious waffles using the Elechomes waffle maker. The second time we went to use it it would not turn on. I contacted the company. The customer service was five star. They immediately sent me a new one. As soon as I received it I made a few waffles and they came out perfect. Customer service has contacted me since to make sure I am satisfied. I love the feature that allows the cooking plates to Pip out for easy cleaning. The size is perfect that we plan on taking it with us in our travel trailer. Waffles camping!
    • Regular waffle maker
      Taha Reviewed in the United States on
      - I use a full 1/2 cup of batter for each piece and it makes great waffles without any mess. Easy to clean up because I can remove the tray to wash alone.
      - small and easy to carry. It's suitable for my family because we only have 2 people.
      • Good buy
        Royal Queen Reviewed in the United States on
        I love using this for my keto waffles/ it’s necessary to use added oil to avoid sticking
        • Disappointed in product.
          Dassault Reviewed in the United States on
          Not easy to clean. Waffle plates fall out of place easily. Locking mechanism does not work properly.
          However, it does cook waffles well.
          Very disappointed However 😞
          • Super easy to use and so convenience
            Phung Reviewed in the United States on
            I am not sure why people even complaining about this waffle. It is exactly what its described. It usually bakes the waffle around 4 min. The waffle usually comes out crispy and soft which is the way I like it. I have tried to bake over a dozen of it and it is working just fine.
            • Does what it is advertised to do!
              Andrew Z Lapsley Reviewed in the United States on
              Does exactly what I wanted and so easy to clean. Like waffles? Buy this!
              • Awesome Waffle Maker!
                SherBear Reviewed in the United States on
                I have been using this waffle maker 2 to 3 times a week since I got it and it is nothing less than amazing. It is completely ready to use right out of the packaging, just plug it in and begin! (Of course, wash the heating plates first 😉). I always recommend heating up the iron prior to mixing your ingredients, because you want it nice and hot when it is time to pour the batter. It heats up super quick and at the perffft temperature every single time. I strictly make Keto waffles (almond flour, eggs, cream, sweetener, and vanilla) and I am able to make one set of waffles every 1.5-2 minutes. They come out to a perfectly light golden brown every single time.

                Clean up is SO EASY! The heating pans pop out with a push of a button for easy cleaning in the sink. The surface has an extremely non-stick coating, I do not even have to use any butter or oil to keep the waffles from sticking. Pretty amazing!
                • Waffle maker
                  LMN ❤️ Reviewed in the United States on
                  Heats up fast. Makes good waffles. I really been wanting one and covid wasn’t helping me find a spot to go eat so had to Make my own. Super easy to clean. I was happy about the cleaning part. Advice to those buying don’t put too much in it can spill on sides.
                  • Perfect
                    Karen Reviewed in the United States on
                    This is a great waffle iron for the price.
                    • It only needs to pour the muffin batter!
                      sam n sam Reviewed in the United States on
                      I very like it's very easy to press the switch to make the muffins easily. Because no fire source is used, the operation is relatively reassuring. It needs to be preheated before use, so it takes about 10 minutes from the beginning of the operation to baking the muffins. There is no need to stand aside and pay attention to the fire. It is quite suitable for ordinary families to make early and visitor snacks. It is very convenient and good quality!
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                      • The device doesn’t work?
                        The device may be has been damaged, and please contact the Elechomes customer service.
                      • The indicator lights can not be turn on?
                        The indicator lights are broken, and please contact the Elechomes customer service.
                      • Grids can’t be fixed on the unit?
                        Grids are deformed or damaged, and please contact the Elechomes customer service.
                      • Does the batter stick to the grids?
                        1. The waffle ingredient doesn’t contain vegetable oil, add the vegetable oil in the waffle ingredients.
                        2. The waffle grids are not coated with vegetable oil. Spread vegetable oil evenly on the waffle grids before pouring the batter.
                      • Waffles are not cooked enough golden brown?
                        The baking time not enough, extend the baking time to 4-5minutes