Cordless & Powerful Suction Vacuum Cleaner
Cordless & Powerful Suction Vacuum Cleaner
  • Easier super cleaning power: 250W BLDC motor combined with new aerodynamic design, can produce powerful suction up to 20Kpa, which can easily capture 99.9% of fine dust and dust mites as small as 0.3mm.
  • Efficient 5-stage filtration system: the upgraded cyclone filtration technology uses washable carbon fiber and twin HEPA filters to completely separate the fine dust from the air and discharge clean air.
  • Innovative low-noise technology: the brushless motor can effectively reduce running friction and resonance noise, and the air outlet noise reduction composite cotton can suppress the air outlet noise. noise to only 65dB.
  • Long endurance & dual charging: The 7-cell 2200 mAh lithium electronic battery adopts advanced scientific technology and can quickly release energy.
  • User-friendly design: The ergonomic design makes the handshake more fitting and the operation is effortless.
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Product Dimensions28 x 12 x 6 inchesItem Weight5.72 pounds/
Batteries7 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)Warranty Description18 months warranty from the date of purchase
Volume0.5 LitersWattage250 Watts
ColorBlackSpecific Uses For ProductCordless Vacuum

  • Handy Vacuum!
    Melissa Baney Reviewed in the United States on
     Very impressed with this vacuum for the price point. Please see attached video but a few things I want to point out-1, in the video you can see the vacuum picking up dirt and cat hair no problem however that was also the LOW setting. I turned it to high to show that there’s a higher level but it wasn’t necessarily needed. 2, LOVE the lights on the front. Minor feature but high value IMO as it makes it easy to see where there can be shadows without turning all the lights on. 3, I have many throw rugs in my house and this picks up the dirt no problem but LEAVES the carpet in place. So annoying with my regular vacuum. Very happy with this purchase. Cannot report on how the battery will last long term as I’ve just received however I followed instructions noting to fully charge before using!
    • Nice light weight and sturdy vacuum cleaner which can clean your house
      Kirankumar Gudipudi Reviewed in the United States on
      First of all, this is light in weight can easy to carry and lift to clean your home quickly. Hence you will feel easy to vacuum your home. Secondly, this has great suction power which can pull even small objects which is really helpful. This can pull hair too which is useful for the people who has pets or kids in home. This not only works on carpet, but also works on the hard wood floor too. This also has a light built in which can help you vacuuming in dim light or night time too. The filter is easy to clean - just follow the instructions.
      • Super quiet and lightweight
        Jen Reviewed in the United States on
        Picks up great, love the lighted motorhead. This is also superquiet.
        • Ease of use.
          Ted Barr Reviewed in the United States on
          While viewing Hannah's Happy Home on YouTube, she demonstrated this vacuum and offered a sale code. We did our research and decided to purchase. We received it perfectly packaged. After a full charge we vacuumed the entire house, which included hardwood floors, carpet and tile. The designed roller worked on all surfaces and the power level selection feature was useful. It was very easy to empty and store. This vacuum is made of quality materials and soiled construction. We will purchase another for our daughters family in the near future.
          • Size and budget friendly vacuum
            Jill Carter Reviewed in the United States on
            My family is enjoying this vacuum more than I thought they would. It has been complementing our Dyson v11. It has the option for you to turn on lights while you go which is perfect for nighttime vacuuming. It is also really compact in size which is perfect for bedrooms and it’s not heavy, compared to the regular and more expensive vacuums on the market. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a cheap vacuum that gets the work done.
            • Seems good so far!
              AA Reviewed in the United States on
               Nice packaging, comes with a wall mount and extra filters too. I tested the power by lifting a bag with a part in it (weighing 190 grams) - no issues (see video). From reading the description, it looks like all filters can be washed. Will update this review after heavy use to report on durability, filter cleaning, and battery life.
              • Very easy to use, especially for seniors.
                Sharon Waas Reviewed in the United States on
                I love it! Don’t have to drag the vacuum behind you. I am enjoying it.
                • My upgrade was a good decision
                  jejohnson0625 Reviewed in the United States on
                  This is my first cordless vacuum and I’m already in love. I have had a regular crappy vacuum for years and it was finally time for me to upgrade. Right away I can tell the difference! For starters the light on this one is really cool. It helps in the crevices of my wood floor. It also glides pretty smoothly and at all angles which makes going under my dining table easy. The mount is pretty easy to install too. I have a dog that sheds but her hair is pretty thin and this vacuum was able to pick it up.
                  • Light cordless vacuum
                    emadwahba Reviewed in the United States on
                     Absolutely love this vacuum, it is light weight, easy to use, very good suction.
                    Our main floor is huge and having a vacuum with cord is a pain to keep moving it everywhere.
                    This one is light weight and has a very good suction.(watch video)
                    Also it has lights which is so smart to see all the little crumbs from the kids.
                    It has a button to control the light/ rotation of the bottom piece.
                    You can also control the speed/suction level based on carpet or hardwood floor.
                    The suction part is so easy to maneuver and very moveable.

                    N. B. The tube to the filter is not so big so if you vacuum large or hard pieces it can get stuck at the top preventing the dust from entering to the filter, so make sure you check that if it happens.
                    Highly recommend it if you are looking for a light weight, easy to use and affordable vacuum.
                    • Great vacuum for half the price
                      Thomas Hohn Reviewed in the United States on
                      Looks and works very much like more expensive models, but costs much less. It comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It came with a charge but plugged it in to completely charge it. Once charged, I used to to vacuum carpeted and non-carpeted floors. Works great. It even pulled debris deep in the carpet. I'm including some photos that show the vacuum separated, assembled in the floor and hand-held mode. Also, the attachment for the hand-held mode has two positions: brush and crevice tool, which switches by depressing the release on the brush and pulling backward. It also comes with a wall storage hanger that fits all of the pieces. Lastly, it has a HEPA filter already in the vacuum but comes with a replacement filter in the box. What is nice is that it comes with a cleaning brush for both the filter and the brush. Overall, a great product.
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