4.5L Beautiful Design Cool Mist Humidifier HTJ-2119
4.5L Beautiful Design Cool Mist Humidifier HTJ-2119
  • Ultrasonic cool mist: ultrasound technology higher mist output along with 3 mist strengths.
  • Easy- read led screen: keep track of humidity, temperature with the larger led screen.
  • Whisper-quiet operation & bottom fill & large capacity: 4.5L capacity can run up to 35 hrs and less than 32dB whisper-quiet operations.
  • Aromatherapy & included filter cartridge.
  • Keeping home humidity between 40 and 60 percent is likely the sweet spot for reducing flu risks. ( News From Consumerreports).
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Product Dimensions9 x 6 x 11.5 inchesItem model numberHTJ-2119
Refill TypeBottom FilledCapacity4.5L / 1.19Gallon
Applicable Area322 - 528ft²Mist TypeCool Mist
Timer1 - 12hoursEssential oil CompatibleEssential Oil Tray
Sleep ModeYesChild LockYES
Max Humidity350ml/hHumidity MonitorYes
Item Weight4.6 PoundsVolume4.5 liters
Fill MaterialABSWarranty18 months warranty from date of purchase

  • Great investment. A must try!
    issac budaie Reviewed in the United States on
    I live in a small apartment and I decided to look at Amazon for a humidifier, and based on the size of my place, I figured a medium size humidifier will suffice. After looking through a Amazon and several different products, I ended up purchasing this sleek looking baby. I am very happy with my purchase.The size is perfect as it does not take up too much space. It looks very expensive and heavy duty and does the job of keeping the air moist, not too loud and lasts for a good amount of time. I currently have it in our living room as that is where we spend most of our time. The price point was very reasonable and is super easy to use as well. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to other people. I am one happy customer.
    • Could not be happier
      Amar Reviewed in the United States on
      Very functional, sleek looking and just the right size!
      • love it
        Harmanto Reviewed in the United States on
        Good design and good quality . Auto off so it's safe .
        It helps my dry sinuses, bloody noses and cracked lips — and this humidifiers can help soothe these familiar problems caused by dry indoor air.
        • Treat Yo Self
          Sam Williams Reviewed in the United States on
          Very nice! Looks very modern and blends in well with my home. Wish the mist came out fuller, but still puts out a good amount. Would buy again.
          • Can be noisy at times
            Alexandria M. Reviewed in the United States on
            Overall, it is a great product. Raises the humidity in the room quickly, the extra features are cool. However, for a product that is supposed to be quiet, it can be pretty noisy at times. But only when the water is low and after filling it back up.
            • Futuristic
              Sumeet Kapote Reviewed in the United States on
              Great product. The display makes it very easy to use. Looks futuristic and stylish !
              • LOVE IT!!
                Tenni C Reviewed in the United States on
                 Wow! Its great! I have quite a few humidifiers in my room for my plant collection & this one is fantastic! Looks super fancy w/ the wooden print (not tacky) on it & top where the nozzle The humidity comes out, has 2 so you can aim it towards different areas!! It’s well worth the money!
                • Money well spent
                  Sev7yen Reviewed in the United States on
                  Such a great buy I so needed this on my home for me my children & my plants 😃 awesome
                  • So far so good!
                    Jasmine G Reviewed in the United States on
                     I never thought I would get to love this myself! When I turned it on, I could immediately feel the room become cooler. It is operating quietly you can hardly hear the noise and it also has a remote control for convenience.

                    I initially purchased this for my husband who has allergies. We’ve been using this every night for 4 days now and so far he feels relieved with the humidifier!
                    • I love my new humidifier
                      Dana Reviewed in the United States on
                      I have been using this humidifier for about a week now in my bedroom. I love it! It comes with easy and clear instructions. It is so quiet I forget it is running. It puts out a good amount of mist. Humidifiers I've had in the past but never put out much mist, that is another thing I love about this one. I would recommend this item and I plan to purchase another one.
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                      • The device doesn’t work or shuts down abnormally?
                        The device is not plugged in, Please plugin and start the device.
                      • There is no mist spraying?
                        ① The device has not been plugged in, plug the cord into a power outlet.
                        ② The device has not been turned on, press the ON/OFF button to start the device.
                        ③ There is foreign matter on the atomizing plate, clear away the foreign matter.
                        ④ There is foreign matter on the mist nozzle, clear away the foreign matter.
                        ⑤ There is too much water in the tank.Unplug the device and make sure the water tank cover is securely tightened and the water level in the tank is not too high; Pour out the water and follow the instructions to re fill the water.
                        ⑥ There is not enough water in the tank, Pour more water into the tank.
                      • The mist has a strange smell?
                        ① The machine is brand new, remove the humidifier from the packaging and let it sit in a well- ventilated area for 12 hours.
                        ② The water in the tank is dirty, empty the tank and pour in clean water.
                      • The humidifier makes an odd noise?
                        ① There is not enough water in the tank, pour more water into the tank.
                        ② The device has been placed on an uneven surface, operate the device on a sturdy level surface.
                      • Mist is emitting from the sides of the nozzle?
                        The mist nozzle is too dry, Soak the mist nozzle in water for a few minutes. After 30 minutes it will return to normal operation.
                      • Water shortage indicator lights up?
                        ① Water shortage, put more water into the water tank.
                        ② Water level sensor is stuck due to foreign matter, Check whether there is foreign matter on the water level sensor.
                        ③ The water tank is not installed correctly, Reinstall the water tank properly.
                      • The water tank leaks?
                        Do not add essential oil to the water tank.
                      • The mist leaves white marks on the furniture?
                        The hardness of water is too high, pour distilled or purified water into the water tank.
                      • The mist wets the floor?
                        The humidifier is placed directly on the ground or in a low position, therefore the vapor does not have enough time to evaporate. It is recommended to place the humidifier on a table or chair in a higher position to allow more time to evaporate.
                      • The humidifier stops working after cleaning?
                        Water may have entered the air channel, follow the cleaning instructions in the user manual to prevent water from entering the air channel.
                      • The remote doesn't work?
                        The plastic insulation sheet isn't removed from the battery compartment, remove the plastic insulation sheet from the battery compartment.
                      • The fan is audible after turning off the device?
                        The fan will continue to run 3 minutes after powering off the unit in order to dry the air channel and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. The fan will automatically stop after 3 minutes.