Belgian 180° Rotating Flip Waffle Maker
Belgian 180° Rotating Flip Waffle Maker
  • Flips easily for thick, fluffy waffles: the 180-degree rotary feature ensures batter is evenly distributed and even cooking. It has a deep grooved grid design that lets you use any type of batter that your recipes require for an easy and tasty breakfast for the whole family.
  • Unique LCD display: smart LCD display shows real-time status. white screen with digits 0:00 indicates preheating; Orange screen with digits 0:00 indicates preheating or baking completes; Orange screen with countdown indicates the appliance is baking.
  • Digital timer & sound remind some like their waffles fluffier, some crispier. Elechomes flip waffle iron allows for 6 different baking time settings to cook waffles to your desired taste.
  • Mess-free easy cleaning: tired of batter spilling all over the counter? This machine comes with a drip tray at the bottom, which will catch the excess batter that may fall out while the waffle is cooking. Even better? It’s removable and safe to wash in the dishwasher.
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  • Made for a tasty morning
    Paige Turner
    I was anxiously awaiting this waffle maker. I tore into it as soon as it arrived. It was very easy to use. After cleaning it , I plugged it in, waited for it to heat, then poured my batter. I wouldn't say is fast as it took over 5 minutes for 1 waffle but I was able to do other things while this was cooking.
    It produced huge waffles!
    • So Awesome. I LOVE this device.
      I am very impressed with this Elechomes Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with LCD Display (1.4" Thick Waffles), 180° Rotating Waffle Iron. I love waffles, and actually already have 3 waffle makers of various shapes, prices and styles. I clearly did not need another, or so I thought. This particular iron shape is deeper than my other waffle makers, and also has the flip feature, which I'd not tried outside of hotels' breakfast bars.

      I am a big convert, and my donate all my other waffle irons. This particular unit stores flat (turned griddle on it's side), and makes a perfectly browned and crispy outside/tender inside waffle that is very thick and light. I used Krusteaz pancake mix with the waffle recipe on the back for the pics above, with the first pre-set 2.15 minute setting on this waffle maker, flipping it indiscriminately back and forth. Each waffle turned out perfectly using 1 cup of batter. A quick crisp up in the toaster oven for eating later if you don't finish them at once, and they are just perfect once again. I did not use any oil other than what was in the batter. This waffle maker starts the timer countdown when you close the lid and flip it upside down (takes a few seconds to start counting down), using the setting last used, and beeps when done.

      I highly recommend this, and even my picky husband had to agree that this new waffle maker is really worth it.
      • Very happy with the waffles this makes
        Snow Dog Dad
        I can best equate this waffle maker to the waffle makers you find in some hotel's breakfast areas. Those flip waffle makers make it so easy to make a good waffle. This waffle iron is very easy to use. The off/on switch is right on the front; remember that you need to allow the waffle iron to preheat for about 3 minutes. The screen will switch to orange when it is ready.

        You pour in a decent amount of batter, but don't over do it. The batter will expand as it heats. Once the batter is poured in, close the lid and swing the waffle iron around 180 degrees so that the batter is distributed evenly. Set the baking time and let the waffle iron do it's thing. When the waffle iron beeps, rotate the waffle iron around 180 degrees and then open the lid.

        I like my waffles a bit soft, but my spouse likes them crispier. This waffle iron has different cook times based on your preferences. Much, much more flexible than the hotel breakfast room waffle irons that have one cook time. You may need a bit of trial and error to discover which settings are right for you. The waffle iron includes a small recipe booklet for cool ideas for Belgian waffles.

        Thus far, I'm really happy with this waffle iron. It is a bit too much trouble if you are making a single waffle for one person, but it is a breeze if you are making waffles for two or more. Mixing the batter is far more tedious than actually making the waffle or cleaning this waffle iron.
        • Great hotel breakfast bar style waffle maker
          tim can
          If you or your kids like hotel style waffle irons this can be a lot of fun. Easy enough for most older children to use on their own assuming you made the batter it is a way to expand breakfast options without tying you to a waffle iron. I love the multiple time choices to get waffles just as you like them. The drip tray help keep your counter clean
          • Perfect waffles every time
            Amazon Customer
            Amazing that this has multiple timers pre-set for you for the perfect waffle
            • Quick, easy, and helped saved my morning some time
              Connor E.
              I really enjoy the timer they have preset for the waffles. Makes it that much easier to juggle things in the morning without constantly checking on them!
              • Easy to use
                Kimber mcconaghy
                Great product and easy to use waffles are perfect every time
                • the best by far
                  Amzn Shopper
                  All I ever wanted for a perfect homemade waffle.
                  • Makes a great waffle!
                    Caleb B.
                    Got it for my sister for Christmas and we were making waffles the next morning! Everything worked as it should. The unit is sturdy. Be careful not to overfill becuase cleaning up batter and cooked on waffle from the side of the unit sucks...but that is with any waffle maker. Would buy again.
                    • Waffles
                      Bobby Brougher
                      Yummy waffles
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