Baby Food Maker Processor
Easy and effortless to make baby food, extra large dual-layer steamer basket, quick cleanup, bonus recipe booklet to help with cooking
Baby Food Maker Processor
Easy and effortless to make baby food, extra large dual-layer steamer basket, quick cleanup, bonus recipe booklet to help with cooking
  • About the product Easy and Effortless Baby Food: Making nutritious food for your baby doesn’t have to be a hassle. Simply add the ingredients to the steamer basket, set your time, and let the Elechomes Baby Food Maker do the work for you. Press and hold the stir button for the next blending part! Safe, Non-toxic Material: Put your child’s health first! This baby food machine is made from FDA approved, BPA free, food-grade materials. Better still, built-in protection mechanisms prevent injury. Extra Large Du
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Item Weight: 4.2 pounds

Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 5.9 x 9.6 inches

Batteries required: No

  • Make baby food very easy,quickly, and delicate
    Olivia l. August 25, 2019
    Bought this baby food maker was very luckly. So i am not worried about how can I make baby food. Its not only beautiful in appearance but also powerful in function that made food very delicate. And it is very easy to use. Just put some water rotate the button as long as you need to steam. When its complete to steam. You just blent it. The whole process only takes ten more minutes. Its very convenient and quickly to make baby food. Save my lots of time. An extra steamer allows me to make different kind of food at same time. The blade is removable for cleaning which is why i like it. This makes cleaning easier. Don’t worry about has some food residue left on the bottom. So good. The price also not expensive, but quality is good. high recommended.
    • Makes baby food making simple
      Jamie Frizado September 16, 2019
      My husband purchased this for me to make my little ones food, and so far so good. I’ve made bananas, sweet potatoes, squash and apples with easy.
      • What a huge time saver
        Pat C. November 4, 2019
        For my older daughter I would need to steam the food and then use a hand blender to make a purée. It really would take forever but because I care a lot that she would eat healthy, I insisted on it.

        For my son I saw this and immediately purchased it because I knew how much of a pain it was the first one. It dreams the food and it blends it as well.

        Accelerates then overall process and reduces the amount of time cooking and cleaning. And I do need to optimize my time with 2 kids.

        So happy it got this!
        • Good for baby food
          ywang November 24, 2019
          Bought this to save time from making baby food. I like the fact that it has both steaming and blending functions as most baby food professor only works as a blender. The only draw back is that baby doesn’t eat much and I don’t like making lots of food and freeze them...try to make the fresh ones. And if you only make very little food it’s difficult to blend as they will just stick to the glasses...but if you use it weekly and don’t mind the frozen food I think it’s a good one to have.
          • Awesome for the price very recommended
            Sura November 27, 2019
            Awesome baby food maker & very good price. I really recommend it! Just an advice use the whole water that the steamed fruit & vegetables make to blend with. So you won’t have thick meal
            • Love this baby food maker
              Amazon Customer December 13, 2019
              My son is 6 months old, and it is time to make him some baby food. This baby food processor just help me to do so. It makes the baby food quickly and easy to clear up. As a mom, love to use it so much. Highly recommend!
              • Easy to use and strong blend
                Amazon Customer January 1, 2020
                Love love love this Easy accessible blender. I love how you can steam all your veggies within 15 minutes in the same pot and then blender them. super easy to use! I would recommend this product to anybody wanting to make there Babies purées!
                • Great customer service, Great for my family!
                  Shay G. January 7, 2020
                  I ordered this because I wanted to make more veggies at home for my toddler and love how easy and fast it cooks my veggies. I can set it & forget. Love the timer feature on there that dings to remind me it's done. The steam/blender option is awesome and I love that they include a lid cover. I use the lid often when I want my veggies to cool off before placing into the fridge. Initially I had lost the clear lid & reached out to customer service who did a SUPER job going over & beyond to locate and ship me a new lid cover without any hassle or additional charge. Great customer service! So happy with this purchase! Would def recommend to any soon-to -be parents, current parents or anyone who is busy & wants to steam/blend food!
                  • Very good food maker
                    Vignesh January 9, 2020
                    It works as expected and it is good for the price, we are using it for a month and it works as we wanted it to be. Only concern is everything is plastic, not sure how much safe it is for the baby.
                    • As a mom, I need to use my time efficiently. I recommend it very strongly.
                      Amazon Customer January 11, 2020
                      I loved the time efficiency & simplicity of making my son's baby food. I can give him healthy food with no preservatives easily. This product is very easy to figure out & use.