Elechomes Air Purifier EPI236
Elechomes Air Purifier EPI236
  • 3 LAYERED FILTRATION SYSTEM: This combo helps to trap up to 99.97% of airborne particles, down to as small as 0.3 microns.
  • SMART SENSOR: Remove especially bothersome particles such as pet dander, pollen, dust, mold and smoke.
  • RELIEVE YOUR ALLERGIES: Helps clean the air from allergies pets or stale indoor air.
  • PURIFIES LARGE ROOMS: EPI 236 Air Purifier rated 220 m3/H, a fancy way of saying it can filter a space up to 280 sq.ft (26m²).
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  • Very quiet, beautiful led, touch buttons
    Max January 4, 2020
    Been using this air purifier for a few days, it's SUPER quiet, I usually use Auto settings, and I can only hear the fan noise when I press my ear to the purifier, 1 feet away and there is no sound. The led illumination ring at the bottom is a nice touch, and it makes it looks good in the dark. Touch buttons are very convenient and also feels high quality.
    • Reduces smells & helps with allergies
      DogLvr💜 January 7, 2020
      This is the 3rd air purifier I’ve ordered, so I do have some experience with them. So far, I’m happy with this unit. I have it in a very large room (an open kitchen/living room area). Although it’s not rated for a room this large, I can tell it’s still making a a difference! If you’ve ever cooked beef liver, you know it will smell up your entire house! I cooked it this morning and have the air purifier running abut 20 ft away and my house doesn’t smell like I’ve been cooking anything! Pleasantly surprised!
      It’s very easy to set up and use! The only setting that isn’t extremely quiet is the highest setting. So if you’re looking for a quiet purifier, you’ll be happy with the lack of sound. However, I actually like the air flow sound, and use purifiers in my bedroom at night turned on high to help me sleep! It acts similar to white noise, but in my opinion, it’s a more pleasant sound! So for me, it has a dual purpose!
      Overall, I’m very happy with it. They help me a lot with smells, allergies & sleep!
      • I feel better !
        AmazonMom17 January 11, 2020
        I really didnt think this would help. I have been sick for a while and figured I would give this a try. It was very easy to set up and had it going within minutes. It been a day and well i feel alot better. I sleep better also, My son has breathing issues at night and well not one cough all night. Very happy that I found something that is working well for my family.
        • I ran two tests. Great results
          Reviewer #824 January 16, 2020
          The Air Purifier is as pictured. It is about 16" tall and 9" across. It needs space around it to function properly.

          I ran a couple tests to see how well this worked.

          The range hood in my home doesn't work, so often times my house fills with smoke just from regular cooking, let alone, when I burn things. The kitchen, dining, and living areas are joined in a sort of open concept, so most of the living space is filled with smoke when this happens and during the winter, it can take hours for things to dissipate and settle.

          So, I ran my first test. I set this on the table. I set it to its auto setting and I lit a stick of incense. Immediately the smoke was being pulled into the air purifier and sent through the top as clean air. Within a few seconds, the light on bottom went from green to yellow to let me know the air wasn't that pure. Occasionally it would switch back to green and then back to yellow until the incense was gone and switched to green and stayed green.

          So, the air purifier is sensitive enough to detect incense sticks and never went into a high fan speed. It worked better than expected, so I tried another experiment.

          I set the air purifier in the kitchen and I seared some steaks and really got the smoke going. In this test the air purifier was about six feet from the range, but within a minute of searing, the air purifier detected the air quality to be poor, and the light went yellow and then red. When the light turned red, it switched the fan to high and ran on high for about fifteen minutes after I was done searing. The light turned yellow and switched to low, and about thirty minutes later the air was clean.

          I'm really impressed with how well this thing works and I've left it on and in the main living space to do its thing. I was looking at purchasing other air purifiers, but I'm convinced that this is the right size for our main space and I'd recommend this for others whose experiences are similar.
          • Clean air.. always, even in winter!
            Ginger S January 5, 2020
            Residing in a state where you’re not able to open your windows for months due to the temperatures outside, I have been searching for an air purifier to help keep the air fresh in my home. To reduce pet dander, dust, hair, I’ve placed this purifier in an open space in my home, it’s quiet, you can use a timer function to save on usage during your home, there is a light saving function, so, if you’re running at night, and, wish to have the light on, you can, as a nightlight. While I’ve just started to use this purifier, I have noticed a cleaner breathing air in my space and overtime am eager to watch the impact as I continue to leverage this purifier.
            • A Powerful Air Purifier; However, Instructions Are Lacking + Constant Green Light
              James Choma January 8, 2020
              ELECHOMES’s Pro Series Air Purifier is approximately 16 inches high and 10 inches wide. In the box you’ll find your air purifier, one air filter (inside), and a set of instructions.

              The first thing you want to do is open the filter at the bottom: twist the cap to the open position, take round filter out, and remove the plastic. Pop it back in place, lock the cap on the bottom, and you’re ready to go. Elechomes replacement filters for this unit are also available on Amazon.

              The controls are arranged vertically and are on the side of the unit. They’re somewhat intuitive. The instructions help to some degree but are lacking overall. Here’s a rundown:
              • The On/Off symbol will default to “auto mode” when first turned on. Auto is a general, quiet setting.
              • Beneath that is the timer, which can be set to 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours, after which it’ll shut off.
              • The fan speeds are “S” (Sleep), “A” (Auto Mode), “1” (Low) and “2” (High). “Sleep” is barely audible, “1” is almost the same as sleep, while “High” is definitely louder – too loud to use as white noise for sleep.
              • The last indicator is a round volleyball-looking symbol that will flash when it’s time to replace the filter. Hold this for 3 seconds to reset.
              • There is also a child lock feature that will deactivate the control panel but keep the unit running where you set it.

              The unit has a green light that radiates from the bottom. I can’t find a way to turn that off. It gives the unit a bit of flair, but if you’re going to be running this in the bedroom at night, prepare for that eerie green glow wherever you decide to set this. I wish the instructions provided further details. There’s more to this device than that described in the instructions. For instance – the Smart Sensor and Auto Mode options. I know these exist due to being listed in the instructions, but the full capabilities aren’t fully explained.

              For the record – the Smart Sensor on Auto mode allows this air purifier to adjust to your environment. The particle sensor will activate and choose the appropriate setting to take care of whatever is detected, be that smoke, pet dander, or pollen. That should be all over the instructions when describing “Auto” mode.

              This is a good air purifier, no doubt, but that green light – you need an on/off option for that. I just can’t find anything in the instructions that says how to do it. of Anyone that wants to run the air purifier through the night and doesn’t want a night light in their bedroom will tire of this quickly.

              3 ½ stars overall.
              • Great filter, bright downward facing light ring.
                BurazeKun January 8, 2020
                This is a great unit, cheap filter replacements, and very good cleaning with quiet operation. What isn't quiet is how bright the light is.

                This unit says it reacts to some air quality quantifier. So far, it doesn't seem to be odor related, or maybe it's that the sensor is installed in a after filter config. So far, it hasn't needed to react to anything.

                The filter on this has a large surface, I expect that this filter can last as long as a year if not more. In dusty areas or other quantifiable large pollutant could decrease this value though. I run a filter in every room where someone sleeps and the living room. Allergies, and a child with asthma are my reasons. What may not last that long, is the carbon filter properties of trapping smells however.

                The fan on this is quiet, but is very audible at max setting, but the consistency of the air flow make it a white noise more than a inconsistent buffeting like a air cleaner I replaced.

                If I had to ask for something, it would be to allow for, or automatically happen, and that would be the light on the bottom being dimmer, or auto dim. I may just tape it up with some black tape.
                • Good air purifier, but I like my other one better...
                  MKinz January 17, 2020
                   First, let me say that this is a decent, solid air purifier. It definitely works to clean the air. I have noticed it takes away cooking odors quite well and with a house full of pets, it has definitely helped with the allergies. There are a couple of reasons why I deducted a star. First... it is quite large... and much larger than my other purifier. It is very heavy too. It is noisier than my other purifier I own, so I wouldn't recommend using it in a bedroom unless you are okay with fan or white noise. My other one only has a timer setting for 2, 4, and 6 hours. This one has an additional setting for 8 hours, so I really wish it could go in a bedroom. Overall, I still think it is a solid, well-made unit and I would recommend.