Elechomes Air Purifier EPI236
Elechomes Air Purifier EPI236
  • 3 Layered filtration system: this combo helps to trap up to 99.97% of airborne particles, down to as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Smart sensor: remove especially bothersome particles such as pet dander, pollen, dust, mold, and smoke.
  • Relieve your allergies: helps clean the air from allergies pets or stale indoor air.
  • Purifies large rooms: EPI 236 Air Purifier rated 220 m3/H, a fancy way of saying it can filter a space up to 280 sq.ft (26m²).
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  • Works great relieving allergy
    Maggie G January 27, 2020
     My husband and I have a bad allergy to the pollen recently. Our friend told us an air purifier may work. We got this one and we felt much better the day we received it. And It's quiet unless I turn the speed to level 2. The light goes off under s mode. We really love it for it Let us sleep much better.
    • Quiet, good looking and work well. Recommend.
      Yulin January 28, 2020
      I bought it for 2 weeks, it work well until now. There are 4 models to select and the models auto, sleep and 1 work quietly. It works with a strong wind in the model 2. I like the led illumination ring and the timer. It has a good looking, but the size is a little bigger than I expected. Good value.
      • Quiet
        fuyu February 3, 2020
        It’s a very nice air purifier. It has a very modern look and is very quiet. I just started using it so I don’t know how well it purifies the air but it can detect it when the air goes bad by turning the light to red.
        • powerful to remove odor
          Annie February 8, 2020
           please watch my video
          • Very quiet, good quality, must buy for allergies!
            Jill February 12, 2020
            I want to strongly recommend this product to anyone who has seasonal allergies. My doctor asked me to buy an air purifier, so I chose this. It has four levels of wind, 1 2 3 and automatic. Just the level 3 has some noise. I usually set it to auto level when I sleep. Feel a lot better with this product.
            • Easy to operate
              Macy February 13, 2020
              This air filter is very easy to maintain. I own couple different ones and this one is not hard to open to replace the filter. It is perfect for the room we want to put this in but I could take on bigger room size given the size if this machine.
              • Helpful
                Isabel February 17, 2020
                This air purifier has really helped with allergies in our house, especially with pets in the house. The sleep and auto modes are very helpful.
                • Perfect for us
                  Jenny Jenny February 22, 2020
                  We cook quite often in our house and the air quality gets worse after cooking. The machine improved the air quality quietly. It has a light indicator telling us how the air quality in the room so we know how the air quality like at times. We also like the automatic function that adjusts the fan in response to air quality. So far we are happy with it.
                  • Highly recommend
                    Jp0 February 22, 2020
                    This thing is massive. It was on. Lightening deal and now the price is back up or I’d order more as gifts.
                    It’s not super noisy. Like the cat is laying next to it right now. We have 8 dogs and 4 cats and teenagers who apparently prefer to be here than their own homes.
                    Highly recommend
                    • Great product!
                      Amazon Customer February 23, 2020
                      Quiet and sleek design. Just what we needed with two dogs, a cat, and two young kids.
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