EPI 236 Air Purifier Replacement Filter
EPI 236 Air Purifier Replacement Filter
  • 3-Stage filtration: thanks to the 3 stage filtration system, Elechomes EPI 236 Air Purifier Filters can remove 99.97% of pollen, smoke, pet hair, and so on!
  • Easy replacement filter: the filter is easy to be replaced and disposed of without any tool required, ensuring you replace your old filter in minutes.
  • Filter replacement alert: the air purifier will also remind you to change the filter with the ON/OFF indicator flashes.
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  • Round and round she goes
    History junkie
    So happy to have this quality replacement . I love my unit and was under satisfied with the lack of a replacement filter . But .., here it is and the performance is as good as the original. Feel free take a deep breath and enjoy a quality product
    • Working well
      Kindle Customer
      The new filter is working well!
      • Economical HEPA Air Filter
        Dr J
        Filter is easy to install and the Elechomes Air Purifier EPI 236 does a nice job of removing particulates from the air in a large room. Both the air purifier and the replacement filters are reasonably priced and represent a good value.
        • Don’t store it in humidity
          Denise Haigh
          Great product
          • best
            kristy l unkel
            These are the best filters! Can use vacuum them between filter changes. So easy!
            • so far so good
              Elizabeth Powell
              The air purifier seems to work very nicely and cut down our allergy problems and it is nearly silent. the filters last about 4 months- so I bought enough to last a year- as getting the replacement filters may make the machine obsolete if the replacement filters are not easy to find or buy- which is always the problem with off-brands...
              • Great
                Love it
                • Great purifier—- hard to find filters
                  Niki Beal
                  This air purifier works great!!! I was skeptical as to how well it was actually filtering as the light stayed green all the time; then some smoke blew into the house and it immediately went red, kicked into high gear, and cleared the air out ins matter of minutes. Be sure to leave on the auto function. I took one star away because filters are hard to find on Amazon and are $46 on the elechomes website.
                  • Was not the best fit for me
                    Pauline G.
                    Sadly we sent the air purifier back and did not need to use this replacement filter. I think the purifier did a decent job because I was not sneezing at bedtime from allergies. I did not like the constant green light, quite bright. On sleep mode the machine was too quiet and little to no air seemed to move around. The only benefit was the green light was off. The air cleaner always stayed green and there was nothing in the filter after using a few weeks. I did decide to buy a different cleaner and the light changes color to indicate air quality and there are things in the filter.