800W 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender
800W 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender
  • Multifunction hand blender: the 4-in-1 immersion hand blender with adjustable speeds can meet your various needs for mix, chop, whip, whisk, puree, and emulsify.
  • Powerful motor and ergonomic handle: the 800W hand blender has a maximum turbo speed button and adjusts the speed ranging from 10000rpm to 15000rpm.
  • Ergonomic design of the handshake provides a non-slip and comfortable grip.
  • Easy to clean: easy to remove and clean, and washable in the dishwasher (except engine parts).
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  • Versatile. Strong. Easy to clean up.
    Ashraf Abedin Reviewed in the United States on
    Versatile machine. I am use it for making fruits/ vegetable smoothie, and also there is a part which you can use to blend onions and all. Easy to clean. I wish the price was a little lower though.
    • Perfect kitchen tool
      HuppmanFamily Reviewed in the United States on
      Smoothies, sauces, gravies, salsa, and even milk shakes.

      This thing does is all. Multiplenspeed adjustments and crazy sharp blades.
      • Great, compact kitchen tool set.
        JJ Reviewed in the United States on
        This is a nice multi-functional set for folks who don’t have the space for a bunch of individual attachments. We used the immersion blender yesterday and were surprised how sturdy it was. It blended sweet potatoes quite easily. We’ve also used the whisk attachment to make eggs and it was super easy.

        Highly recommend if you live in an apartment or otherwise have limited kitchen space.
        • IT AMAZINGGGGG..
          Simi Reviewed in the United States on
          I love it. It makes most of my work easy. It can be used to chop vegs, whisk cream, or egg all in one. So morning the time it takes to use 4 different machines, I can get it done by this one alone :) The metal finish makes it feel very modern & elegant. If I individually try to buy these, it may cost me more. This 4 in one is great product for the value.
          • Great kitchen helper
            Alex A Reviewed in the United States on
            Great must have for every kitchen, it’s awesome and powerful and very easy to assemble and disassemble and cleaning is no problem. I love it
            • Excellent
              Elizabeth Garcia Reviewed in the United States on
              the product met my expectations
              • Nice product
                Sam Reviewed in the United States on
                I was looking for blender combo this complete my search. Chopper, Blender with jar its a nice combo to have..
                • Perfect Blending Strength
                  Himanshu Reviewed in the United States on
                  Amazing hand blender. Use it for my curry needs and soups. Blends veggies perfectly and gives the output as desired. Love it.
                  • Light weight but powerful
                    Sumit Reviewed in the United States on
                    We really liked how great the blades are - very powerful
                    We tried fruits , veggies & other food items and chopper worked like magic.

                    Jars are high quality and different sizes

                    Overall high quality and real value for money
                    • A handy appliance to have in my kitchen
                      Haiyan Ma Reviewed in the United States on
                      Elechomes 4-in-1 Hand Immersion Blender comes in a very handy mini size, very practical for a small single-family like mine. It's very easy to use, clean and, afterwards, stored away. I used it to blend pure fruit juice for my daughter and she absolutely loved it. I also used the whisk (included in the package) to make foamed milk for my coffee. It was a success. Now, I can make my own cafe au lait. Overall, it's well worth the money. I like things that have multi functions and requires low maintenance.
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