7Kpa Cordless Handheld Vacuum
7Kpa Cordless Handheld Vacuum
  • Strong suction & HEPA filter: Elechomes handheld vacuum cleaner uses a 100W high-power motor, and the suction can reach 7000pa. The cyclone channel design can more deeply clean pet hair, cat litter, and debris. Equipped with a HEPA filter, it helps to separate more than 99% of the garbage, and breathe clean air every day.
  • Cordless & lightweight: the lightest cordless vacuum cleaner on the market, no entanglement trouble. Hand-held vacuum cleaners are the best gift for parents and knee arthritis sufferers.
  • Fast charging & long-lasting operation: the most advanced lithium battery individual imbalance management technology, which effectively reduces the battery failure rate and prolongs the service life. 4*2200mAh large-capacity lithium battery, continuous operation for up to 30 minutes, charging only 3-4 hours, 1 times faster than other brands.
  • All-round protection & cleaning: 7-heavy overload, overheating, overcharging, and short circuit protection, giving you the safest use.
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  • Great suction power!
    Great small vacuum! Has greater suction power than any previous handled vacuums and is even more powerful than my current house vacuum! It has air vents in the sides to prevent over heating. Love the three bar battery indicator light. It also came fully charged. Had a home floor remodeling project last week in which I used this daily when cleaning up sawdust and carpet fuzzies. Worked very well! (It is a little messy to clean tho! But appreciate the included cleaning brush). And comes with so many accessories. Only wish it included some sort of stand or way to store all the accessories. Had to put the accessories in a ziplock bag for the time being. Might get a small bucket or caddy for future storage. Also appreciate that the dust case and filter can be cleaned with warm water.
    • Good hand vacuum !!
      Good Quality and very easy to use and Lightweight Cordless Hand Vacuum!!
      • Easy to use
        Nice wireless vacuum, with a lot of accessories. Very easy to attach and use. Perfect for car interior clean.
        • Lightweight & easy to use, even a child can use it
          I have been using this every day since I it arrived. It charges up quickly and the power lasts through several uses. I will say that I do not use it for extended periods of time, just for quick cleanups when a mess has been made. It comes with several difference extensions which has been great for cleaning behind and under the couches; hard to reach places around the house. I have been really liking the long extension which saves me from back pain, where I normally would have to bend down to get the mess cleaned up. I also like the brush extension, which I’ve used to clean pet hair off of the couch. I have only used this for cleaning up dry messes. I do not plan to clean up wet messes with this. Emptying the canister is easy. There are two filters that come with the vacuum; one is already install in it and then an extra was in the package. I think that the suction power is pretty good. There is nothing that I have tried to pick up with it and couldn't. I will say that once the long extension is added onto the vacuum, there is less of a pull in suction because it has to travel so far to get picked up. I like having something small and lightweight to use for quick cleanups, instead of getting out the big vacuum. It saves on time and makes life easier. Even my small child uses this and doesn't mind cleaning crumbs up after meals now. The price is reasonable, so I do not see any cons with this vacuum.
          • Good quality
            Barbara McArthur
            Works really well as a handheld vac - good suction and light weight. Easy to empty. It comes with a ton of tools which perhaps an apartment dweller would use - seemed like a lot of tools one would never use unless this is the only vac a person had. Cordless is a real plus. Great gift for someone starting out.
            • Swiss army knife of hand held vacuums
              FiFi's Mom
              Swiss army knife of hand held vacuums. Good selection of accessories, suction and a extra filter. Fast charging, like the wands with the floor brush makes for light weight floor vac.
              • Works well lots of attachments
                Steve and Amy
                I vacuum out my coffee grinder after every use, yes you read that right, I'm anal about keeping my coffee pure. My current vac died so I opted to try this one. One reason was the hose which works best cleaning the grinder. But also with all the other attachments it can be used to do all sorts of cleaning. It worked great cleaning out my coffee grinder as far as suction goes but it is a bit awkward compared to my other vac, which was made to sit there, this is your typical long handhold only type vac. But it does work well and it is easy to clean. Just push the button to detach the front end, remove the filter and dump it. It would have been nice if if came with something to store all the attachments but it did come with a lot so I'll find something to put them all in. This is not loud either.
                • Well-designed, good suction, great attachments
                   This is the handiest little vacuum kit! I've been using it to vacuum my car, truck and motorhome, the wood floor in my home, and getting cobwebs out of the corners.

                  Of course this is not a vacuum you would use on large areas of carpet, it's for smaller tasks, but for the wood floor it actually works very well, without having a pull out a big vacuum. However I did use it for smaller carpeted areas in my motorhome with the brush attachment, and it did work well for that.

                  It has better suction than any vacuum I've used of this type, and is quiet. The sound it makes is very smooth, not ear piercing like some of the older dustbusters. To me, everything about it seems well-designed and high quality.

                  I especially love all the attachments. As you can see in the video I can walk around standing up and vacuum the floor, and it has a brush attachment is which is great for vehicles, a crevice tool, and the flexible hose is super handy. It's like having a little cordless shop vac, and is very useful for cleaning vehicle interiors.

                  I tried picking up some water with it, and it works well. The dust bin is cleverly designed so liquid will go in and not come back out. It doesn't hold a whole lot of liquid, but it's plenty to clean up a spilled glass of water etc.

                  It comes with two HEPA filters, one in the unit and an extra one. When it get clogged you just take it out and clean it with the included brush, and put it back in. I also tried rinsing it with warm water and that works well, however you have to let it sit overnight to completely dry out before you can use it. Of course you can pop the extra filter in to use in the meantime.

                  The floor nozzle has four wheels on it to glide along the floor, and a felt pad toward the back. As you can see, it rotates side to side, and hinges downward to go under couches or tables.

                  I didn't time it, but charging seems relatively fast, and it holds a charge for a quite a while, especially compared to other similar units I've used in the past.

                  So I am 100% happy with this Elechomes cordless vacuum kit, and for the quality and everything included, I think the asking price is excellent.
                  • So Quiet and Lightweight A Kid Can Use It
                    JSB Morse
                     And you better believe I have the kids using it! They made the mess after all, so they can clean up. It was actually fun for my 5-year-old to open up the package and put the pieces together to get it working. He needed a little help so it isn't that simple, but once he got the hang of it, he was vacuuming and emptying the trash like a pro.

                    The first thing you notice is the quiet. It's remarkably quiet compared to other vacuums. Of course this indicates that the suction isn't the best and it's not, but it's pretty good and can pick up some major debris as you can see in the video--oh yeah we have major debris everywhere. And it keeps showing up. I don't know where all this stuff comes from!!

                    The disassembly to dump the dust is a little awkward. Not sure if we were doing it right. Seems like you shouldn't have to take off the filter and the dust collector to empty it but that's what appears to be the case.

                    The extensions are great too only I would have loved for the tube extensions to terminate with all of the heads instead of just the one. They're not big elaborate or heavy-duty extensions (my 3-year-old stress tested one of the tubes and broke it like he was Godzilla within 1 hour of opening the box) but they are functional and useful.

                    This is a good multi-purpose vacuum for the price.
                    • Super convenient vacuum
                       I love this mini vacuum! I have a larger one at home but can’t clean my car, this one allows me to tidy up my car. It’s also great to carry to other places. I got one for my daughter and it helps her clean her dorm room. Nicely cleans up and works well so far.
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