6.3 Quart AG61B Air Fryer
6.3 Quart AG61B Air Fryer
  • Why Elechomes AG61B air fryer? Gives you the crispy feel but with 90% less oil than a traditional deep fryer, enjoy your favorite fried foods in a healthy, guilt-free way.
  • Rapid heating double vortex fan: Unique and Innovative double fan design, 80% faster 3D hot-air circulation cooks your ingredients from all angles with no oil needed, maintain its original flavor with crispy taste.
  • 6.3 QT non-stick easily clean basket: 6.3-quart large capacity is a great choice for big families, which is enough for 4-7 people, frying up to 1kg(2.2lb) french fries or a whole chicken at a time.
  • 6 Smart presets & easy to use: choose from 6 pre-set cooking programs (French Fries, Chicken, Seafood, Steak, Shrimp, and Desserts) with effortless one-touch. You can also precisely control the working time (1-60 minutes) and temperature (180-400°F) with the easy-to-use LED touchscreen.
  • Air fry every day with 120 healthy recipes book.
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Product Dimensions11.6 x 15 x 13.9 inchesModel numberAG61B
Item Weight18.46 poundsCapacity6.3 QT

  • Love this air fryer!
    LisaG Reviewed in the United States on
    I love this air fryer! I have 2 high school aged children being home schooled and this makes it safe and quick for them to heat up snacks/meals during the day rather then using the stove top! It cooks fast and quietly. This is my second air fryer and it blows my old one away! The fan on the bottom makes helps the food to cook more evenly. It also is so much easier to clean then my old one. This was definitely a GREAT purchase and I highly recommend it!
    • This air fryer is simply awesome! I love it!!
      Britney Johnson Reviewed in the United States on
      I have had this air fryer for about a month now. It is my first air fryer and I should’ve got it sooner! I’m very impressed with it. I love that is has two fans so it evenly distributes heat and I don’t even have to flip the food if I don’t want to, but I do and shake the basket for even cooking. I love how easy it is to use. It doesn’t take long at all for certain foods. It is pretty quiet and very easy to clean! I simply love it! I have used it tons of times already. I have made such a assortment of foods in it. You can cook just about anything in it. I rave about it and am so happy with my purchase!!
      • DREAM AIR FYER :)
        RedHead Barbie Reviewed in the United States on
        I love this airfryer. It has so much room. I can cook a meal for a family of 5 in there with no problem. It can hold a whole chicken. I cook fries and nuggets for my kids at the same time and they cooked evenly. This air fryer is so easy to clean. Did I mention it has touch screen!!!! I own another air fryer but it broke this one was my replacement. I could not be any happier. It does have a fan on the top and bottom for even cooking. The bottom fan is the only thing that takes a little time to clean based on what I cook. Also I put 15 whole chicken wings in there at once and it still was not full. Such a great size.
        • Nice Fryer with Double Fan
          Evelyn Rey Reviewed in the United States on
          The double fan feature is great, it allows to cook things better and no manual flipping needed.
          My family is really happy about it, healthier fried foods can be cooked now.
          The packaging could be better though, they stick the box inside another one very tight and when you try to pull it out, it can break the plastic handle from the cardboard so be careful, don't rely on that handle from the box, it won't hold the weight of the box with the unit inside and you could drop it.
          • Good price
            Yahya Korin Reviewed in the United States on
            I had to use this air fryer a few times before I could say I love it. Works great doesn’t dry cook the food like some air fryers do.
            • Never Seen Anything Like It!
              Serenity Lake Reviewed in the United States on
              After trying other air fryers and returning them because the food came out unappealing, I decided to take one more chance on this Elechomes model when I watched some of my favorite YouTube cooks demonstrating it and making dishes that looked simply scrumptious. Upon receiving my unit, I was so pleased with the size and beauty of the unit and the ease of setting it up and operating it. But the real magic was in how quickly I was able to prepare the most delicious Buffalo chicken wings this side of Heaven with the wonderful recipe book that comes with the air fryer. There is no stopping me now. I look forward to preparing so many delightful dinners and desserts simply, quickly, and easily whether I'm preparing a meal just for myself, a few people, or a house full.
              If you have ever considered investing in an air fryer, purchasing this one is a no-brainer.

              Update: I have since made the most delectable baby back spareribs, homemade steak fries, dehydrated pineapple slices, bacon, pork chops, and more. I'm on a roll!
              • WOW! Versatile, Versatile, Versatile
                pm50x Reviewed in the United States on
                I have tried this for about a week and I am really impressed with its performance. I have looked at air fryers off and on and finally decided to get one recommended by a You Tube Vlogger. I am so glad I did. Crisps up fries like a restaurant, without any oil, or oil spray, and they stay crisp. Heated up pizza. Cooked 2 ground beef patties and french fries, together in the basket and both perfectly done. This morning I lightly toasted an English muffin perfectly, without having to put it through the toaster three times. Size is a big plus for this model plus it is super easy to clean. It's fast and easy.
                • Perfect size, and very easy to clean!
                  Sheila Reviewed in the United States on
                   This is my second air fryer, in the past I used the famous brand P******s and I would honestly say I love this one way more than my other one!

                  Touch screen sensitive, and also the shape of the air fryer is as simple as a square shape so it is extremely easy to clean thoroughly.

                  The best part is :
                  They have a reminder for us to let us know when to flip our food such as fries or wings.

                  Give it a try, you will love it!
                    Tallygirl Reviewed in the United States on
                    I had an air fryer and never understood what all the fuss was about. After watching a demonstration of this air fryer, I decided to try it and replace mine. Now I understand why people love to air fry. I have used mine every day since I got it! This machine is great!
                    • Great healthy way to cook.
                      John Reisenauer Reviewed in the United States on
                      I liked the way it made tater tots nice and crispy. Cooked them fast as well. The wife has been cooking chicken in it and it turns out great. I dont typically like chicken but this does a great job and it comes out nice and juicy. Couldn't be happier with it.
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