5L Top Fill US5001 Humidifier
5L Top Fill US5001 Humidifier
  • 2-in-1 humidifier & oil diffuser: Elechomes US5001 humidifier raises the humidity levels in your home and freshens up your air.
  • Long-lasting mist output: 5L extra-large water tank ensures up to 60 hours continuous working time.
  • Effortless refill & clean: Elechomes top-fill humidifier is incredibly convenient to refill and clean than traditional humidifiers, you can even add water without removing the lid.
  • Restful night sleep: No annoying working sound, ultra-quiet at 25 decibels.
  • Waterless shut-off & 12-hour timer.
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  • Everything You Want in a Humidifier
    Seriously, this Elechomes Humidifier has everything I could want or need in a humidifier.
    It has a high water capacity, optional timer up to 6 hours, optional blue lighting, adjustable dial and automatic shut off when your water runs out. Did they leave anything out?
    Oh yes - where's the robot to fill it back up with water?
    My doctor suggested a humidifier for my office because my throat was getting seriously sore by the end of each day. I tried throat drops, incredible amounts of water, vocalizations and avoiding taking any food or anything in that may be drying to the throat. Nothing quite worked until I tried this Humidifier. For the first time, during the course of the day, voila! No dry and sore throat.
    It sets up easily - no assembly required. Just be sure to take the foam piece off the float, as they instruct.
    I did not clean it before I used it. No smells whatsoever.
    I do keep it pretty low on the dial. about 8 ticks seems quite sufficient.
    If you see water droplets anywhere, as it states in instructions, you probably have it set too high.
    It's a powerful machine yet whisper silent!
    Highly recommended.
    • Sometimes Simple is Better
      Amanda Lambert
      It's just a humidifier. I don't need all the extra buttons and LED displays or remotes.
      I just want it to do it's JOB and do it well, with as little effort as possible on my part.

      Enter this humidifier!
      Elechomes is a brand I recognized and this model looked like something I wouldn't need to read an instruction manual to operate. That was basically my reasoning behind this decision. lol

      I am so pleased with it! the capacity is large, and it's a top fill model so I can carry a pitcher of water to the unit and pour it right in and there is a water level window so I know when it's running low.

      Essential oils can be added directly to the water as opposed to some little tray that slides out where you apply it to a felt pad, that inevitably only smells for a few minutes. By adding the oil to the water, the humidifier becomes an oil diffuser and emits a consistent level of fragrance as long as there is oil infused water in the unit... which is great when you are sick and add eucalyptus oil!

      My old humidifier only had two settings, low and high. I LOVE the knob on this one that allows for any level of humidifying action!

      The top can be spun as well, directing the mist in any direction you want as well.

      This humidifier has all the bells and whistles I'd want in the expensive models, just in a 'manual' form. By keeping it simple, I feel like there are much fewer opportunities for failure and I think this humidifier will last me for many years to come! It's sleek, simple and quiet.

      I am quite pleased!
      • Good-looking and well-designed; happy to give it the highest rating
        Evan N.
        This humidifier is good-looking and well-designed. I am very happy with my purchase and would give it the highest rating.

        1. Appearance & quality
        When I first opened the box, I was impressed by the appearance. It is a beautiful machine. The plastic parts look and feel high quality.

        2. Top fill feature
        Wow! It has a wonderful top-fill feature. I don’t need to take the water tank to the sink to fill the water anymore. I can simply fill the water tank through the top cap or with top cap removed. So easy to fill the water tank.

        3. Adjustment dial on water output
        I can use the dial to adjust the water output – so intuitive.

        4. Easy to set timer
        There is button to set the timer. So easy to set the timer.

        5. Performance
        The machine responds so fast. Within a second or two, I can see the mist coming out of top cap. So powerful.

        6. Reliability
        Well, I have used this machine only for 3 days. So, I don’t know how reliable it will be. But, everything so far so good…
        • The best ever
          Karen Englehart
          Absolutely love this humidifier
          • Easy and effective
            I grow tropical plants in my home. I use several humidifiers and this one was recommended to me when I needed another.

            Very simple, yet very effective. Holds a lot of water, so no need for frequent refills. And refills are a lot easier, anyway, because you just lift the top off and pour in more water! Highly recommend.
            • Love this!
              Albert Fortner
              This thing puts out the mist, yet used so little water. We have gas heat in our house, which results in dry air in our home. This definitely fixed that problem!
              Plus, add a few drops of essential oil for a wonderful smell in your room!
              • Works great to diffuse essential oils
                Terry R. Nye
                I ordered this product for my wife to use as a diffuser. She has essential oils that she likes and wanted something to use in the bedroom. This humidifier/diffuser is a little larger than I expected, but not overly so. It is attractively designed and very intuitive and easy to use. It can be set to run for 2, 4, or 6 hours, and you can also adjust the intensity of the diffuser. It runs very quietly and will turn itself off if it runs out of water. It does everything my wife wanted, and she’s very happy with it.
                • EZ to fill & clean, runs quietly & efficiently, has auto shut-off; compact size...
                  This is a very well designed, compactly sized humidifier. It has a generous capacity of five liters, and is simple to fill from the top, either through the lid for adding just a small amount of water, or removing the lid entirely to add a larger amount of water. The reservoir also lifts out to make it easy to clean. The operation is quiet and very efficient. Even at the lowest setting of 80 mL/H, a substantial amount of mist is produced. It is nice to have the option of adding essential oils if desired. The humidifier can be set to run on a timer and the light can be switched off for convenience. The unit also features an automatic safety shut-off if there isn't enough water in the reservoir. It is light weight with a discreet profile suitable for use in almost any room. Overall, this humidifier exceeds my expectations and is well worth the current price of $39.99.
                  • Great in low humidity environments
                    Snow Dog Dad
                    In the winter time the indoor humidity in my house is really low; usually runs in the 10 - 15% range if I don't turn on humidifiers. That gives me dry skin and a really dry mouth in the morning. Ideally, you should try to keep your room humidity at 30 to 40% for the best comfort.

                    I have another Elechomes appliance that I'm quite pleased with; this humidifier is not disappointing in the least. I am using this in my kitchen and it has works great. I run it during the day at maximum speed and a full water tank will last about three days; the 5 liter capacity (about 1 1/3 gallon) is the one of the largest mist humidifier I have found in terms of water capacity. Another big plus for this humidifier is that it can be filled from the top. No more wrestling with the tank to get it off and haul it to the sink to refill. I just keep a water pitcher near by, remove the top, and add water. So this is much easier than my older humidifiers. The water level can be viewed via a window on the side of the water tank.

                    It is very easy to use. The dial on the front turns it on and allows you to adjust the amount of mist coming out. If you like essential oils, this unit does allow you to add essential oils to the water. I use filtered water to fill this up, but it is best to use distilled water.
                    • Perfect for plants
                      Perfect for my plants! Quiet and easy to use. Bonus that I can put in essential oils!
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