20Kpa Powerful Suction Vacuum Cleaner
20Kpa Powerful Suction Vacuum Cleaner
  • Easier super cleaning power: 250W BLDC motor combined with new aerodynamic design, can produce powerful suction up to 20Kpa, which can easily capture 99.9% of fine dust and dust mites as small as 0.3mm.
  • Efficient 5-stage filtration system: the upgraded cyclone filtration technology uses washable carbon fiber and twin HEPA filters to completely separate the fine dust from the air and discharge clean air.
  • Innovative low-noise technology: the brushless motor can effectively reduce running friction and resonance noise, and the air outlet noise reduction composite cotton can suppress the air outlet noise. noise to only 65dB.
  • Long endurance & dual charging: The 7-cell 2200 mAh lithium electronic battery adopts advanced scientific technology and can quickly release energy.
  • User-friendly design: The ergonomic design makes the handshake more fitting and the operation is effortless.
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Bright LED brush headlight, making dark corners clearly visible; 180°+90°flexible steering, easy to clean Trash under the bed, around the table legs.


5-Step HEPA Filtration System  

 The cyclone filtration system uses washable carbon fiber and twin HEPA filter, which can capture 99.9% as small as 0.3mm fine dust and hair. The detachable dust bucket is easy to clean.



Detachable Battery & Time-Saving 

The advanced BLDC motor ensures a longer lifetime and for every use, it delivers up to 50 minutes (Standard Mode) super long running time to whiz around several rooms on a single charge making the ordinary whole-house cleaning without interruption and the removable battery pack can be charged in or out of the cordless vacuum.


         3 Charging Methods for Convenient Use          


Easily Washable

Front and rear filters, as well as the entire dustbin, are easily removed for washing, increasing overall cleanliness, and extending their useful life.


Easy Placement and Space-Saving

Equipped with wall brackets, make it easy to find the perfect place for storage and access.


Product Dimensions28 x 12 x 6 inchesItem Weight5.72 pounds/
Batteries7 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)Warranty Description18 months warranty from the date of purchase
Volume0.5 LitersWattage250 Watts
ColorBlackSpecific Uses For ProductCordless Vacuum

  • Easy to use and powerful enough to handle needs.
    Lynn Overton
    Great products for easy quick clean ups. Lightweight, easy to use and not have to bend over to vacuum up small floor messes. Easy to empty dirt and clean too.
    • Makes cleaning much easier
      I love this vacuum as it met all my expectations. The build quality is solid and Saturday and suction is very good when the filters are clean but when they get dirty or the canister is full the power drastically decreases but that is to be expected with and vacuum. The 1 battery that comes with it lasts long enough to do my 2 story house with wood floors. I mainly use it to spot clean the corners, along the base boards and the stairs. I use the most powerful suction mode by the way. This vacuum works perfectly to clean your car too especially with the added attachments and all its configuration. Once done I empty it, hang it up and plug it in and it’s ready for the next use. Oh one important thing is the filters are washable so don’t just replace with the other one that came with it. Wash out and let dry for 24 hours as the directions state. I almost made this mistake.
      • So easy to assemble, easy to use, and battery charge lasts a good time
        Ana Rodriguez
        My favorite part about this portable vacuum is the light on the front. You can really see the crumbs and dust bunnies you would normally miss with another vacuum. Suction is great too with a turbo option for heavy messes or carpets.
        • Better than Dyson at less than half the price!
          samuel wilson
          Arrived on time, quality was better than what I expected!
          • 1/2 the price of my name brand
            This was suggested to me from a friend after my EXPENSIVE name brand broke!!! I’m loving it just as much as that one and it was a fraction of the price!!!!! My Autistic son can use it easily and honestly I find it a bit more quieter than the other one I had! House is wood floors an a huge rug and goes easily from wood to carpet with no issues. I can also clean the sofa .
            • Great little vac
              Dayland J. Shannon
              Great vacumn
              • Great for picking up dog hair.
                Amazon Customer
                This is so easy to use. The light on the vacuum really shows up the dust, lint or dog hair that is on the floor. Makes it able to see what the dogs are leaving behind.
                • Worth buying.
                  I love it. First stick vacuum I have bought. Good quality for the price.
                  • I have recommended this to others
                    linda hoggard
                    I love tge light weightness if it very easy to manage up and down the stairs.
                    • Awesome
                      I really needed a lightweight vacuum for everyday cleaning.
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