1600W Commercial Countertop Blender
Elechomes High Speed BlenderMixer System, Smoothie Blender, Blender for Soup, 30,000RPM, Heavy Duty Food Processor for Soup, Mincemeat, with 2L Tritan Jar(CHS2001)
1600W Commercial Countertop Blender
Elechomes High Speed BlenderMixer System, Smoothie Blender, Blender for Soup, 30,000RPM, Heavy Duty Food Processor for Soup, Mincemeat, with 2L Tritan Jar(CHS2001)
  • 1600W Commercial Countertop Blender - Elechomes High Speed Blender/Mixer System, Smoothie Blender, Blender for Soup, 30,000RPM, Heavy Duty Food Processor for Soup, Mincemeat, with 2L Tritan Jar
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Elechomes CHS2001 Professional Blender

The Elechomes Blender is the essential item to have in any kitchen arsenal. With 6 stainless steel extraction blades whirring into action at over 274mph, 

it blends, blitzes and emulsifies any foodstuff from mass to mousse in mere seconds.

Whip up moreish, gourmet style recipes in a whisper. With a devilishly easy-to-use interface that controls speed, time and temperature in the most intuitive

way possible. Meaning you can achieve professional results faster and quieter than ever before.

Press fresh juices from fruits and vegetables

Shake up a smoothie

Crush ice for mojitos, margaritas, and frozen cocktails

Stir up sauces, salsas, and satisfying soups

Grind grains and nuts for wholegrain breads, pizzas, and pastries


Release the full potential of your ingredients

Elechomes pulses new meaning into the phrase high speed blender reaching speeds of up to 30,000rpm- that's 275mph and 0 to 60 in nothing at all! At 

this high speed, the mixer smashes the cytoplast (the fancy word for cell wall) in fruits and vegetables. Releasing phytochemicals (inaccessible through

chewing), and allowing your body to extract 100% of the food's nutrients. Meaning a stronger immune system and a happier, healthier you.

Elechomes is incredibly versatile, packing the power to handle thick ingredients whilst preventing air pockets from forming. It'll even whistle through a full

jug if you're the type to throw in a whole fruit bowl and let her rip. Forgot the blueberries? Let the spill-proof lid keep the contents contained while you add 

any missing ingredients to the mix.

Please Kindly Note

For security protection, the device will not start unless the lid has been properly locked into position. To start using the blender, you need to check if 

the lid is sealed/locked correctly firstly.

Friendly After-sale Service

Your satisfaction is our priority. You could get a satisfied reply at support@elechomes.com for any questions, concerns or comments . We will get back to

you within one business day.



- Input: 110V-125V/60Hz

- Power: 1600W

- Max. Rotating Speed: 30000r/min

- Capacity: 68oz/2L

Package Contents

- 1 x Elechomes Base (Main Unit)

- 1 x 8 Cup Blending Jug

- 1 x Spillproof Lid

- 1 x Measuring Cup

- 1 x Stir Bar

- 1 x User Manual

  • Easy to clean
    J.W. May 13, 2018
    This is going to be my day by day using smoothie maker. It has a lot functions to explore but I used the few basic ones to make veggie juice and fruit smoothies. Easy to clean. But I’d still hope it uses a glass bowl instead of plastic one.
    • really powerful, and really large
      southeastflorida June 29, 2018
      Good blender, powerful, motor and blades excellent.
      But base is pretty huge, pretty tall, and top feature,
      is anoying, must have awkward top twisted on, for motor to start,
      can be defeated with a screw on there. (unapproved hack)
      • Excellent blender and customer service!
        Amazon Customer November 27, 2018
        We purchased the blender just about 1 year ago. Had an issue. Contacted customer service. Was still under warranty. Niki the CS agent worked with me and helped for me to return my blender and had a new replacement sent in a minimal time frame.
        • This is the last blender I need!
          Tony & JoJo April 20, 2019
          I bought a lot of blenders before I bought this one. I had a single cup blender for juice . I also had a handholding blender . Each blender has it good points。Now I’m moving to a new state I need a new one , I need something all in one and horsepower .. It didn't disappoint me. My new baby girl is on the way. I tried baby food, which is more nutritious and delicious than the food we buy from store . I also tried making cashew butter (shows on video) for my 2years old daughter. She liked it very much. I don't want her eat too much sugar, so homemade food ,juice or smoothies is the best. I also made soymilk which really requires that much power.. because with my little machine it would have a burnt smell. But there's no problem with this one. I brought couple small blender because I thought it’s easier for clean. Now I find out all blenders are easy for clean except Extractor one..
          • Super powerful!
            Sophia May 19, 2019
            There are some products that can change your life. I love smoothie. I drink smoothie every time after I work out . Smoothies is very healthy for your body. This blender is plastic, but it is so easy to clean. I always put a cup of water for clean. I think you will love it, too.
            • Kitchen assistant
              Ting ting July 23, 2019
              My mom is learning how to cook Mexico food, she use it to make the vegetable juice as the sauce , it is working well, my mom like it . And I used it to blend the ice beverages, dessert .
              • Powerful blender and great quality
                BBQ July 30, 2019
                Great quality and look very durable. It can blend different fruits and vegetables very well. Strong power with 10 different speed selection. It is easy to clean. Great for smoothies.
                • Powerful blender
                  Mason August 14, 2019
                  I was surprised by the size when I got it. It is much bigger than I thought. Because of the size there is really no though spots for cleaning.
                  It's really powerful. It only takes 40 second to make a all vegetable and fruit smoothie, and it taste great.
                  • Great blender
                    LasVegasKaren January 2, 2020
                    I got a really great deal on this blender and gave my old one to my son. This is much more powerful than my previous blender and works as a food processor too. Easy to use and clean. Powerful motor.
                    • Not bad!!!
                      KW January 8, 2020
                      Great blender for the price. The lid is a bit difficult to get on but thus far, it has blended everything smoothly.