First of all, what is a sterilizer? A sterilizer is an equipment that kills germs that may be living on the surface of your items—in this case, a baby bottle.


So that brings us to the first reason why you should buy a baby bottle sterilizer.


● To kill the germs and keep them from returning

Remember that your baby's immune system is still in its development stage and is fragile and not fully functioning. This is the time of your life where being a germaphobe is actually a good idea.  


The Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer has a large capacity and is able to hold (10) standard baby bottles, saving you time from multiple washing cycles.


Now that you know why we're harping on getting a Baby Bottle Sterilizer so much, let's talk about the important features of the Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer in particular.


Mind-blowing features of the Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer

 It has a capacity of 10 standard bottles.

Yes, you read that right. It has space for 10 standard bottles which save you from having to do multiple cycles.


 It sterilizes more than just baby bottles

The Elechomes Baby Bottle Mega Sterilizerdoesn't just sterilize bottles. You can also use it to clean pacifiers and other toys that ended up in your child’s mouth. 


Plus, it can even dry your baby bottles and clean breast pump accessories—how useful is that!


 It's easy to use!

The last thing you need when you’re a tired, overworked parent is a machine that’s hard to use.


But hold on a minute. (one minute later)


This sterilizer even comes with a touch screen LED control panel, making it easy to operate. Just touch and go! 


It's safe to use


You’ll be glad to know this product is made of BPA-free PP material. BPA plastic is a bad substance that you don't want anywhere near your baby.


Our sterilizer is completely free of BPA, making it safe for you and your child. Plus, you could either use this machine or our E3 bottle warmer to warm your baby's milk.


The difference between this sterilizer and the warmer is that it's just a warmer and not a sterilizer, plus its capacity is smaller than the sterilizers. So this is clearly better if you have a lot of bottles.


● Everyone loves it

There's no better way to say that it's worth your bucks than showing you what others think.