Before you're bombarded with the reasons why you need a vacuum sealer, you need to know the answer to this question: what is a vacuum sealer

What is a Vacuum Sealer?

Take a look at the featured image above. What does it look like to you? The machine there is a vacuum sealer. From the word vacuum, you can tell it sucks out something—in this case, air. A sealer is a machine that closes or seals something.


So, a Vacuum Sealer is a machine that sucks out the air in a polythene bag before sealing it air-tight for the preservation of food items.


You can already pull out a huge benefit from this method of packaging—preservation. But, that's not all that the vacuum sealer is about.


Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't miss the opportunity to grab one for yourself.


1. To preserve your food

Vacuum sealers are one of the best ways to preserve your food and elongate its shelf life. Frozen meat can last from six to twelve (6-12) months while Vacuum packaged meat lasts between two to three (2-3) years.


And it's not just for meat. You can lengthen the shelf life of your cheese, soups, vegetables, and all other kinds of food items.


For instance, refrigerated cheese can last for a maximum of 2 weeks while it can be increased to 6 months when vacuum packaged.


Now you know how most supermarkets keep their food items longer on the shelf than others. This is one of their secrets. You're yet to discover all of them.


2. Saves you a whole lot of money

As a result of food preservation, you get to save a whole lot of cash.


Imagine if you own a supermarket that has a refrigerator full of cheese. Now, thanks to poor packaging, the cheese grow mould after 2 weeks and spoil.


How terrible that will be for your business!


You'd have to replace all the spoilt cheese and that's going to cost you a heck of a deal. Instead of going through all that nightmare, you can opt for the option of a vacuum sealer. It will keep your cheese mould-free for at least 4 months.


By then, all your cheese would be sold out because everyone loves cheese.


So, that's the consequence of preserving your food via vacuum sealers—you save money.


3. The taste of your food remains intact

Let's say you package beef jerky in a Ziploc bag and then keep it in the refrigerator. After some time, do you know it will become to turn sour and lose its spicy taste?


With a Vacuum Sealer, you remove the air which, if left to remain, destroys the texture, flavour, and moisture of your food.


Asides the taste, the nutritional values in your food items are restored. But all this happens if you own a vacuum sealer.


4. You don't need to add preservatives

Addition of preservatives has it's own disadvantages. One of them is that it isn't healthy for consumption.


If you can preserve your food without the addition of additives and preservatives, it will be much better. And that's what the Elechomes Vacuum Sealer offers you—a chance to live healthier.


Thanks to Elechomes for the opportunity.


Anyways, the fact remains. No additives or preservatives when sealing your food in an air-tight environment.


5. The best option for meat lovers who marinate beef

Do you love eating your meat with so much flavour and spice? Except you're a vegetarian, this is good for your meat. And if you want to marinate non-beef food, you can too.


The vacuum sealer retains the moisture and flavour in your food so that you get to enjoy a spectacular meal.


6. No more stale crisps

What good will the Vacuum Sealer be if it didn't reseal open items that were previously sealed?


Perhaps you purchased a packet of crackers or chips and didn't finish it at once. You can use your home vacuum sealer to reseal it and prevent stale crisps.


(P.s. If you've never tasted stale crisps, then you shouldn't ever. It's disgusting. If you have, then you don't want to try it again.


Well well well. You have seen the top 6 reasons why you need a vacuum sealer in your home. Now, let's take a look of Elechomes vacuum sealer main features and advantages!!


The top features of the appliance are:

● It has an 85KPA Powerful suction.

● It's relatively easy to clean.

● It's made of stainless steel so no rusting. Yipee!

● Supports several food packages at once.

● It is Dishwasher safe. Just drop 'n' go!

● It's affordable on Amazon for only $69.99