If you are a casual cook and don’t know the ins and outs of every single kitchen doo-dad out there, you might not think there’s a huge difference between an oven and an air fryer, right? Well, you can find out all you need to know about an air fryer right now or read on to the next paragraph to dive into the definition of what an air fryer is. 

First, it might be helpful to recap what exactly an oven does. It heats up food by combusting gas or heating up electrical coils so you can bake, roast, and broil to your heart’s content. So, can you say the same for an air fryer? Well, it’s a bit like an oven, however, the exact definition is:

"An air fryer is a mini oven that is primarily used for deep frying food without the extra calories."


The term mini means that it's small—like a kitchen countertop kind of small. It’s also true that it's healthier to eat with an air fryer than with an oven.


Now the question is, should you buy an air fryer or stick it to your oven? Let’s take a look, shall we?


All you need to know about anAir Fryer


So we’ve recapped the definition of an oven and now know what the technical definition of an air fryer is. But there’s more to it than that. It’s best to check out all of the pros and cons of an air fryer before making a decision. We’ll lay out all the details for you before we get to the main event, Oven Vs Air fryer: Which should you buy?


Benefits of an Air Fryer


1. It requires only a small amount of oil to function


Did you know that air fryers require little or no oil to fry your food? You can use a cooking spray in place of oil and if you are using cooking oil, not much is required.


All an air fryer needs is a little bit of oil to get your delicious fried food nice and crispy, unlike ovens and deep fryers that require so much more.


Note: A typical teaspoon of oil contains 40 calories while a tablespoon contains 120 calories.


The more oil you add to your fryer, the unhealthier your food is. Health concerns like heart disease and obesity are major concerns if you eat a lot of fried food. That’s why air fryers are so much better for your health—you can fry with 90% less fat!


2. You can easily substitute your oven with an air fryer—it can cook everything!


If your oven broke, isn’t working very well, or you moved into a new place that doesn’t even have an oven, you don’t have to worry because there’s an alternative that is even better than an oven for heating food! 


From french fries to chicken wings, curly fries, and chicken nuggets—you name it. It's all possible with your cheap and affordable air fryer. If you’re already convinced and don’t need to read another word, you can get your very own air fryer now, or, you can continue learning about why air fryers work so well.  


Not only are air fryers just about making fried food taste amazing and give it a great texture, but they are also fantastic for roasting or baking just like you can with an oven.


How great is that? No need to spend lots of time cleaning the huge inside of an oven. All you need to do is to add a little oil and you’ve got hot tasty food before you know it!


3. Large capacity container


Now, there are normal air fryers and then there’s the Elechomes AG61B air fryer, which comes with a whopping 6.3-quart capacity container. Now that’s the definition of “the more the merrier”!


Believe it or not, you can actually cook food in 50% less time for you and the family. Just because it’s a countertop appliance doesn’t mean you can’t pack a whole meal in there!


In fact, it can hold one kilogram (1kg) of French fries, a whole chicken, twenty (20) chicken wings, or fifty (50) fried shrimp. That's pretty big, right?


All of that capacity, with a lower fat content, and completely affordable. Now that’s huge!


Now, remember all this, plus less fat and affordability. #epic


4. Cooking presets for all kinds of food


The cooking presets that come with this unit are only available when you visit our store on Amazon. You should definitely take advantage of the opportunity!

So what can all these presets handle? Pretty much everything! It has six (6) cooking presets—french fries, chicken, seafood, steak, shrimp, and dessert, so you can choose exactly the right cooking mode to make your food taste perfect.  


Plus, it even comes with a large touchscreen to make it easy for everyone to see and use it.


5. It fits in the dishwasher!


Can someone say Awesome?! No more wasting time cleaning up from every oven expedition. We know cleaning up pots and pans can be a headache after dinner, which is why we thought this one out for you.


You’ll be glad to know that the Elechomes AG61B has a detachable dishwasher basket that goes into your dishwasher safely. There’s a button right on the front that helps it detach easily so you can pull it out for cleaning. If anything is unclear, you can always consult the manual, or check out the image above.


We don’t like cleaning up from dinner either, so we can assure you that the non-stick aspect of this thing does really make a difference. Stick it in the dishwasher and boom!


Before you move onto the battle between Ovens and Air fryers, take a look at the Elechomes surprise for you if you grab the AG61B Elechomes Air fryer now.