Now that we’re in the middle of the 2021 fire season many homeowners near the California fires have realized that they’re going to have to take charge of their health. The wildfires aren’t going away any time soon. Many people are turning to air purifiers to clean the air in their homes, but are they effective? Will they remove smoke and remove dust?


According to a reliable source on the Consumer Reports website, yes, but you must use a HEPA air purifier for a smoke rather than just any type of air cleaner. One such example is the Elechomes which offers HEPA air filter grades for their air purifiers.


The Elechomes air purifier performs a wide range of functions, from clearing the air in a home from dust, pet dander, fungi, and even wildfire smoke. When there is a fire outside, the trees and plant materials burn, spewing dangerous smoke particulates into the air.


While the average person’s immune system can fight some of their toxins, unfortunately, the wildfires can burn for weeks, potentially causing health issues in the human body. The minor symptoms will be itchy eyes and a sore throat. But smoke particulates can cause more serious health issues too, such as triggering cancer cells in the body, or respiratory issues such as coughing or asthma. The smoke can cause higher sensitivity in young children and in seniors. It’s no surprise that most people who live in a high wildfire risk region are turning to solutions to achieve better air quality in their homes.


HEPA air filter grades have a fine mesh that traps airborne particulates, whether dust, dander, or smoke, so they stay trapped inside. The HEPA filters need to be replaced on a regular basis. It’s recommended that you purchase a quality air purifier, such as the Elechomes, that works to clean larger areas of space. In studies done, these types are more effective at cleaning the air than a small unit.


If you care about your family, now is the time to consider getting an air purifier for each room in your home. Since the wildfires aren’t going away any time soon, you need a long-term solution. Not only will you and your family breathe easier, but you’ll also feel happier knowing that their health is also protected.