We all need these little angels in our homes and offices. Humidifiers are electrical gadgets that add moisture to the air to remove dryness. This prevents itchy nose, stuffy nose, colds, and dry skin. You are probably aware of it, but do you know the benefits of humidifiers in our lives? Well, you’re about to find out in this article!


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Improve humidity for plants

Do you have indoor plants that have these dull and wilting leaves? Do you have any clue on how to fix them? Ok. Well, try introducing a warm humidifier near the plant.

Why? Well, the reason the leaves wilted was that the air was dry.

This humidifier will introduce the moisture needed for the proper growth of the plant.

Not only does it introduce moisture, but it also reduces evapotranspiration—loss of water through plant leaves.

You can guess with me that the best time to use these humidifiers will be during winter. Plus, you’d prefer to get quiet humidifiers.

Aha! I almost forgot to add. Make sure you check the amount of humid air you will need.

Low humidifiers dry the plant out and increase the spread of germs.

High humidity will cause your room to be damp, and this encourages bacterial growth. So, a medium level humidifier will suffice.

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Relieve cold and flu

If you got the flu, then get yourself a humidifier. Naturally, your bedroom is stuffy because of the particles in the air.

Now, you have the opportunity to sleep in a clean and moist environment.

Right from the intro, we understand that humidifiers add moisture to the dry atmosphere. This moist air will lubricate your nasal region and kick out the mucus.

Do you know that phlegm that refuses to go even if you swallow a bazillion times? Well, the humidifier is the “superman” you were looking for eons.

It ensures that the phlegm is broken down and ejected from your system. The new condition is not conducive to the influenza virus that kisses away your goodnight sleep.

So, that is how it is going to help you with that stubborn cold.

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Alleviate dry skin

Doesn’t it make sense that dry air causes dry skin? Exactly. Hence, moist air causes moist skin.

Have you ever tried thousands of skincare products—like Nivea—and felt hopeless? That dry skin doesn’t budge?

Take a look at this scenario.

If you place a boiling hot meal under a ceiling fan, it will always cool down.

Simply because there is a conflict to the temperature, the fan keeps cooling down the meal no matter how much you boil it.

Same thing with your skin. The air is too dry that most creams won’t help you. But, placing a humidifier in your large room will help to reduce your scaly skin.

Now, you can fetch that Nivea and be glad that your skin will stay moist.

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Better sleep

Have you ever had sleeping disorders—insomnia? Do you know someone who does? You can read on and find out how to help them.

A humidifier helps insomniacs to sleep better. But how? It humidifies the air you breathe in.

Remember that this is the job of your nose. But it will make breathing easier and stress-free by doing it for you.  

Snoring. That’s another annoying trait that disrupts your beauty sleep.

The fastest way to get rid of that problem is to drink plenty of water daily and use a humidifier at night. The humidifier will bring moisture to your sinus membranes, and that knocks out the snores. Pretty simple.

What about your little ones? Do you get annoyed when your baby is restless at night and can’t sleep?

You could try this new option and put a humidifier in their room.

They get more hours sleeping and not crying while you get some rest. Thank me later.

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Better air quality

The reason why we should even consider buying a humidifier is that we need to breathe in clean air. That’s it.

This is important for us, especially for asthmatic patients, although you must be aware of the effect of high humidity. High humidity = Filthier and drier air.

I mean that you shouldn’t abuse the humidifier. Try to adjust the moisture in the air because the dust and pollen grains in the air can double up in a very humid atmosphere. And that is a major trigger for asthmatic patients.

You should put humidifiers in your home during winter. The acceptable range of humidity is 30-50%—according to IQAIR. < 30% = dry skin and dry air. >50% = bacterial growth.


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Prevents cracked wooden furniture

Did you know that dry air can give your splinters to your wooden furniture? It doesn’t stop there. The joints of your wooden floor could loosen and crack.

We know you don’t want that. That is why we are telling you why a humidifier will be your best bet during winter. Yes. It is during winter that your homes will have dry air. And this will affect your wooden furniture.


Now that you know the benefits, go get it.....