Who doesn't love a surprise? Exactly. Everyone does, even your kitchen. That's why we have come up with the perfect gift for her—a Portable Ice Maker!


Wait...the goddess of gifts says we should not assume that you know what an Ice Maker is. That's ridiculous, right? Well, to be on the safe side, let me cut to the chase and explain what is an Ice Maker.


"An Ice Maker is an electrical machine that makes ice cubes for you to use in drinks, and also injuries."


Now, a portable would simply mean that it's easier to carry about like the one we have for you today. The Elechomes Portable Ice Maker comes with a handle that makes it easy for you to carry about. Asides from that, there are other outstanding features that it has which we'd come to in a minute.


Benefits of a Portable Ice Maker

Can you guess the first benefit? It's PORTABLE!


● It's very easy to carry and use

With the handle that is attached to this ice maker, it makes it effortless to carry about. Asides from that, it fits in a small space. This means that you don't need a lot of space to store it. In fact, it can stay on your kitchen countertop because of its compact design.


You can go on road trips with the ice maker because it only needs a simple DC adapter, easily found in cars, and it's good to go. While you're oozing with sweat on road trips, the ice maker is here to save the day and cool you down. Fantastico!


● They make ice in a short time

A standard ice maker makes ice in ten (10) minutes while our Elechomes Portable Ice Maker does the same with 9 ice cubes in 7 minutes! That's more quality and quantity at an affordable rate.


Have you ever needed ice in a jiffy but you don't have it because your ice tray isn't frozen? It's annoying, isn't it? Now, you can solve that with this ice maker because it makes 27lbs (12.247 kilograms) in 24 hours.


Let's do a little math so you understand why this is amazing.


According to Quora, an average ice cube weighs 28.35g or 0.02835kg. If our machine produces 12.247kg of ice in 24 hours, then that means you get 12.247/0.02835 ice cubes, which is 431 cubes!


Now, that's not what you see every day, is it?


● There's no water left after each cycle

Unlike stand-alone ice makers which need a floor drain to remove the excess water that they have, these portable ice makers don't need all that drama. Instead of getting rid of excess water, they recycle the melted cubes and use them to make new frozen cubes. This helps to increase the number of cubes you get per cycle.


Apart from the great recycling properties, they don't need a plumber to fix any pipes or complete a complicated job. All you need to do after unwrapping it is to plug into a DC socket and use it. As simple as A-B-C.



● They have a massive storage capacity for their size 

You'd think that their small, compact design will limit the number of ice cubes they can store. Well, yes and no. Yes, they can't so much but, they can store as much. Their storage capacity can store a whopping 27 pounds of ice cubes with 2-3 pounds of ice after each cycle.


Remembering our maths earlier, an ice cube is approximately 28g. 2 pounds of ice is approximately 907g, which means that 32 ice cubes can be stored in your portable ice cube maker each time!


● You can choose the size of the ice 

Yes, you heard that correctly. It isn't compulsory that you can only have small ice cubes. You can also have large or medium size ice cubes. All you have to do is to set the machine and it does all the rest for you. Sit back and relax but before that, grab this cute ice maker from Amazon.


Bonus: It cleans the ice tray by itself

You know you have that nudge that tells you to leave your machine unwashed after use and just Netflix. Well, our machine has come with a counter to that. Instead of wasting your time washing the ice tray, here's what you do.


1. Fill the water reservoir by mixing diluted detergent and warm water together.

2. Plug it in and press 'SELECT' until the 'CLEAN' indicator flashes.

3. Press the 'ON/OFF' key and the appliance will start to clean the ice tray automatically.


Voila! That's how easy it is. No more wash days for you!