Yes, it is that time of the year! The last month of the annual cycle when we count our blessings, enjoy the company of people we like, cherish memories, have delicious foods, and exchange gifts! The best part of the year in short.


But, Christmas in 2020, is well, confusing and unprecedented. Thanks to covid-19, nobody is sure what they should do or how they should celebrate Christmas this year. Should they gather and enjoy the company of their loved ones, or should they stay at home and avoid catching anything?


Well, whatever you decide to do, the one thing that is going to stay unchanged in 2020 is the tradition of exchanging gifts on Christmas. Plus, exchanging presents with our loved ones this year is even more crucial because it will bring us joy, and it will keep the zeal and excitement of Christmas alive!


So, have you decided on the Christmas gifts yet? Well, if not, then don’t worry because today we have got some excellent Elechomes household healthy gift suggestions for you. Have a look?!


· Air Purifier


With us living in a world where clean air is pretty much a myth, what can be a better gift than an air purifier that will elongate the lifespan of your loved ones by keeping their lungs healthy? Check out this EPI081 Space-Saved Air Purifier with Aromatherapy as it is a perfect choice for a Christmas gift because of its space-saved and compact features, and its capacity to capture 99.97% of airborne particles. The air purifier of Elechomes also offers a comfortable aromatherapy function, and its ability to operate quietly with only 22 dB makes it an even more alluring choice.


· Humidifier


Since 2020 has been a complete mess with people losing their jobs and having a hard time managing their finances, it makes sense to gift something to your loved ones, that is actually useful. So, if you agree with us, then how about gifting your family and friends, a utilitarian Elechomes humidifier?


An Elechomes humidifier will add some moisture to the atmosphere inside the home, and it will prevent dryness which causes irritation during winters. It will also ease the symptoms caused by cold and flu, and help with a dry throat, nose irritation, dry cough, or cracked lips. If you are interested, then check out this portable mini travel humidifier or HTJ-2119 Humidifiers Replacement Filter and Aromatherapy Refill Pads. We bet you will love them!


· Air Fryer


Well, if you are contemplating the best gift for your foodie friend who also happens to be a great chef, then what about this Elechomes air fryer? This fryer will help him in preparing mouth-watering, crispy dishes but with 90% less oil. It has a rapid heating double vortex fan that will properly cook the food and a non-stick easily cleanable basket that will reduce the work. Having this air fryer will enable him to enjoy his favorite fried dishes without worrying about fats and calories. Plus, if you ever feel like having some fried foods but you are not in the mood to cook, you can always show up at his gate and demand to be fed. Seems like a win-win to me!


Merry Christmas!