A HEPA air purifier can help to provide your environment with clean and healthy air, as well as clear out allergens, molds, and air pollution, but can it kill Covid particulates too?

Covid is an airborne disease that gets in through our noses, mouths, and sometimes eyes and ears. Over 4.5 million people worldwide have lost their lives. If you could help to save a life then you would encourage the use of an air purifier, but it must be the HEPA  home air purifier type. While the air purifier itself will provide a small role in killing the Covid virus before releasing fresh air back out into the room, air purifiers actually serve a better purpose.


Often it’s not the Covid-19 virus that directly causes death in the patient. It’s usually a weakened immune system and weak lungs. A home air purifier can actually remove hazardous air pollution particulates from the air, helping the sick person to breathe easier.


At any given time, there are hazardous particulates floating through the air, such as mercury, asbestos, molds, and formaldehyde. Our body’s immune system tackles these hazards, rendering them harmless. But in a baby or a senior person or someone with Covid, their immune systems will have to work three times as hard.


An Elechome HEPA air purifier will screen out these harmful particulates from the air, making someone with lung function difficulties breathe much easier. It will also provide a boost to your body’s immune system so if you are exposed to Covid-19, your body can better fight the virus and these other toxins floating through the air.


If you’re expecting something to zap the Covid virus, then no, there is nothing that can do that. An Elechome HEPA filter can filter out most pathogens from the air, before releasing fresh clean air out the other side. You’ll have to take great care in replacing your HEPA filter with a new one though.


So yes, a home air purifier can provide fresh clean air to your home or office. If you need a tip, the Elechome HEPA air purifier is a great way to help see how HEPA works against mold so everyone in your home breathes much easier.


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