You probably don't love spending forever making breakfast in the kitchen in the morning, nor do you want to waste any time thinking about what you're going to make—and neither do we!

That's why we at Elechomes has taken the time for you to think up plenty of breakfast options for you to choose from. And not just any breakfast options; ones you can whip up in 5 minutes with the Two-Slice retro-style toaster!

Whether it's just you or you're feeding the whole family, you can cut the time you'd take to prepare breakfast in half!

There's nothing as quick and easy as a toast to go with a cup of coffee in the morning, but we're not here to stick to the basics.

Amongst the bazillion of other breakfast options, there are plenty that doesn't require a toaster. By the way, you can check out our waffle maker which is a great way to switch things up.

So, what are the 6 super obvious reasons why you need the Elechomes Retro-style toaster?  

The 6 reasons why you need an Elechomes Retro-style Toaster


1. You save 50% more time spent on breakfast daily

One of the most popular excuses that people give when they skip breakfast is, "I don't have time in the morning".

Well, if you happen to be in the group of people that literally don't have 10 minutes in the morning to feed yourself then you're in luck because you'll only need 5 using this toaster!

The main reason you get a machine to do something is that it does it faster than you could normally do it, right? Well, you can bet this toaster is a time-saver! 

2. Extra-wide bread slots

Depending on the kind of bread you buy or whether you're slicing it yourself, you might be fitting some very differently shaped pieces of bread into your toaster. Thankfully, this one can handle them all. Thanks to the 1.5-inch, super-duper wide bread slot, it can handle all sorts of bread types, including waffles and thick, handmade, or bakery bread. You can even toast bagels!

3. Multiple shade selectors

Thankfully, this isn't a one-shade-fits-all toaster.

From the lightest toasting to the heaviest setting, you can get any level of toasted you like, from level 1 to level 7. We find that level 4 is about the sweet spot. If you want things a bit crunchier, try for a level 6. Level 7 might be pushing it, but we know there are those of you out there who like it extra crispy!

4.Super high lift lever for easy bread access

Do you remember that jack-in-the-box toy that popped up whenever you pushed the red button?

Well, guess what—this toaster pops your bread higher than even a jack in the box did! Most toasters just push up the bread a little and you have to fish down in the toaster and burn your hand. That's no fun! This one actually springs it high enough that you can catch the bread if you want to!

Fun, huh? Plus, it's also safer than getting burns all in the name of trying to start your day with breakfast! 

5.Various toasting modes

Have you ever pushed down the toaster lever and realized you needed to cancel it for some reason? No worries, because if you do have to cancel your bread for some reason, all you have to do is hit the built-in Cancel Button and you can immediately pop up your bread!

What's more, if your bread is super cold or even frozen, you can use the defrost button to get it back to room temperature before toasting it.

Lastly, for all you bagel lovers out there, you'll be happy to know that there is a dedicated bagel button which also allows you to toast your bread on one side only if you please.

A lot of basic toasters out there totally lack these features, and your breakfast suffers because of it! Level up and get the toaster that does it all!

6.Easy to clean and store

After a lot of toasting, bread crumbs will fall to the bottom of the toaster, making it hard to clean. That’s why this one uses a slide-out bread crumb tray to catch all those crumbs.

All you have to do is slide it out and dump it, then put it back in clean as new.

What's more, on the underside of the toaster there’s even a power cord storage that prevents the cord from winding and twisting too much, thereby damaging it. Protect your cords and protect your toaster!


Whew! Now you know all about this toaster and why we're so crazy about the Two-Slice Retro-style Toaster.

In case you can't remember everything we talked about, here's a brief summary:

1. Saves 50% more time

2. Extra-wide bread slots

3. Multiple toasting levels

4. Super high lift lever to take out the bread

5. Various toasting modes

6. Easy to clean and store

And now, let's check out Amazon and order your toaster. Hooray!