So, you want to get the best humidifier for your indoor plants, don't you? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Humidifiers and houseplants are obviously a perfect match. But, you need to find out which one is the best.


Previously, we discussed what humidifiers are and came to understand that from the word "humidity", humidifiers add moisture to the atmosphere in a room.


Now, before you discover which humidifiers are the best for houseplants, allow me to refresh your memory. Let's quickly look at houseplants.


How do humidifiers help houseplants?


● Some of your houseplants need an increased constant supply of humidity. Humidifiers do that.

 Thanks to evolution, plants evolve and become better than their ancestors. This has also made a request for more nutrition to grow.


For instance, plants that have adapted to conditions of high humidity, are used to water vapor and not water in liquid form.


Imagine if you supply that kind of plant with water more than humidity. It won't be able to thrive and grow notwithstanding that water is essential for plant growth. Because it's so used to water vapor, it has lost its ability to absorb and use water.


And that's where a humidifier comes in. It supplies the plant constantly with an appropriate amount of humidity.



● Humidifiers increase the growth rate of plants

 How does that work? Growth occurs in plants when the atmosphere is conducive.


Humidifiers release moisture into the air that the plants absorb. The moisture they absorb helps them to grow.


Also, when evapotranspiration occurs, it takes the excess vapor in the air which comes from the humidifier, leaving your plants hydrated at all times.


● Humidifiers give plants back the lost moisture faster than their roots

Did you know that each time a plant transpires, it loses moisture? That's correct and the water absorbed by its roots isn't sufficient enough to replace the lost moisture. That's why it needs the help of a humidifier because humidifiers give it back to them faster than they even lose it.


● Humidifiers keep the stomata of leaves open which prevents the death of plants

The more plants lose their moisture to evaporation, the more the stomata close. Once the stomata are shut, it won't be able to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) which is primarily needed for photosynthesis to take place. The humidifiers add this moisture required to keep the stomata open so that your pretty plants don't die overnight in dry air.


Since you already understand the reasons why your houseplants require a humidifier to thrive, which one should you consider buying?



The right humidifier for your houseplant, They're mainly two categories of humidifiers:


Cool mist humidifier and warm mist humidifier. Some come as a duo like the 6.5L Top Fill Humidifier SH8830 while others don't.


The temperature of where your houseplants reside is important to take note of when purchasing a humidifier.


If your plants are staying in a place where they're too warm, then you need a cool-mist humidifier. However, if they're staying where it's too cool, then you need a warm mist humidifier.


Taking a look at the SH8830 humidifier, it has both the cool mist and warm mist setting depending on the choice you make. Plus it's affordable for such a wonderful combination.


Say 'Bon Voyage!' to dehydration of your plants. This 6.5-liter mammoth volume gives you up to 72 hours of run time.


Warm mist humidifiers are relatively easier to maintain because their trays don't rust as much compared to the cool mist humidifiers. Although that shouldn't deter you from purchasing a cool-mist humidifier if necessary.


The humidifier is silent, which is another great advantage. Impeccable for a children's room. It's important for a humidifier to be cleaned regularly, for health reasons. This humidifier seems to be easy enough to clean.


The last point to consider when getting a humidifier from Elechomes is the power supply needed. Unlike Cool mist humidifiers, Warm mist humidifiers need more power to function. This is because they boil the water before dispersing it. The need to boil water means more power.


But, the SH8830 humidifier has a large capacity that contains the cool and warm mist setting. This means you can control all the three factors above—temperature, maintenance, and power supply—at a low cost.


From what we've discussed, you can see it's really easy to keep a healthy home and lifestyle with these humidifiers.


Also, humidifiers are very good in other areas apart from houseplants which you can check out later.


And now, you can happily nod when you're asked, "Are humidifiers good for houseplants?" Because you know the truth.