If you've seen Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen, then you'll know that you've got to have a hand blender in your kitchen. And not just any kind of hand blender, but the best one that won't waste your cooking time.


You may already have a food processor, but let me ask you something.


Do you really want to struggle to get it started just for a mini cooking project? I guess not. That's why you need something portable—perhaps a hand blender will do.


Speaking of hand blenders, there is a lot on the market for you to pick. But which one will be most efficient and cost-effective?


I've searched and found the Elechomes 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender with a whopping 800W working capacity.


It's one of the best under $100 handheld blenders in 2020 so what are you waiting for? Add it to your cart now! 


For the rest of you that need more information to make a decision, come with me and I'll show you why.



5 crazy reasons why you need the Elechome 4-in-1 Immersion Blender



It's a multifunctional hand blender



The 4-in-1 blender can mix, chop, emulsify, and whisk any of your ingredients.


It's like an octopus—only that it has one hand instead of eight. (bet you my bottom dollar this blender is better than your octopus—just kidding)


Anyways, you don't need to worry because it can do so much in a little time.


Need to bake a cake for your kids? This is better and faster. Just crack the eggs, flour, and the remaining bits and bobs. And vóila! You have yourself a smooth mixture.


Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy-...japanesy?...you get what I'm saying.



It's got a powerful motor


The 800W hand blender has a massive speeding range of 10000rpm to 15000rpm. Which means it's engine can beat Supersonic in a 100m dash with 50m!




The 800W means that it can supply more than enough power to proceed with your ingredients.


And a good example is soybeans—that's if you're a health enthusiast who makes fresh soy milk.


So be careful when you turn on this blender. Although it's fast, it can also cause fatal domestic accidents.



You have an Ergonomic handle


Elechome hasn't forgotten to add an Ergonomic handle for the machine.


What's Ergonomic?


Well, I'll explain it in a word. Comfortable.


The handheld blender has a comfortable handle—but ergonomic sounds better. (chuckles)


The Ergonomic handle gives you a firm grip during the use of the equipment.


Remember, the vibrations are capable of setting you unease. So the firmer your grip, the better.



 Easy to Assemble


Yippee! It's not complicated at all.


The disassembly button is safer and more durable than the traditional rotary connection mixer.


Thanks to the perfect connection of the two buttons, you do not experience wear and tear caused by long-term rotation disassembly.


All you need to do is click the release button to easily remove the stir bar.


This will make it hassle-free to assemble or disassemble the parts.



Easy to clean


Who hates the dishes like me? We all do. Let us face it. And that's why Elechome has made sure you don't have to spend eons washing up.


Thanks to the easy dissembling, you can quickly wash it and dry it before packing up.


Powerful and easy cleaning hand blender.


It works fast and gives healthy meals. 


I love the detachable parts and easy to clean.