REVIEW – "I take the air that I breathe for granted because I live in an area where the air is pretty clean. At least that’s what I thought. Can the air that you breathe seem clean but in reality, it’s not? Yes. Is there a product that can purify the air and make it better to breathe? You bet! Let’s take a look at the UC3101 air purifier from Elechomes."


What is it?

The UC3101 is an air purifier from Elechomes which features:

  • 1 Pre-Filter and a 3-Layer composite HEPA filter that helps trap and eliminate up to 99% of airborne pollutants

  • A dust sensor and an odor sensor work together to monitor air quality and identify harmful pathogens

  • Smart Mode & Sleep Mode

  • Intelligent Timer & Child Lock: 1-8 hours for automatic working and shutdown purification

  • Up to 350 square feet coverage

  • Remote Control: allows controlling the air purifier from up to 16.4 ft. (5M) away

What’s in the box?


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