Where It All Comes Together

Control air purifiers, humidifiers, kitchen appliances everywhere

Check real-time air quality data, adjust the wind speed, switch machine automatically. keep indoor air healthy at all times.

Real-time humidity report, free humidity setting, and timing setting. Make home more comfortable.

Set cooking time, temperature, task reminder, make cooking easier and more delicious.


Set timers, create customized schedules, and turn on auto-mode for a wide range of electronics.


Get all works done on your phone, make complicated operation and control easier.


Creating your own smart home tribe? Add family member, room, devices, all the steps are organized and clear.

Make life easier

Enjoying the fun and convenient smart home

Voice control

Elechomes is available on iOS® and Android™, which can be connected to Google home and Amazon Alexa for easy voice control.

Smart and automation

Want to set your personal schedule ? Forget to turn off your appliance? Get all these works done whatever and whenever in your phone easily!

Download the Elechomes App

Enjoying the fun and convenient smart home