Elechomes Brand Story



Elechomes is a premium producer of quality smart home appliances, offering a lifestyle upgrade that never loses sight of the things that matter. For better health, comfort, and wellbeing.




At Elechomes we are focused on making home life easier. We are firm believers that you are the best version of yourself when you can really switch off in your off time. By speeding up the housework, putting healthy meals back on the menu, and cutting out chopping board inefficiency, we take care of legwork so you can put your feet up and focus on what really matters. That’s why becoming part of the Elechomes family isn’t just about buying

new appliances: It’s about heightening your whole living experience.




We take pride in our products being a cut above the rest. Whether it's through award-winning innovation such as our patented Thermospread technology, or our Decade Katana titanium blades, Elechomes is defined by quality craftsmanship and versatile technology. Simply put, we are driven to produce professional-quality home essentials that work wonders from the countertop to the kitchen floor.




As technology advances in every aspect of our lives, we are still firm believers that the most important changes are the ones that happen where the heart is. Through ceaseless innovation, increasing product performance and efficiency, and a greater focus on healthy living, we want Elechomes to be a bridge to lighter living for customers everywhere. Wherever you are and whatever your story, come home, take the edge off and kick back your heels in a glorious flomp of leisurely ease. Because with Elechomes, you’ll barely have to lift a finger.